Friday, May 23, 2008


Who is 'Hexapla'? After reading his/her latest article on, Malcolm Doughty, we here are wondering if he/she isn't a nationalist winding them up.
'MALC' is not, Doughty, and we know this for a fact, so, who is feeding this stuff to them? May be there is another agenda, but we here at NWN find it very strange when the UAF start writing articles on what are considered ordinary BNP members. Anyone know what's going on?


Anonymous said...

The antifas are upset that BNP members are posting on Golbergs blog. This is probably their democratic way of putting an end to it. We should pity them for their hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Hexalpa is Griffin or Kemp

NorthWestNationalists said...

Reds shown up over at LUAF.

By the way, No pasaran ?

Errm, they did pass, apparently.

Communist/Reds did not win the Spanish Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again today too. Blake hasn't deserted Auty at all. I have the feeling people are putting out their own propaganda to muddy the waters, or to catch out those feeding the REDs.

Anonymous said...

have a look at "Denise" on the stirrer. Especially the reply to my last posting.......anyone see anything familiar??


bigmal wrote:
TheStirrer wrote:
Sharon Ebanks is banned from the site for one month.

Oh I see now!
Freedom of speech being stifled yet again.
Why let us know she's been banned, when there was no need to?
Unless......>swallows hard and has sharp intake of breath!<
We are being reminded of the power of the {EDITED} {EDITED} who runs this forum.

PS...what's the record for the most number of {EDITED}'s in one posting?

I wonder if Adrian will edit this - you, posting on the Nazi Stormfront:

The so called attack (it wasn't!) was stirred up by that lousy journo Goldberg, no one else. If he hadn't have antagonised a few pakis in the bar, all would have quiet!

So sorry, NOT REDS! just paki youths wound up by a kike reporter!

What do you think, Malcolm?

(And thanks a million for providing us with so many useful quotes that - I am quite certain - will come back to haunt you and Birmingham BNP when you next stand for election.)
Unity News / Norfolk Unity

the real Malcolm Doughty!!

Malcolm Doughty said...

Now confirmed.

HEXAPLA is Denise Garside of Great Yarmouth!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is getting hilarious. UAF now claim that Girvan is Cromwell. Cromwell isn't even a British citizen LOL They have lost the plot, or someone is giving them the wrong plot.

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