Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rochdale National Front - May 1979 - Rochdale town hall

Click the pics to see our opponents............they are all pakistanis !

Marxist reds threatened allsorts this night, from beatings to murder. On the night about two hundred lefties and pakistanis tried to block the NF from the meeting.

The guest speaker was Andrew Fountaine.

Eighty National Front supporters set off from Manchester Road, to attend this meeting. We did not tell the police our plans, as we do not trust them.

Only 70 of our people were allowed to attend the meeting.

The silly police allowed 70 of our opponents to also attend this meeting , even though at least one pakistani brought a machete into this meeting.

The red mob grew till at least 500+ were outside when we left the meeting at around 9:30pm.

We had to use a loudhailer in the meeting due to silly noise from the marxists/capitalists.

Bring the pic up to magnify.....we saw some stupid white today in ASDA who has now changed sides ! It was the silly white bloke on the picture at the head of the pakis.

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