Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nick Griffin creating a divide in the nationalist movement yet again
Apparently, Griffin decided to pitch a last minute candidate against the only main NF stronghold in West London.
Have we got to spell it out yet again ? Griffin's job is to divide nationalists.
It is not who they are, it is what they do !
'Know them by their fruits.'
Just check out the crap by PTD/Nick Griffin himself on Stormfront UK..
Why are the' reds' and media not showing the 'BS' that Griffin comes out with on Stormfront ?


Anonymous said...

The candidate the BNP put up against the NF man in Hillingdon last Thursday has half-casted Negro grandchildren, who he has declared he is very proud of!! Why did Gri££in stand this race traitor against a decent Racial Nationlist candidate from the NF?

Incidentally the BNP standing in Bexley two weeks ago also has mixed-race Negro grandchildren who he praises to high heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

PTD isn't, Nick Griffin. It's Jason Douglas.

es said...

If they put a candidate up against the BPP in Havering in the General we will do likewise in Dagenham. Douglas has been a Griffin arse-licker since the 80s

Anonymous said...

Its like the son of the Black Country fundholder...
Who has Negro girls staying at the
family home!(nationalist my arse)

The Black country BNP meeting had
Laurel & Hardy talking the talk...
Laurel(Mr Salvage)
Hardy (JUDUS Griffiths)

griffin watcher said...

Lots of interesting titbits about Griffin coming soon. Watch this space...

P. Pio said...

"Purging" just comes across as an arrogant sunovabitch.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

"We don't need you" -- is this the same BNP who had to rely on east London BM to provide the muscle and manpower needed to get leaflets out?

I for one am sick of the BNP using people like NF supporters, BM members, B&H followers for their money and muscle and the shitting on them at the first opportunity.

Then whn a few of us hit back by exposing the BNP they whinge that we are the wreckers!?!

Purging and his chums are the shysters that are turning more and more nationalists against Griffin's cash cow, sorry, i mean the "most zionist party," sorry i mean the BNP.

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