Saturday, May 03, 2008

Idiot upper class Turk wins London Mayor election

If you thought George 'Dubya' Bush was an idiot, wait till you hear this berk.

His education at the best that money can buy, has only turned up this charicature of the upper classes, that only 'Monty Python' could have re-structured.

London might be full of foreigners.........but it must also be full of idiots, and who also voted for this joke.

They will be paid back in spades, and no doubt within six months, they will deny they ever voted for this upper class buffoon.


Anonymous said...

What what,

top hole, and wizard prang !

You know I never believed that the upper class berks spoke like this.

Then I saw a newsreel of the Battle of Britain pilots at Biggin Hill.

I couldn't believe it.

NorthWestNationalists said...

New labour now blown to pieces, the marxist left will renew their fight to regain Labour.

This is something we will need to watch out for.

Anonymous said...

Griffin will now HATE Richard Barnbrook.

He cannot stand focus on anyone or anything within the BNP that is not himself.

Griffin is very much like a woman.

Anonymous said...

Johnson is the oldest of the four children (including Rachel) of Stanley Johnson, a former Conservative MEP and employee of the European Commission and World Bank and his first wife, painter Charlotte Johnson Wahl, the daughter of Sir James Fawcett, a prominent barrister[5] and president of the European Commission of Human Rights.[6]. Stanley Johnson also has two children by his second wife. On his father's side Johnson is great-grandson of Ali Kemal Bey, a liberal Turkish journalist and interior minister in the government of Damat Ferid Pasha, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire who was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence. During World War I Boris's grandfather and great aunt were recognised as British subjects and took their grandmother's maiden name of Johnson.

Anonymous said...

I say..........chin,chin !

Anonymous said...

Barnbrook for BNP leader !

Anonymous said...

play the game you cads, play the game.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Griffin got it wrong again.

It was only a year or two ago that Griffin was predicting that the Conservatives had imploded and were on their way to becoming a fading party as they embraced Left-liberalism and Cameron became the clone of Tony Blair, the Party itself taking on the appearance of a Mark 2 Labour Party.

Yet against all of Griffin's expectations do we see a resurgent Tory Party that has trounced Labour and has paved the way for a new Conservative government.

A significant number of Labour voters voted directly for the Tories, not the BNP.

It is likely that the Conservatives will continue with their obsession of Left-liberalism and Labour will endure a period of internecine faction-fighting, with the hard Left gaining considerable influence and the unions back in favour.

This is the opportunity for the BNP - to defend British values and the white communities against the Marxists and a liberalised and unpatriotic Conservative party.

Only thing is to ensure that BNP memmers wake up, rub the sleep from their eyes and get that incompetent idiot Gri££in out.

Mr Potter

Anonymous said...

Over on his blog,Eddy - the philosopher of the bpp - is a bit pissed that the bnp have had the half-arsed results that they have got. Eddy has been quiet for a bit - probably too pissed to type - but today he has started with his first bottle of cider and has transgressed the bpp's golden rule of no-comment on other parties. Watch as the attack dogs of the bnp take him down.

and poor sid - all his brown nosing of the bnp- he has been cheering them on louder than the usual suspects on stormfront. and now he has to deal with pisshead eddy spewing bile at griffin.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous
"Over on his blog, Eddy..."

Whoever you are own up! I was drinking a glass when I read that and it was so funny the beer went down the wrong tubes and almost made me choke for a couple of minutes. lol

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...