Friday, July 04, 2008

Latest from the Leeds trial

An interesting test case re internet hosting is coming to a conclusion at Leeds also police dirty tricks/ illegality have been revealed which will be subject to formal complaint.

Prosecution of the Heretical Two, Fifth Week, Monday: Two more police witnesses were called in an attempt to rebut defence evidence, one of whom revealed that in 1994 Special Branch (Metropolitan Police) had repeatedly raided a British printer at the behest of the German government.

Tuesday: Over video link from Moscow, a professor of Jewish history gave some impressive evidence for the defence.

Prosecuting counsel was still doggedly cross-examining when the two-hour booking ran out.

Wednesday: After a long morning of legal argument the jury's patience was rewarded with the first half of the prosecution closing speech.

The defence may have some problem with the hosting of this sub site at if you are on a nervous disposition do not enter.


tonydj said...

The one interesting aspect of this case which I note is that, yet again, it is West Yorkshire police who are pursuing the case.


When Griffin and Collet were tried in Leeds they had at least committed the alleged offence in West Yorkshire, but John Tyndal committed his alleged offence in Lancashire yet he was arrested in BLACKBURN and taken directly to Halifax.

A FoI request to Lancashire Police has been totaly refused regarding any information as to how or why they were never on the case.

Are there any Yorkshire connections for "The Heretical 2"?

If not why West Yorkshire Police...again?

Anonymous said...

I thought Simon Shepard lives in Yorkshire? Steve Whittle lives in Preston (Lancashire).

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...