Friday, July 25, 2008

Re: the Heretical duo & closing the border between the UK and Ireland

The Heretical duo- Sheppard and Whittle, stole a move on our oppressors, by hopping over to Ireland, from whence they flew to America to seek political asylum.

All yesterday, on every one of its newscasts BBC radio4 trolled out the news that the UK government is to install border controls between Ireland and the UK mainland,including the Isle of Man.

I do not believe that these two items are unrelated. In fact I am dead certain that this move was provoked by the escape of Sheppard and Whittle, and in order to prevent the same thing happening again.

The action of the Heretical duo in applying for political refugee status could be, and should be (made) an acute embarrassment to the UK government- which is the principal reason for news of the affair being sat upon in both the UK and US media.
Some indication of the importance and urgency with which the government views this affair can be seen via comparison between this move now, and throughout all the many years of Ira atrocities, when British people were being blown to pieces in the streets, and Irish workers, including Ira murderers were allowed to travel back and forth, unhindered..

The case of Sheppard and Whittle is a crucial event. We must do all we can, and spread the word to everyone, and we must fight to win this time. These two brave lads deserve all the help we can give them, but also, the evil ramifications of allowing the UK government to get away with this, will be vast and hideous, and so demands an even greater effort from all of us.
On the other hand we can win this one and make a stab for freedom of speech, lawful trials, and against the politicizing of the police force, whilst tramping the occupation enemy's face into the mud.


NWN: We must confess that the above thought entered our heads too, regarding border closure !


ES said...

Border controls to stop people getting out!! What a joke. How about to stop people getting in? Machine gun towers & razor wire would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the UK-Ireland ferry is how they lost Germar Rudolf too.

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