Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Searchlight and Operation Wedge

“Operation Wedge” is an organisation which claims to work against “racial hatred.” Nothing wrong with that — except that on its own web site, it claims that it is a subsidiary of ”Searchlight Information Services”, which as all regular readers will know, is the front organisation for the extreme left Communist Party of Great Britain.

Searchlight claims that: “Operation Wedge receives major funding from the Association of London Government and is sponsored by the Prison Service, Crown Prosecution Service, Probation Service and the trade unions POA and NAPO”.

However, according to the Crown Prosecution Service, the CPS categorically states that (in a letter dated the 11th June 2008 - ref. No 1311): “I can confirm that the Crown Prosecution Service do not sponsor or fund Searchlight”.

So – either the Crown Prosecution Service, or the organisation Searchlight, is not telling the truth.

Which, we wonder, could it be?

Without doubt the impressive credentials of being sponsored by: “… the Prison Service, Crown Prosecution Service, Probation Service …” must do much to encourage funds (including public money) to flow into Searchlight’s coffers. For example the Association of London Government recommended approval of a grant of £30,000 to Operation Wedge in 2004 (for the period 1st February 2005 to 31st January 2006) and a grant of £30,000 in early 2006 (for the period 1st April to 31st March 2007).

So what, then, of the claims by Searchlight of the “sponsorship” of Operation Wedge by the Prison Service and the Probation Service?

This is where the story starts to enter the realm of evasion and denial.

A similar request to that for the CPS, under the terms of the FOI Act 2000, was made on the 15th June 2008 to the Ministry of Justice (which includes the Prison Service and the Probation Service), asking:

Has HM Prison & Probation Service ever sponsored, provided support, had a formal working relationship, or provided funds to the Searchlight organisation (or to any of its ancillary groups including, but not limited to, Operation Wedge) – if so, then what are the details of the association between the Prison/Probation Service and Searchlight?

The Ministry of Justice responded on the 15th July 2008 to say that an answer (that requires a simple response to a series of straightforward questions) was “taking longer than we previously anticipated”. The Ministry of Justice requested a further one-month extension to provide an answer. They have not given any reason for this delay.

The enquirer generously gave the Ministry an extension to Friday 25th July to provide an answer. However we learn that no response has been received. The Ministry of Justice is therefore in breach of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and as a result a letter of complaint is to be sent to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

It almost seems that these law enforcement agencies are becoming very wary in admitting any relationship between themselves and the Searchlight organisation. Why should this be? The Crown Prosecution Service has unequivocally denied “sponsoring” Searchlight (including Operation Wedge), the Metropolitan Police is not at all forthcoming, and the Ministry of Justice seems suddenly to be afflicted by institutional amnesia.

Maybe ‘the penny has finally dropped’ and these institutions are beginning to wonder why Searchlight’s relentless and vitriolic hate mongering is directed solely against members of the indigenous British population.


Anonymous said...

Very good article. We need to attack the string pullers not the puppets.

tonydj said...

Excelent work!

I have heard of "Operation wedge" but didn't think of this line of action.

Final Conflict said...

Read FC magazine #20 for the history of Searchlies magazine!

tonydj said...

Interesting link

Searchlies infiltrator Matthew Collins is operation Wedge director

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