Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Griffin let's cat out of bag at Burnley BNP meeting- nationalism finished !

Dear xxxxxxxxxx,

I have rec'd a very interesting report of a BNP meeting in Burnley last THURSDAY 8th May.

I know the identity of all 3 people in the "chain" from the meeting to me. I trust their honesty but cannot verify their accuracy.

The main speaker was Gri££in himself.

His main points were

1) The Lancashire mill-towns are "flat lining" as far as growth is concerned and only did well in the wake of the riots.

2) BNP units are to move AWAY from involvement in the community and are to cosy up to other "community leaders"

3)These groups are here to stay and we must face it

The audience was reportedly to be aghast at this suggestion and quite openly so.

So (deleted), there we have it! the end of community "leaderless resistance" politics and the start of "Can we get together rabbi, Mr Singh, Mr moderate muslim and discuss these fundamentalist loonies?" politics.

Over my lifeless body!


A friend


Anonymous said...

Curious how Griffin says, in effect, that there is no point to the BNP just at the time when the media increasingly accepts nationalist criticisms of the way Britain has been run for the past 40 years and there is everything in principle to play for.

Sure the numbers of people willing to do anything political is very small (and far smaller than need be because Griffin has set out to get rid of activists). But those that do things are now swimming in a very different sea from a few years ago.

Anyone who has read about radical movements which succeeded knows how small they were for a very long time. The size reflected public fear not a lack of potential.

Just when things are going our way he tells his members to give up.
MI5 must be delighted.

Next stop the European parliament and Griffin apologising for nationalism while collecting his salary.

Richard Chadfield said...

A Burnley member (no I am not going to name the person for obvious reasons) phoned me up at the weekend with the same report. Namely that In his speach Mr Griffin stated that the immigrants were here to stay and that it was time for the BNP to start working with community leaders. I am told he went on to say that Burnley was 'flat linning' and that the councillors were elected on the back of the 2001 riots. I thought Steve Smith and his team were the reason.
Looks like the BNP has ceased to be a nationalist party.

seventhvictim said...

Hindu and Sikh community leaders are notoriously venal and corrupt. Griffin will get on with them just fine.

tonydj said...

I make no comment on he accuracy of the reports. But it seems odd that the chairman visits the home town of BNPTV and nothing has yet appeared on the web....... what are they hiding?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Gri££in should be so keen to stop 'community involvement' - that is to say, cellular white activist penetration of community groups. Strange, given how effective it is, and that it is the one thing that the state fears.

But the maybe not so strange, given that it is increasingly obvious that Gri££in is a state asset.

Anonymous said...

The BNP has become the Tory party

yorkie said...

"Interesting that Gri££in should be so keen to stop 'community involvement' - that is to say, cellular white activist penetration of community groups. Strange, given how effective it is, and that it is the one thing that the state fears."

We don't need a political party as centralised and money-hungry as the BNP in order to get involved with the local community. (Nor, for that matter, to fight local elections.) If a nationalist organisation does nothing more than bring people together to take part in other projects, it should be counted at least a partial success.

Final Conflict said...

Why is anyone so shocked? This is the line the "most Zionist" party in Britain promoted in the London election.

Barbara Amiel must be pleased with her poodles.

Nationalism is dead... [that's the aim anyway].

birmingham bill said...

Nick didn't say nationalism was finished in this country. He said it was no longer practical or sensible to be thinking in terms of repatriating every non-white in the UK. That is simple reality and you people need to accept it and move on. The BNP is a modern nationalist party for the modern age. Nationalism needs original thinkers not dinosaurs.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Bill your post is an oxymoron, you contradict yourself.

'Original thinkers' ?

But write in cliches.

Anonymous said...


A HOUSING strategy dumped for being "racist" in the 1990s could be
brought back to prevent the break up of a new generation of families in
London's East End.

The Sons and Daughters scheme, which was scrapped almost 20 years ago
after a ruling by the Commission for Racial Equality, could return to
tackle the growing need for housing in Tower Hamlets.

The controversial policy, originally overseen in Tower Hamlets by the
Lib Dems in the late 1980s, gave priority on the housing list to the
children of established East End families.

But it caused uproar after Labour politicians classed it as racist,
saying it discriminated against new arrivals from the Bangladeshi

When it was axed, it contributed to the 'white flight' phenomenon of
traditional families moving away from the East End.

But now the influential Young Foundation think tank says scrapping it
had devastating consequences for the "long established white working
class community."

But almost two decades on, with a dramatically changed population
demographic, a 20,000-plus housing waiting list, and, according to the
Town Hall, Bangladeshi offspring particularly unable to find homes near
their parents, Labour councillors have had a rethink.

A six-month inquiry by the authority's overview and scrutiny committee
found offspring in their 20s now had to move far away to find homes,
causing problems for the close family network.

A new 'Sons and Daughters' policy could help solve that, the committee

But although former Lib Dem councillors have raised an eyebrow at the
return of a policy that was once considered racist and illegal, Labour's
Alex Heslop, who led the review, denied bringing it back would be

The new policy would be "non-discriminatory" and help "community
cohesion", he insisted.

"The residents will tell you they're worried about their children who
cannot afford to live in the locality," he said.

"There is demand for the policy, but we are asking for a
non-discriminatory policy so there would be some sort of category for
sons and daughters.

"It's a sensitive issue. But we think there is the support for it across
the community."

He added: "We are saying to the council have a look at it and do some
research and make it work."

The old policy discriminated against the Bangladeshi community because
rules stated that families had to have lived in the home for 20 years
before they could qualify, Cllr Heslop points out.

But former Lib Dem council leader Eric Flounders denied there had been
any qualifying limit.

He added: "They got rid of a perfectly good policy at the time because
it was politically convenient to shout 'racism'.

"If it was a bad policy then, why's it good now?"

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...