Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Talk and DVD about Leon Degrelle in Barcelona


Anonymous said...

Would you please consider adding the ‘Books For Patriots’ blog ( to your links section?
BFP fills an important gap for patriots on the internet. BFP hope is to help patriots gain knowledge and strength as we continue to push forward for success in our homelands around the world. BFP policy is to link to any Patriotic blog spot or website that links to them, provided the blog or site does not promote violence or hatred. They are non-partisan and will not engage in debate about political affiliation, and they ask, that comments on the blog are kept for discussion on the books and the issues they raise. The BFP blog exists to assist Patriots regardless of political or organisational affiliation and BFP hope it will benefit Patriots across the spectrum to expand and develop their skills and knowledge.
If you do provide a link to ‘Books for Patriots’ please let them know via the thread link, which can be found below the list of linked sites, so they can return the favour.

Anonymous said...

Had a look at the Books for Patriots blog and it is well worth you supporting NWN. In fact we all should support it. Its time we cranked up the amount of studying done by the rank and file. The reds have been way ahead of us on that front for years.

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