Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BNP fined for not submitting accounts
We have the above exclusive picture of the BNP auditors; Silver & Co., doing the BNP accounts, (the pic was taken secretly).
There is a certainty that this 'unhelpful' discussion in SFUK will be deleted by Nick Griffins so helpful STORMFRONT administrator :Andy Robertson/JohnJoyTree, in the very near future.
Comments welcomed here though .................


Anonymous said...

Good one NWN ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Had a real laugh when I saw that!

Anonymous said...

I bloody laughed at that one :-)

observer said...

I didn't, but keep feeding the reds!

It gives them something to do!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Well perhaps if Griffin kept to his BNP leadership promise, to keep funds transparent, there would be no need for this would there ?

When money was donated in the past such as Annual Rallys at collection time the total amount was shown to the audience, always to a huge round of applause.

Now, let me see.

Shall someone ask Mr.Griffin what amount was collected for BNP funds at the Red.White & Blue ?

Griffin always says the event loses money !

Sad but true !