Thursday, July 31, 2008

British Gas adds £260 a year to family bills in 35% price hike

Hikes: British Gas is increasing its prices by 35 per cent

Britain's biggest energy supplier is increasing gas prices by a record 35 per cent from today.

British Gas, which has 16million customers, is also putting up electricity by 9 per cent in the second round of price rises this year.

Customers with a dual fuel contract face an increase of 25 per cent, adding £262.80 a year to bills.

The decison comes days after rival EDF Energy also announced price rises and will trigger a series of similar moves by other suppliers.

As well as hitting households already suffering from soaring prices for petrol and food, the energy increases will push up costs for businesses and threaten thousands of jobs.

They are likely to wreck attempts by the Government and Bank of England to tame inflation and will fuel inflationary wage demands from workers suffering the biggest squeeze on the cost of living since the 1970s.

British Gas had already put up bills by 15 per cent in January.

This latest increase means the annual dual fuel bill will rise from nearly £913 in January to £1,317 today. The company said wholesale gas prices for the coming winter are up by 89 per cent on last year.

An estimated 4.5million households are already in fuel poverty, meaning they cannot afford to keep warm.

If the British Gas price increases are repeated across the industry, this could jump by one million.

Gordon Lishman, director general of Age Concern, said: 'These price rises are a hammer blow for vulnerable groups, including thousands of pensioners, who have already seen their energy bills rocket far above the realm of affordability.
NWN: This is what comes from closing our coal mines , selling off our oil and gas reserves under Thatchers privatisation , and linking up more for this 'World economy' crap. Self sufficiency must be our watchword !


Anonymous said...

I've read elsewhere that by December the rise will achieve 66%

What are the public doing about it?

tonydj said...

A message to the left-wing "Trolls" "Lurkers" and others who surf the WN websites.

While you worry about how to respond to the RWB, plan pickets to demand the sackings of BNP and other WN workers and post comments about the internal problems of Nationalist parties THIS is what a LABOUR government allows capitalists to get away with.

Do you ever think whose interests you serve by "Fighting the Fash" and ignoring the Labour Government?

Sorry about the rant NWN, but I just wanted to get SOME of the antifa to consider who benefits from their actions

Anonymous said...

Hitler would have been bankrupt, or
Sanja may have talked him into switching his energy contract to Scottish Energy - he could have then qualified for cheap Broadband access.

Anonymous said...

"Do you ever think whose interests you serve by "Fighting the Fash" and ignoring the Labour Government?"

They do the work of the state, just like Griffins BNP. They both ensure the status quo

NorthWestNationalists said...

An apposite message tonydj !

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...