Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another leadership Challenger pulls out !

BNP veteran Chris Jackson has now also pulled out of standing against the despot and Robert Mugabe admirer, Nick Griffin.

The BNP Reform Group that supported Chris in the farce of an internal BNP election last year, cannot see a new challenge as being held any differently.

We can now see quite vividly that democracy is forbidden in the corrupt, nepotistic, and crony run BNP.

This move by Chris Jackson shows the nationalist movement in the UK, and Worldwide, that Griffins tiny coterie have no 'right' to run the UK's premier nationalist party. By pulling out of the election, Chris Jackson and Cllr Auty will not be giving Griffin any legitimacy in the running of his corrupt dictatorship. The rules have been stacked too heavily by Herr Gri££in in his own favour.

To put it another way..................would you join a game, if one of the players was making his own rules up as he went along, so that he would be the winner ?

Angry and dismayed BNP members will not now be given a chance, via internal election, to change the corrupt and rotten ruling regime in the BNP. And that is the sad part in all this !

More news when we get it...........


Anonymous said...

To late for anyone to ever challenge. Griffin changes the rules to 4/5yrs at the next AGM

Anonymous said...

What if....What if...

at the next AGM people stood up and opposed this plan. Probably get nowhere, but it would be worth it just to see how The Chairman handled it.

Anonymous said...

If I was the leader of the BNP and I knew that there were some things that I was very good at and that I was not so good at other things....what would I do?

Perhaps I would ensure that I am surrounded by prats such that when it all goes wrong, as it often does with the BNP, I can blame those prats and make myself look head and shoulders above them, as if to say "I am the best there is"?

Maybe if I got very paranoid I would change to constitution to make sure I remained in power just to make sure that I can get away with being a prat sometimes too!!!! Yipee!!

Anonymous said...

Griffin does not need to pass it at an AGM - not that such a thing exists. Only voting members (not ordinary members) can vote on party matters though that is not actually in the Constitution.

However, the Constitution does say that Griffin, as Chairman, can announce something and then inform members via BN within 30 days.

We have all been warned!

Richard Chadfield said...

Regretably, I have to say that I no longer believe that the BNP is a nationalist party.I believe now that it ceased to be a nationalist party in 1999. I bitterly regret the eight years that I have wasted working for this party which I believe is now nothing more than a state contolled safty valve. A Judus Goat. There is, in my opinion, between very little and no chance of nationalists regaining control of the BNP. AS a nationalist party the BNP is dead--murdered by it's current ,in my opinion, state contolled and state owned 'leadership'. The question now is what must genuine nationalists do? This will take a little time to decide. But I would say this. Nationalists must retain hope and hold to their believes. Defeat only comes when hope and believe are given up. We may have crushing problems but so may our opponants. The struggle continues.

Final Conflict said...

More years of proto-Zionist bullshit.


Anonymous said...

The real BNP is long dead...
£riffin has turned our party into a MONEY MAKING FACTORY!
It must be his JEWISH roots!,-)
We will never remove Nick and his pals from the party.
Whos going to vote Nick out?
I attended a meeting last week in the Black Country.i was shocked at
the change in the branch?
I see Judus Griffiths and John (lends a pound)Salvage are at the
front again ,-) £riffin boys.

Anonymous said...

Richard, some of what you say is very true, but there are many genuine racial naionalists still within the BNP, including Chris Jackson and Kev Bryan, nationalists that have never compromised their beliefs and have never been afraid to call a spade a spade. Richard it was yourself who asked Kev Bryan not to talk about blacks or race when he spoke at your meting in Stockport

Anonymous said...

Gri££in Enterprises a dead horse

The BNP is just a "Brand Name" - which has much negative baggage.

If Griffin wont respect our members or our party, we must work under another brand name.

Time for a new party or all join another party.

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