Saturday, May 31, 2008

NWN under attack !
We seem now to be the target of Nick Griffins establishment friends .

More news to follow.................
A rather strange solicitors called Iverson-Holmes. Co .Uk supporting the 'STEADFAST TRUST' are now really threatening the worst.
More when I can get my head around this nonsense !


Anonymous said...

Interesting facts

there is NO company recorded by the law society as Iverson-holmes.

There IS an Iverson Stanley Holmes with ONE lawyer registered, a JANE STANLEY PHILIPS

The web site for this company is unaccessable unless you log on.

There are a lot of odd things about this firm

more to come

Anonymous said...

do they pray at the local synagogue

john werneth

Simon Smith said...

Interesting how Gri££in generally uses proper lawyers (with membership monies of course) for his own vendettas but uses that useless idiot pretend "lawyer" to "help" ordinary BNP members.

Anonymous said...

Might shed some light?

JiB said...

For information: This post refers to a previous thread posted on February 06, 2008 entitled "The Steadfast Trust".

Anonymous said...

The Steadfast trust is an arm of the English Democrats with connections to the England First Party, and the BNP. So, people were right to be suspicious of its denial of nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Its a joke ! lawyers dont operate like this sniffing around the blogosphere

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