Friday, May 02, 2008

Anti-BNP chef Andrew Nutter already being boycotted !

We have just seen the anti-BNP video by the 'Hope not Hate' loons, and espied this panderer to the upper classes in his overpriced Rochdale restaurant.

All nationalists should boycott Andrew Nutters restaurants.

Andrew Nutter is seen regularly driving his soft top sports car in the 'white' areas of Rochdale, usually speaking into his mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt either. 'Celebs' probably don't have to abide by these laws.

A couple of years back Nutter was fined at Rochdale Magistrates for allowing himself to be driven in a stolen car by one of his friends, and something to do with stolen property apparently.

Mind you, his wealthy Prestwich dad bought him his current restaurant which is an old 19th Century mansion which sits in it's own 6 acres of land. So life cannot be that bad for him can it ?

Does Nutter frequent the multi-cultural areas of Rochdale ?

Not bloody likely !

The others who are boycotting his restaurant; NUTTERS, on Edenfield Road, Norden, Rochdale, are the Hunt Saboteurs .

The Hunt sabs have been known to cause havoc in their campaigns.

Apparently, Mr.Nutter allows the very upper class members of the Holcombe Hunt to use his premises for meets and socials.

This will go down well with many of the 'Hope not Hate' lefties we think !

We are in the queue now to show Mr.Nutter he is wrong.


jack in Rochdale said...

Is Nutter that ugly young shitbag who is always cruising around Bury Road, Bamford ?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Prestwich a jewish area of manchester ?

Anonymous said...

Capitalists against the BNP ?

Looks like it to me.

Nutter is a rich kid.

jack in rochdale said...

Here, some rascal let off a stink bomb in Nutters restaurant tonight we hear.

Now that is one dirty trick to let off stink bombs when one is going for a meal isn't it ?

Must cost the owners £100's and with Nutter being over priced anyway.

Anonymous said...

I am a sab and i hate nu labour.

Thx for the publicity.

Anonymous said...

The Nutter family have links with South Africa.

What are these linke anyone ?

Anonymous said...

Sent to anti-BNP chef Andrew Nutter;

What are Mr Nutters politics being as he has allied himself with a communist front group/Hope not Hate ?

Do Mr Nutters family live in a multi-racial area ?

His restaurant is situ for upper class white people circa the Rochdale area near Owd Betts and is overpriced.

Shouldn't Andrew live closer to the asians in Rochdale, if he believes what he says on TV ?

Anonymous said...

p.s. I have never seen a black or asian face in Nutters Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Old Nutter fined £2,000 for sewage offences
(11 September 2003 15:50)
The father of TV chef Andrew Nutter was fined £2,000 by Rochdale Magistrates' Court last week after pleading guilty to two charges of discharging sewage effluent from his restaurant into a tributary of Cheesden Brook.

Rodney Nutter, the owner of Nutter's restaurant in Cheesden, Greater Manchester, which is run by his son, was also ordered to pay £360 in costs to the Environment Agency, which brought the prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Rochdale - Nutters Restaurant
Edenfield Road
OL12 7TY
01706 650167

Anonymous said...

nutter is a smarmy bastard.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Nutter should realise that political actions have consequences, and if you run a restaurant, well, say no more.

Anonymous said...

Feck, far right and far left opposing this knob.

He should put up for London mayor.

Anonymous said...

Rich kids against the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like to be having a posh meal with my elderly family and the Hunt Sabs started throwing horse shit on us.

Anonymous said...

Is he on telly ?

I have never seen him on telly.

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