Friday, July 25, 2008

Make way for the, Tories, again...

Labour MP calls for Brown to quit after by-election humiliation

The Cabinet must tell Gordon Brown it’s time to quit, a Labour MP said today, beginning what is expected to become a clamour for his resignation.
Graham Stringer said that it was time for a “new start” in the wake of the loss of Labour’s 25th safest seat, Glasgow East, in yesterday’s by-election.
The Cabinet should have a “closed and honest discussion with Gordon Brown,” he said. “We need a new start and that can only come from a debate around the leadership.”
Mr Brown faced questions about the prospect of a leadership challenge as he travelled to Labour’s National Policy Forum in Warwick, the venue for crucial talks with the unions over future policy.

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Anonymous said...

Will nationalists blame a Tory win for sending them back into the wilderness, or will they revaluate the way the BNP has been run?

You cannot fail to notice that the BNP has strengthened the Tory Party in much the same way as the NF strengthened Thatcher. The shy working class turning toward the more politically able rather than turn to the unsupported and inexperienced BNP candidates.

Over recent years the BNP has played straight into the Tories hands, and this is starting to look more by design, than chance.

The Griffins need to go, the top table swept clear, we need serious policies that the public recognise beyond that of immigration. We need a shadow cabinet, something requested 2 years ago, and laughed at by, Griffin, who insisted “We’ve tried that, it didn’t work”. Any other serious political contender stating such a thing would be laughed out of parliament, and parliament is where we need to get.

Will you allow Griffin to squander our opportunities for winning MP’s, or will you sit in silence while he pursues his financial dream of Europe where nothing will ever be achieved? Naturally, if you vote in favour of Griffins 4 year plan at RWB, you will not only seal the fate of leadership challenges, you will seal the fate of ever having a say within the party again, and that would mean being expelled for suggesting MP’s in the British parliament are worth more than an MEP who does nothing.

Don’t be fooled, look at how many MEP’s UKIP have, and they constantly complain that they cannot change anything because there are not enough of them. And, unless an MEP has had his hand in the till, they never get any publicity.

NorthWestNationalists said...

An excellent post anon !

It is very clear that we must put the proverbial 'clear blue water' between us and the tories.

Has Griffin 'torified' the BNP beyond repair ?

Or can we re-position the BNP from being a reactionary tory gingerbread group like UKIP ?

Peter Rushton wrote an interesting article recently about this issue.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a photo like that cartoon quite recently. It didn't have Gordon Brown in the starring role though.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...