Friday, July 13, 2007

Vote Chris Jackson - a true nationalist !

Chris opposes the 'watering down' of BNP policies, which in effect, breaks the BNP's written Constitution.

The members have never been consulted about if they want non-whites to be members or officials.

Nick Griffin, by contrast, has allowed non-whites, and at one stage even pushed for even more non-British to be BNP members.

It's time for a change !

Chris has been a 'workhorse' in the BNP, even before he was offered a wage by Nick Griffin.

Chris to his great credit, turned the wage down, knowing that he would never be beholden to anybody but the movement. He did not wish to be beholden to Mr. Griffin. This was in 2001.

Chris accepts that he is not 'on a par' with BNP founder John Tyndall, particularly in the speechmaking department, but JT did give Chris his utmost written support as a BNP Official.

Chris has strengths that JT never had, such as being from a working class background and being an election activist and specialist. Chris works with our Councillors in Burnley and Halifax on a regular basis.

Chris has always been a man who, if not knowing an answer, has readily sought help and advice from senior activists and fellow nationalists. Chris can be humble, but also has the experience of many years as a 'grass root' activist, something that Nick Griffin lacks. Chris is also an honest man and can also be decisive when required. Chris would be 'Primus inter pares' rather than a dictator, as Nick Griffin unfittingly assumes.

Chris was initially 'trained- up' by ex-BNP North West Regional Organiser, Ken Henderson, in the mid 90's.

Chris through his own work made the North West of England, the best area for nationalism. Many seats were won in Burnley, which was the start of the BNP attack.

Due to the Griffin/Lecomber tinkering, Chris resigned his position as BNP North West England Regional Organiser.

Chris used to support Nick Griffin, and indeed supported him for the 1999 BNP leadership challenge.

In Nick Griffins latest main statement for BNP leader, he calls Chris and his supporters dinosaurs. Chris is, in fact, younger than Nick Griffin by quite a few years ! Griffin is the real dinosaur!

But as Griffin more and more ran 'rough shod' over the BNP's written Constitution; including having non-whites in and around the BNP not only as members but also as officials. Plus all the financial scandals that Mr.Griffin seems to be involved with . Then there is the private lives of Mr.Griffin and his official entourage. The BNP has become a 'laughing stock' which affects party morale and the members and activists deserve better.

Chris is also a devotee of antiques which he collects, he is also a recent player of Rugby League for his home town. He played as a forward, but had to retire having suffered injuries including broken ribs.

Chris enjoys fine arts including painting, and some classical music, such as listening to legendary tenors, for example; Caruso and Bjorling.

Chris has been to the Prado in Madrid, on two occasions, to view the masterpieces.

Chris Jackson is the only candidate who can unite all the nationalist groups in the United Kingdom, including the National Front. Nick Griffin, by contrast, is hated by every other nationalist group in the UK. Griffin has 'burnt his bridges' with them all.

It's time for an honest man - it's time for a real British nationalist - it's time for CHRIS JACKSON !


Bobby S. said...

and that picture will do it for me every time!

NorthWest Peter said...

"In Nick Griffins latest main statement for BNP leader, he calls Chris and his supporters dinosaurs. Chris is, in fact, younger than Nick Griffin by quite a few years ! Griffin is the real dinosaur!"

Chris is younger but why has nobody/most people even heard of him.What happens if Chris loses the election against Nick is he then going to set up his own National party.There is nothing wrong with a leadership challenge because it keeps Nick on his toes but Chris needs to travel a bit giving speeches up and down the country and let the people meet him first and then decide.There is always next year as well Chris.

NWest Pete said...

By the way Chris you could have got a shave before the photo.

pathfinder said...

Good luck to Christian Jackson. His treatment on the BNP's website is disgusting. The so-called 'clarifications' are as long as his statement. The first one is especially troubling. In the 1990s, I was the election agent for a nationalist candidate. The local newspaper contacted the signatories on his nomination form to 'persuade' them that they either did not know what they were signing or disagreed with the candidate's policies. The BNP leadership seem to have done precisely the same thing. However, if the reds or the media behaved in the same manner to a BNP candidate in a local election, Griffin would be the first to cry 'foul'.

I am old to nationalism but new to the BNP and I am already starting to wonder what I have joined. In the May elections, one of our members texted our candidate to say he would not be coming, because he had got into "loads of fights" over his party membership and "three of my coloured mates have said they won't speak to me again if I go."

What is the point in targetting recruits like that and just leaving them with their 'Sun' reader views? They will either leave when they are asked to do something, or (if they join in sufficient numbers) remake the party in their own image.

Best of luck to Chris. As a northerner, I would chose a Rugby League man over an MA(Cantab) anyday. With a longer campaign and a proper debate, I believe he would have had a very good chance. As it is, let us hope the ballot is geninely secret and there are no purges afterwards.

Joe Owens said...

Chris will not be in the Bnp next year, as griffin will kick him out after this.

SimonUK said...

BTW, Griffin was using the word "dinosaurs" in the context of "living in the past," rather than as a reference to age. In some ways, it's rather like the "left" describing anything they don't like as "outmoded" -- a silly argument, as if something made sense in the past, then it still does today.

Anonymous said...

I hope whatever the result that Both Chris and Nick carry on serving the BNP. Remember what is happening to our country. We need everyone fighting together even if they do have slightly different views. I hope Nick if he wins shakes Chris's hand and they carry on fighting for the cause of Britain. for the good of the Party.
An election challenge is good but should not result in splits.

Anonymous said...

Of course Griffin will shake CJ's hand - while stabbing him in the back with the other!

Joe Owen's comment is spot on! Chris will be demonised and accused of anti-party activities before long.

West Mids said...

I've no doubt Chris's intentions in standing for the leadership are honourable, but the campaign to support him has seen some dubious characters crawling out of the woodwork to say the least.

It was Chris who first sussed Rushton but that hasn't stop this proven Searchlies operative from backing his campaign.

It is unforgivable that at a time of unparalleled success for a nationalist party in the UK such people should be trying to undermine our progress. I've not the slightest doubt that the hand of our enemies is steering this campaign.

Speaking personally I would like to see a number of the troublemakers who have hijacked Chris's campaign for dubious ends kicked out of the BNP once the vote is over, and joining Rushton in well-deserved bscurity.

NorthWestNationalists said...

West Mids: I think you will find that Chris Jackson does indeed NOT have Peter Rushton supporting his campaign.

But yes, we think that our enemies are steering Mr.Griffin and the BNP leadership into destroying the BNP and its policies.

If Griffin wins, we can expect him to push for non-whites into the party , yet again.

We can also expect the BNP to support even more the zionist line of attacking muslims and ONLY muslim immigration/settlement.

To fully understand the predicament our Country is in, we need to study who created the mess we have, and why.

The zionist Board of Deputies of British Jews drafted every race relations act to come into force in the UK , usually under Neville Nagler guidance.

The jews pushed for immigration into the UK and other European countries.

The non-whites just took advantage of that, as did the greedy capitalists for cheap labour, such as the old Mill owners.

West Mids said...

NWN, you don't need to lecture me about the forces which threaten us. I've been involved with the cause for practically as long as you have, and at every level. I find your comments patronising.

I know Chris's feelings about Pete Rushton, but new or naive members will be influenced by this man's postings on the various internet forums and Chris's "official" campaign has done nothing to disassociate itself from his "support". Rushton, a proven Searchlies mole, has been one of the most vocal supporters of the anti-Nick Griffin campaign and it has been allowed to happen.

Rest assured the BNP will continue to develop enlightened and relevant policies to meet the demands of a modern nationalist party and this process will accelerate once the current leadership challenge has been beaten off, as inevitably it will be.

There is no place in serious nationalist politics for dinosaurs and cranks who like dressing up in costumes. We are in the serious business of trying to save our country.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Yes West Mids I agree with you.

Dinosaurs like Nick Griffin and his infantile support for the wearing of SS uniforms when he was the editor of THE RUNE are shameful.

Griffin is a dinosaur from the past.

CJ is a younger man and has no such smears for example; being pictured supporting Colonel Gaddafi of Libya.

wotan said...

We'll pissed off with the situation. We had it so good. We were like a juganought that no-one could stop. But now it's stuffed. Gutted

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...