Sunday, July 15, 2007

White Nationalist idealogues might wish to view the below link;
It is an historical link by a communist, who see's nothing wrong in the jewish concentration in the communist movement, in the UK, in the 20thCentury.
Thankfully, many leftwingers, are realising that the jews are now zionists first.
Many years ago they were communists.
They are now neo-cons and are at war with the Middle east.
Many radical leftists are now shifting to our way, for example; Horst Mahler , ex- Red Army faction/Bader -Meinhoff gang.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that now - just when many ordinary people, and even many of those on the Left, are starting to see the Zionists for what they really are ... that the BNP - the one organisation that should be gearing up to capitalise on this long awaited opportunity ... is NOW PUSHING THE GOVERNMENT LINE, in this as in so many other key areas.

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