Sunday, May 04, 2008

New Leadership challenge announced

We have received details of Cllr. Autys intended plan to challenge Nick Griffin for the BNP Leadership.

NWN knows of at least one other person who will also be 'throwing their hat into the ring' quite soon.


Anonymous said...

The important issue in this election is BNP money. The returns to the E.C are less than satisfactory and not checked by the E.C. Some areas to look at. The Trafalgar club urgently, expenses claimed by N.G and co, Vangard promotions, GWR, rents, entertainment. A thought came to me today. N.G's dad is an accountant and appears to be still working. (see article in Guardian a few months ago) Is J.W really running BNP treasury or might it be E.G with J.W as front man? Something to think about. N.G's mum was until recently the enquireies secretary. Starts to look like a family business does'nt it?
So the most important issue is money.The second and third most important issues are money and money. It's time to dig out the facts.

Anonymous said...

Not being familiar with how it works ... if there is more than one contender, is there a danger that the anti-Griffin vote could be split?

Anonymous said...



Fat Sid has been booted from the bpp. Can there be a worse humiliation? To be thrown out of a party of pisspots.

It may be that Sid has stopped his heavy drinking and is trying to lose weight - getting above himself there. And not to forget kissing bnp arse.

excuse me - but this is too funny.


seventhvictim said...

Sid now has nothing to offer Griffin so he will be off the pay roll pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

"Fat Sid has been booted from the bpp. Can there be a worse humiliation? To be thrown out of a party of pisspots."

What goes around, comes around. He's been a nasty piece of shit to too many people. I see Lee Barnes is kissing his ass though. May be Griffin wants Sid to give him the BPP membership list.

Anonymous said...

Williamson has been a causer of trouble since he surfaced about 2002.

He has been booted out of every party or group he has joined.

Still Gri££in/PTD praised him on stormfront. That says it all really doesn't it ?

jack in rochdale said...

Griffins internet attack dogs the brainless CUNTs duo are already slagging off the challenger Colin Auty.

EiE supporter said...

Well if Griffin has to rely on those two Sheffield drunkards/druggies Williams and Owen he is lost.

The CUNTs pair are now too well known as being griffinites.

Tommy Williams the liar says he will support Cllr. Colin Auty. A pig has just flown by the window - its 'Anne', one of Griffins only two pigs he ever had. The Griffin family also scoffed 'Frank', the other pig.

purging the scum said...

Colin Auty will still be in the party come the leadership election but his state-sponsored backers won't be.

Bol said...

Pete Williamson and Mark Cotterill. Two people who once took Griffin'd shilling and two shit-stirrers who've been kicked out of most nationalist parties, both lately proscribed by the BPP!

Personally i think those pair were on more than Griffin's payroll. Sniff the air and you can smell bacon - piggy bacon a la SB/MI5

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...