Tuesday, July 03, 2007


An Official Chris Jackson website giving brief details of the campaign, written by Chris's campaign manager Mike Easter.


Anonymous said...

Mike Easter says to Griffin that failure to extend the BNP election campaign will be taken as a refusal to hold an election.

So what next if Griffin refuses to extend the election campaign period?

Legal action?

If that is too expensive or risky, what about an ongoing low level campaign of collecting support for reform.

Why not start a "friends of Jackson" website or section of your current website?

See what Barack Obama has done in the US primary elections. His 'friends of Obama' website has 97,000 odd registered friends and has ennabled him to collect a huge fund to spend on the elections.

Say only get 100 odd 'friends' would register at the moment, with every scandal, with every partisan expulsion, a few more would be added.

The website's purpose would be register those openly calling for the sort of reform that Jackson has advocated. The website could be specific about those reforms, host discussions over different proposals etc. As such, its registered 'friends' could not be expelled legally by Griffin.

No open leadership challenge...nothing that can be defeated by manipulation, such as rigging the timescale, just a slowly growing list of BNP members calling for reform of the constitution.

Eventually Griffin would either have to clean up his act or give way.

Anonymous said...

"Ian, the ex-BNP Organiser for Wigan, has sent his best wishes to the Chris Jackson campaign."

What about encouraging every expelled BNP member, every ex BNP member who left in disgust as well as any other relevant people to declare their support.

Build the numbers!

People like Griffin always calculate the numbers...of $ as well as of supporters.

Anti-gag said...

I think if (or rather when)Chris Jackson loses big time, it will get rid of the few remaining old Tyndall supporters we have left in the party, and good riddens too I say.

John Tyndall is dead, live with it!

I would however like to thank Chris for giving me a chance to show my support for, and appreciation of, Nick’s leadership.

Chris Hill

Old Burnley said...

God, Chris Hill loves himself more than Griffin, everywhere you go he's there posting sickly messages to his "hero".
Well the old guard of Burnley BNP wish Chris Jackson all the best as well and Chris Hill should shut the door on his way out.

Old Halifax said...

Can you possibly get a bigger sycophant than Chris Hill.

Give me BNP members who offer constructive criticism any day over people like Hill who constantly kiss Griffins arse

Anti-gag said...

As for shutting the door on the way out, if Chris Jackson did win, and I think that would be a disaster for the party, I would remain a member of the BNP even under Jacksons Leadership.

So your comment about closing the door is nonsense I'm here to stay.

However, we all know the membership's chose for leader will be Nick Griffin, the only question is is by what margin ie. 85% or 95% vote.

Chris Hill

NorthWestNationalists said...

Chris Hill, we allow you to post here as you are civil, even though you claim you support Griffin.

By contrast another griffinite Charlie Mather is banned due to his foul language and insinuations.

Anonymous said...

I am a BNP member of 15years standing and stood in the last local elections but I am considering cancelling my membership. Why? Internal back-biting and mud-slinging which does us no credit aside, the state of the country and its lack of a future is not down to successive governments but to the British people who have allowed it to happen. Most columnists in the daily newspapers sup[port our aims and objectives in principle but insist on calling us Nazi scum. Of the 116 people who voted for me in the local elections, not one has contacted me or joined the Party. I do not condone Islamic militancy but I do respect them for their solidarity and adherance to their religion. They do not abandon their customs because 'it might offend us' Wake up Britain before it is too late to save our Nation. Stop being a lot of moaning wankers.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...