Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008
From Roger Robertson, Colin Auty's Campain Manager.

I regret to inform those members and supporters of the BNP that, this evening, 30th June, after consultation with Colin, we have acknowledged that there will not be a challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership in 2008.

It is extremely disappointing that the challenge fell short by just a few signatures; a major factor being that many members have failed to renew their 2008 subscriptions plus the fact that the churn rate of the membership precludes many who do not have the requisite 2 years qualification to become a voting member.

Colin was the ideal candidate to lead our Party out of the wilderness after 9 years of stultifying slow growth under the present Chairman.

I will not here dilate upon the reasons for the challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership.
This will come next week after my 'tribunal' on 6th July when I become an ex-member of the BNP.

Suffice it to say that both Colin and myself wish to thank most sincerely those nearly 90 people who had the courage to put their names to Colin's nomination.

We may well have lost the first skirmish but the battle for a democratic BNP is far from over.

Roger Robertson

Ed - The names of those who did sign will not be disclosed to Griffin or any of his stooges, as we do not want to see another internal bloodbath of dedicated nationalists.
Colin Auty has the nomination forms and they will be staying with Colin - he will not put them to the sword of the hierarchy. This is a sad day for internal democracy - how can we convince the public that we are committed to democratic elections when internally the current leadership seem allergic to them?


NWN: This is bad news indeed !


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing here is the mention of the churn rate for members. Wonder why they come and go. Can anyone explain?

BNP founder member said...

So the chalenge has failed this is a bad day for us all.
The BNP is a conservative party and they are happy with Nick Griffin.

I thought that being an councilor for the party was the same as being an OFFICER of the party so 10 signatures would have been enough,obviously not so he had to obtain 100 signature's and the coward would not sign his nomination papers,well i hope they are all happy with them selfs because now this challenge has failed to materialize......It will give GRIFFIN a better reason now to pass an amendment to the CONSTITUTION that a LEADERSHIP CHALANGE can only be made every .....? years and not every year as present, So are you all happy now.!!!!!
Chris Jackson has lost the last chance by not standing that he ever had as any chalange is now dead for .....? years.We have been f.....

Time now to decide what PARTY to join,well i have.IT'S BETTER TO BE PART OF SOMETHING OTHER THAN NOTHING.
Keith AXON.

I pose a question
Is their any young people 20 to 30 years of age ? in the party .
I do not see any in any vof newspaper it's all middle age people.

Anonymous said...

a sad day for Nationalism!

hopefully the rebels will sort cyclops out when they go to court as thats the only end i can see to that bastard

Anonymous said...

All it takes is a few people of courage to band together, but as we've seen in the past, those who do, are branded REDs

The BNP, is finished.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please give me details about the Euro elections, I wish to stand against Darby and help recruit others to do likewise. I'll be damned if thieving corrupt scum will represent the British people under the heading of nationalism.



Anonymous said...

All the young people are joining the BPP in droves - no surprise as it has become the real BNP.

Defender of Albion said...

The fight is far from over, there is talk of further court action by the Voice of Change rebels but it costs money and takes bloody ages to do anything in a british court these days. Griffin may be smiling today but his days are numbered as leader of the BNP.

KA Asked "Is their any young people 20 to 30 years of age ? in the party. "

Clearly not when the head of the YBNP is a 40 something headcase from Wiltshire. He isnt called Animal Farm for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Sharon is a very courageous lady. She deserves the support of every decent nationalist for the slurs, smears and betrayal by Griffin and that loathsome creature the bogus Legal Adviser Lee Barnes.

Ex-BNP another victim of the purges.

extenuated said...

Does anyone take Griffin seriously anymore? apparently even the C.U.N.T people have been bad mouthing him recently.ldxpoa

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...