Friday, July 11, 2008


By Nemesis

Further to Tartarus's article on the exposure of Edgar Griffin, father of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, as a long-standing freemason, we have now receieved confirmation that Peter Silver (of Chartered Accountants Silver & Co) is a Lodge Grand Master and is based at Bridgenorth, Shropshire.

Clearly such a position of masonic authority conveys considerable power within the masonic community and the non-masonic world where fellow masons would be expected to work within the rules of the fraternity where it concerns mutual aid to fellow brothers.
It seems perfectly justified to assume therefore that Nick Griffin's father, Edgar Griffin (a long-standing lodge member) would have chosen the accountancy of Silver & Co to carry out the auditing work of the British National Party.
Edgar Griffin's lodge is at Welshpool, in close geographical proximity to Bridgenorth, Shropshire, where Silver & Co have the second of their two offices (the other one being in Cannock, Staffordshire).
The reasonable inference is that Silver & Co were selected on the basis of masonic connections between Edgar Griffin and Peter Silver.
Edgar Griffin manages the BNP's Trafalgar Fund and essentially administers the BNP Treasury, the actual Treasurers of the BNP seemingly front men for what is primarily a family-run business for the Griffins.
This brings into question just what is happening within the BNP Treasury and the central matter of financial transparency.
Why was an accountant chosen to audit the BNP finances who is a masonic lodge Grand Master, which is also close to the Griffin's family domain of Welshpool?
How deep do the masonic connections go?
Why were the freemasonry status of Edgar Griffin not made public?
And why did the Griffins choose Silver & Co as their accountants?
And, most importantly of all, now that we have established a masonic link with the BNP finances what capacity exists for corruption?
If BNP finances are in a poor state, or donations that have to be declared are hidden, or funds from dubious souces are received, what kind of 'creative accounting' is endorsed by Silver & Co?
We must also ask questions just how much of the BNP finances are going towards the Griffin family empire, either through direct means such a salaries and allowances, but also by indirectly means through schemes such as pension plans, business transactions, building projects, companies and investments.
A factor of considerable importance is why the Electoral Commission conducted an insipid investigation of the BNP finances and gave them a clean bill of health.
Many people, including not just the enemies of the BNP like the BBC and the far-Left but BNP members, expressed surprise at the whitewash of the various dubious financial transactions made by the BNP leadership, the evidence of shredded cheques and receipts and undisclosed donations.
In the wake of the BBC radio 4 programme into the allegations concerning the BNP finances nothing was done.
Even a report was made to the Metropolitant Police requesting an investigation.
To date nothing has come of it.
Now before the enemies of democracy and nationalism within the BNP hierarchy accuse us of being 'agents' or 'traitors' it is not we who are such. That label belongs firmly in the camp of those who have abused their power and positions of responsibility and are now directly attacking nationalists and weakening the BNP.
It belongs firmly to thosed also who although not agents or traitors are dupes as they have appplied their misguided loyalty to a man and a leadership so corrupt that they too have become infected with that DNA.
In their blindness to fight the nationalist struggle, and seeing the BNP as the only viable vehicle in achieving the ambition of a nationalist government, they have forgotten the necessity of criticism and commonsense, and have allowed the enemy into the camp through the back gate, and yet are too blind to see the nature of the enemy within.
Now that we have established a freemasonry connection between the Griffin dynastic empire and the BNP's accountants, can we reasonably infer the existence of a level of 'masonic protection' so that the masonic Griffins are protected by their brothers within the fraternity?
And can we also infer whether a similar brother, or brothers, of the masonic fraternity exist deep within the establishment who are helping the Griffin leadership of the BNP?
This would explain why the Electoral Commission whitewashed the investigation into the BNP finances. It may also help to explain why the Metropolitan Police have not produced an investigation into the complaints submitted regarding the BNP finances. It may also help to explain why the Derbyshire police did not prosecute the BNP leadership for the various criminal activities that had been carried out against some of the 'rebels' in December 2007 when the home of Sadie Graham was effectively burgled by Griffin's henchmen and private communications were intercepted and data stolen.
We know that the police has its own freemasonry lodges and there has been recorded instances of freemasonry being used to corrupt the police and its work regarding criminals and the judiciary.
We must also note that the BNP front known as Solidarity (a former independent nationalist trade union that had been taken over by Nick Griffin in collaboration with Patrick Harrington of the Third Way/NLP) used the services of Silver & Co to scrutinise it's executive elections and that they are being used to audit its finances.
Clearly, the accountants of Silver & Co had been recommended by Griffin to Patrick Harrington and we must ask the question why?
Was it because as Silver & Co were a masonic accountant they could be relied upon to perform a sympathetic service for the BNP front group?
What exactly is the relationship, both political and financial, between the BNP leadership and the Solidarity front group?
And why does Patrick Harrington, former National Front 'Political Soldier' colleague of Nick Griffin and now serving as his front man as General Secretary of the BNP Solidarity trade union, always use the term 'Brotherhood' to describe the union andits membership?
The term 'Brotherhood' is a common term to describe freemasonry and its membership.
What we require now is a full and urgent investigation into the level and extent of freemasonry involvement within the BNP leadership and its connections with any establishment conspiracy. Clearly, if masonic elements within the establishment are assisting the Griffin leadership of the BNP it is not to promote nationalism and to overthrow the usury capitalist/liberal-Left system.
The Brotherhood are a deeply-ingrained element of that system and their desire within the higher echelons of that institution are to function as a 'state within a state', to perpetuate their financial system and their political control of society.
Leading masons within the establishmet owe allegiance and mutual fraternity as well as political and financial goals with politicians and bankers across the world.
To that extent the masonic fraternity is a global brotherhood and one which upholds the globalist agenda.
What is at stake is not only the future of honest and democratic government but the perversion and corruption of democracy itself. The existence of a nationalist alternative to the liberal establishment parties has always bene the bane of the liberal-Left establishment and the Global Corporate Fascist elite.
The fact is that the primary nationalist party in Britain has now effectively been compromised and corrupted by a masonic fraternity that is allied with the liberal establishment.
We have seen how Nick Griffin, after he captured the Chairmanship of the BNP, launched a ferocious assault on his rivals and upon the constitution of the party. He changed the policy direction and its ideology and began a process of personal self-enrichment at the expense of BNP members. His actions have judged him.
New information has now condemned him.
We now know a bit more about the reason for the parasitic takeover of the BNP.We must now call for an independent investigation into both the BNP and the Griffin family and its fremasonry links, as well as an investigation into the masonic links of the Electoral Commission and the Police.
Nemesis and NorthWest Nationalists are continuing their investigations into the freemasonry links within the BNP and any individual with any information or leads is invited to submit their material (in confidence if necessary) to NorthWest Nationalists. Please be aware though that unsubstantiated allegations will not be taken seriously unless they can be supported by evidence or are corroborated by other's testimony.


Anonymous said...

I can also confirm that, Simon Darby, is a FREEMASON at the same Shropshire lodge. said...

very interesting. i always wondered why the BNP would choose an accountant called Silver from an ethnic group not known to sympathise with nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that the police refused to do anything about Collett and Hannam trying to have sex with children.

Anonymous said...

Botherhood has been used by Unions for a very long time. I think you are trying to make the 'facts' fit your theory, a classic trait of fantasist conspiracy theories. Your posters are certainly eclectic, Solidarity was a BNP front then a Third Way one and now a BNP one again? As a Union member I believe it is trying to be independent whilst having intially to recruit from the ranks of active nationalists.

Anonymous said...

Excellent research...

Seems like as Clint Eastwood once said "We've been like a one legged man in an ass kicking competition"

Anonymous said...

"Seems like as Clint Eastwood once said "We've been like a one legged man in an ass kicking competition"

11 July 2008 19:52"

Or, we've been blind in the valley of the one eyed king. Pun intended.

Anonymous said...

"Botherhood has been used by Unions for a very long time. I think you are trying to make the 'facts' fit your theory, a classic trait of fantasist conspiracy theories."

Oh Mr Harrington! Yes, you at the back of the class! I know you must be very tired having to get up at 2am in the morning to trawl the internet so that you can respond immediately to any attack made against yourself or your master Nick Griffin, but please wake up!

Please note it is BROTHERHOODS, not 'Botherhoods' - though to be fair the amount of hassle that you give people I suppose it should well be 'Botherhood' (and to think Patrick Harrington has the audacity to criticise poor old Tim Hawke for his spelling - those Teacher Training Colleges are sure churning out some badly educated individuals these days).

You are partly right Mr Harrington in your assumption that trade unions have used the term 'Brotherhood' for a while. The reason for this is the fact that trade unions and proto-trade unions have had a long and symbiotic relationship with freemasonry and similar groups. So much so that today freemasonry generally assumes that the original spiritual ideology of freemasonry has largely been achieved by trade unions.

yorkie said...

Some good research in that post.

"Solidarity was a BNP front then a Third Way one and now a BNP one again? As a Union member I believe it is trying to be independent whilst having intially to recruit from the ranks of active nationalists."

So, all along the BNP has been trying to use its members as a means towards someone else's ends.

Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

The Freemasonic connection goes further and deeper.

Nick/Edgar Griffin > Roberto Fiore > MI6 > Gladio > P2.


Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing about all this is that ...

The state and its leftist puppets have always known this.

Why did they not expose Griffin long ago?

Final Conflict said...

"The Freemasonic connection goes further and deeper.

Nick/Edgar Griffin > Roberto Fiore > MI6 > Gladio > P2.


Why do these Red Trolls continue with this boring lie time and again.

Court cases have roven Fiore and the Italian TP folk were VICTIMS of p2 and their terrorism.

Thos who put their name to articles acussing Fiore of terrorism have been sued: including British newspapers.

So come on Anon!

Show the courage of your convictions and put your name to the accusation that Fiore is a terrorist responsible for Bologna and hence P2.

He'll strip you of whatever farthings you've got to scratch your arse with!

Or will you continue to hide and post these repetitive posts which prove nothing?

Anonymous said...

Why are the Fiore enthusiasts no longer pushing the usual line: that Fiore is 'genuine' because he was 'persecuted' by the Freemasons?

Lost the taste for that one?

Can you explain the 30 year Gri££in-Fiore connection? Why Fiore, the 'great nationalist leader' has such close links with the Tory Party Grand Master?

Get real. The nationalist scene in Italy is completely controlled. There is no great white hope, nor is Fiore the harbinger of better things to come.

The stereotypical Gri££inite response that anyone who speaks an inconvenient truth must be a 'Red' cuts no ice with anyone anymore.

Nemesis said...

Both camps raise very good points here with equally convincing arguments.

Considering its relevence for today I believe that it is essential that both camps lay out their arguements and evidence in a fashion more conducive to logical debate than the odd posting here and there on postings as this.

May I suggest to both camps on the Fiore divide as to whetehr he was part of the Italian State structure or a geuine renegade persecuted by masonic elements of the State that you set out your arguments here.

Maybe, if NW Nationalists gives his permission and agreement, articles for and against this could be published?

How about it lads?

Anonymous said...

Solidarity is a Brotherhood. The members of Solidarity stand together to help one another. What is wrong with that? Despite 'noises off' Solidarity has continued working on behalf of members, sending Reps to tribunals, grievance hearings and disciplinaries. That is why Solidarity is growing - it is doing the job it is meant to do. Your posters, in contrast, seem to do little positive work. Solidarity activists draw energy from knowing that they are working for good, to help ordinary people facing problems at work. Your biterness and spite damages only yourself. We reflect it back to you and hope that you see that you need to change.

All your talk of freemasons and conspiracies just makes you seem like nuts to ordinary people. It seems obvious that your social networks are limited and your contact with reality loose. You should get out more!

Anonymous said...

In demanding unqualified support for the European Union Collective, these 'business leaders' reveal that, actually, they are de facto fellow-travelling Communists, supporters of Lenin and of the World Revolution, and that they are quite oblivious to the reality of what they are pontificating.

One more thing. The British National Party (BNP), which exploits the Union Jack (UK flag) in all its publicity, was exposed several years ago to this Editor as a covert operation run by German ‘Black’ intelligence. One key achievement of this operation has been precisely to STEAL and ERADICATE national sentiment along with the flag, so that anyone expressing views such as that Third World immigration needs to be controlled or stopped, that the integrity of the nation state is paramount and sacrosanct, and that pride in one’s country is meritorious, is in danger of being labelled (by the Great Brainwashed) as a BNP ‘fellow-traveller’.


Very respected site!

I am a nationalist to my bones!

Anonymous said...

The bnp have links with the nation of islam hence the reason why louis farrakhan is a freemason

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