Monday, July 28, 2008


EGM called by Nick Griffin for 17th August.

The reform group will be strongly represented at this EGM and will oppose any change to the Party Constitution proposed by Nick Griffin.

Extract from our Manifesto:

(For full Manifesto see under Manifesto on Home Page.)

“We believe that the Party Constitution should be changed to one that is a recognisable as normal for a corporate body under English law.

In our view, the Party must have a proper structure. It must have a number of the key officials directly elected by the members, in particular, the offices of Vice Chairman and Party Treasurer must be directly elected. The Party Chairman would be bound to discuss and agree with the majority of the other elected officials, matters of policy and discipline.

The new Constitution will provide for a compulsory Annual General Meeting at which all paid-up members are entitled to attend, propose resolutions and vote. We believe that the Party belongs to the members and that Party officials should be accountable to the members.”

Please may we have your support ?

Contact: 0799 058 7575


About Nick Griffin: Wikipedia

News about the BNP that Nick would prefer you don’t know!

Nationalist site: Northwestnationalists

Very anti-nationalist site, but often very well informed:

Lancaster UAF

For the geeks:

Further info on party and related to nick
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Anonymous said...

This is great for Nationalism.
Good luck to all true Nationalists.

pat harrington cuddles nick said...

it's b#ll#cks.

Gri££in will have it stacked.

Do you think he will risk all his money?

Fat chance!

p.s. Will Solidarity Mark 2 boss Patsy harrington dare to show his face after getting a black chap voted in, over a BNP candidate?

Harry Ington's Love Child said...

Pat harrington cuddles nick said

"p.s. Will Solidarity Mark 2 boss Patsy harrington dare to show his face after getting a black chap voted in, over a BNP candidate?"

If he does he might find himself having the other arm broken bny irate BNP members which is what allegedly happened to him years ago when he upset his fellow National Fronters.

This EGM at the RWB sounds like it'll be a real ding-dong (clearly the Doc will no longer have to attend to set his fireworks off at the end cos there'll be plenty in evidence during the day).

It'll be just like the good old bad old days with the Front with that bunch of renegades, Gri££in, Harrington and Williamson, present running the show.

One rips the members off to finance his lifestyle. The other wants to make sure he's accepted into the Establishment by getting blacks elected over BNP candidates. The other doesn't give a toss so long as he's got nose in the trough (Pick which one is which, or maybe all three apply to all of them!).

If it's anything like the old National Front Gri££in and his pals will surely have it all worked out beforehand, with any possible deviation from his chosen path prevented by a combination of persuasion and appeals of "unity" and "disruption from Reds/Searchlight" to the mmebership; the use of his dictatorial powers as Chairman to push through amendments' to the threat of his security guards and expulsions to anyone who intereferes with the process.

Maybe we should call in the UN to send in Electoral Observers for this AGM like they have done in other countries where dictators have held "elections"?

Anonymous said...

I would like to wish all those going from the reform group, and those supporting the reform group, the very best of luck.

I would also be attending to oppose this motion if I had not been expelled by High Priest Griffin.

It is vitally important that as many people as possible go on the Sunday to oppose this motion. The future of the BNP, and thus our race may depend on it. We can't afford to have another four years of Griffin mis-management.

While I do not agree with everything the reform group say, I do agree with most of it, and I certainly believe that reform is needed and that Chris Jackson would make a better leader than Nick Griffin.

Good luck to all.
Ian Dawson (purged by Griffin in December 2007)

P.S. Keep up the good work NWN!

Anti-gag said...

Couldn't VoC and Chris Jackson's group get together and decide on a united front to remove Griffin. With the understanding that once that aim has been achieved, and a democratic party constitution installed, there's a full democratic leadership election.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Is Jackie Gri££in attending?

Or will hubbie Nick have her in a tented stall on site doling out her "speciality" to punters?

That should be an nice little earner for the Gri££in family bank account.

Mind you, I wouldn't touch her with a barge pole - you never know quite where she's been. Collett for instance - or so it has been alleged.

And we all know that Collett must now be - iof allegations are correct - a walking sexual disease time-bomb.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jackson has even less support this year.

Many people who may have voted for him are saying that the will not vote at all this year as they cannot vote for Chris seeing as he has done nothing in the past year.

I hope he manages to do well with a protest vote though.

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