Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So this is why Roger Robertson was sacked !

Disciplinary Tribunal in Exeter, 6th July 2008, Relating To Roger Robertson (Former South-East Regional Organiser).

We are of a unanimous mind in that:

1. we find that the charge of attending a meeting in contravention of your suspension is NOT proven;

2. under Section 4 of the British National Party's Code of Conduct, we find you guilty of bringing the party into disrepute in that you assaulted an officer of the party, occasioning police involvement. Additionally, you sought to bring the party into disrepute by the covert recording of a closed British National Party meeting.

3. Under Section 9 of the British National Party's Code of Conduct we find you guilty of speaking to the press on matters that are internal to the party, without the prior permission of your Regional Organiser or a member of the Advisory Council.

It is with regret, therefore, that we find cause to expel you from the party with immediate effect.

Peter Mullins
Chairman of the Tribunal and South-West Regional Organiser

Andrew McBride.
South East Regional Organiser
P.O Box 4114, Bracknell, Berks, RG42 9GF
Telephone: M-07790-571742
Low Call: 05601-950-167 24hr Answerphone
Monday to Friday 9.30 am till 6 pm.


Anonymous said...

Peter Mullins the mason, who has not yet been able to get one councillor elected.
What was it the Russians said of us during the Crimea war......"Lions led by donkeys"

Anonymous said...

So you have to be a mason to be on the advisory council....

Anonymous said...

I told you.

Mullins and McBride are Freemason, and Robertson has been black-balled.

The BNP has been infiltrated by devil worshipping right wing Tories.

Anonymous said...

I see he's being attacked on SF, and being told to go back to UKIP. I wonder if Rait, is looking in, and wondering if he should have stood in Henley?

Cllr Chris said...

"Bringing the party into disrepute....." That old chestnut!!

OK - we still know precious little about what went on. However there are even with this some points to make.

1. But "...talking to the media with consulting with the Regional Organiser..." I thought Roger WAS the Regional Organiser. Perhaps he thought hew was too?

2. "Attending a meeting ...." NOT proven?? So what meeting was attended then? A non-BNP meeting???

3. Could it be that it was at that same meeting that he "assualted" (wonder what that means??) the BNP officer - one perhaps who was trying to close down the meeting??? Presumably The police seemed satisfied no assualt was made - at least they took no action. Wouldn't surprise me if it was Cllr Robertson himself that came under attack. We'll have to wait on that one.

4. "Covert recording of a closed BNP meeting...." Wouldn't be the Appeal hearing by any chance? If these meetings are not open then they damn well deserve people trying to record it, if only to protect themselves against misrepresentation. OK - they can go into closed session to make a decision - but to have the whole hearing top secret goes against natural justice.

And underlying all this is the vexing question of why was he suspended in the first place? Was it for supporting Colin Auty?? And what on earth happened to that charge??

It very much seems that the reason for his suspension has been forgotten in the mass of new reasons now built up for expelling him. Wonder if he was given the chance to even know what these new accusations were going to be before the hearing??

Seems like quite a few breaches of natural Justice there somewhere. Don't you think?


Nemesis said...

"What was it the Russians said of us during the Crimea war......"Lions led by donkeys" "

Today in the BNP it is more like,

"Lions Led by Rats"

Forgotten Soldier said...

Roger was the Regional Organiser and served on the Advisory Council.

McBride didn't want Robertson at a BNP meeting even though Robertson was a member and was entitled to go to the meeting. Robertson turned up at said meeting, McBride spat his dummy. As far as I'm aware there wasn't an assault other than verbal and both parties were guilty!

As for recording the meeting, that is laughable as anybody in attendance could have recorded it should they wish to do so. Is the BNP going back to all the cloak and dagger stuff that they were not happy that a recording of a meeting took place?

I'm sure the "Guilty" verdict was already concluded long before this "trial" took place.

I'm glad I didn't renew my membersip as I have lost all faith in the leadership. My only hope is that a phoenix will rise from these ashes.

I'm sure that Robertson will continue to fight for Nationalism.

Thor said...

These charges were all brought about AFTER Roger was suspended.

So why was Roger suspended in the first place?

Was it because he openly supported Graham, the Smiths, Blake, Dawson and Single?

Anonymous said...

"Was it because he openly supported Graham, the Smiths, Blake, Dawson and Single?"


oops shouldn't have said that, now where's that delete button?

purging the droid

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Griffin is falling back on the only politics he understands but could make little headway in, National Front, before the clean up days. I cannot understand how, after all the good publicity we gained curtesy of the Beeb and Guardian, and 'not guilty' verdicts, that he could throw it all away with a total disregard for the National Movement

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...