Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Police harassment of nationalists at BPP meeting

News is coming in of major harassment by Police in London yesterday, Sunday 27th.July 2008 of a BPP meeting.

We also understand the meetings main speaker 'Jack Black' was arrested , but we don't know if 'jack' was charged with anything.

No doubt these were all just 'fishing' and harassment tactics by Scotland Yard.

Did anyone take photos ? We will upload them if posted to us.



Anonymous said...

"more specifically that they had received intelligence that we may be in possession of weapons with the intent of using them to engage in acts of violence as members of a far right organization."

The BNP dirty tricks dept, or, Williamson?

Anonymous said...

More likey they got the information from all the blabbing on Stormfront!

Anonymous said...

"More likey they got the information from all the blabbing on Stormfront!

29 July 2008 10:18"

Were they bragging about weapons on SF? Everyone knows, Lee Barnes, despises, Jack Black, and Barnes even named him on SF, but was still allowed to post. Such is the power of the corrupt BNP.

Anonymous said...

Oh well thats williamsons next Florida holiday booked and paid for in advance then,along with spending money and all expenses provided,money is no object to him,when your government funded.

But why dob Jack Black and Wigan Mike in?if he has issues with the BPP he should stand and face them like the fat lump of lard he is.

Anonymous said...

Williamson would cut his own mothers throat if he thought it would buy him a temporary friend, and recognition. He's one of the saddest, creepiest, bastards I've ever met.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the police presence resulted from anyone within nationalism acting as an informant.

It was well known that this meeting would be taking place, and that this time the reds would come off a poor second!

While the police were more than happy to allow a street battle when it was a big team of reds ambushing a small group of nationalists, they were not prepared to tolerate a more even contest.

Hence the massive presence.

A further political motive was to intimidate genuine nationalists.

Had this been a Griffinite meeting the police would have stood on one side, preventing a confrontation with the reds but not blatantly harassing nationalists.

By contrast this was the most extreme police harassment I've seen since the police attempted to derail the inaugural Blackburn BNP meeting at the end of 2001.

(That was when the BNP was still a credible nationalist party, even though Nick Griffin was leader!)

Thanks to everyone who turned out and who behaved with commendable discipline and restraint.

seventhvictim said...

'The BNP dirty tricks dept, or, Williamson?'

One and the same thing

Anonymous said...

‘It's obvious to me that the little bint that Kevin has been hanging out of lately is state.’
Not sure about that, but take a look at the Stormfront thread, ‘LONDON BPP MEETING SUNDAY 27th JULY’. It's apparent that the only way the Met could have identified so many Nationalists by name is that they were fed the identities of those attending the meeting from within the BPP itself. There is no other possibility.

NorthWestNationalists said...

‘It's obvious to me that the little bint that Kevin has been hanging out of lately is state.’


The above shitstirrer is our fat friend from Brighton, Williamson.

WE have his ip address.

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