Monday, May 19, 2008

Knesset members: 'Bush more Zionist than Olmert'

Following the US President's speech at the Israeli Knesset last Thursday, marking the 60th anniversary of Israel's founding, several right wing members of Knesset said that "Bush seems to be more Zionist than Olmert" and that "it is better to have Bush as a PM instead of Olmert". The Arabs48 news website reported that some of the Knesset members even said "Bush appears to be the one person who will achieve the Zionist aspirations"!!

During the Knesset session Olmert said that upon achieving a peace deal with the Palestinians, the agreement will be presented to the Knesset for approval, and that such an agreement will achieve the approval of the Knesset and will be supported by the Israeli public.

In his speech, Olmert added that "Bush is a true and faithful friend to Israel" and that the friendship between Israel and the United States is based on "moral, human and social values based on justice and peace." Olmert also said that the visit of Bush gives the peace process a push in order to achieve a two-state solution.

Yet, several right wing members of Knesset, such as Zify Handel and Uri Ariel from the Mifdal party, objected to the statements of Olmert and said that "it seems that Bush will be a better Zionist leader than Olmert." Knesset member Ruby Revlin said that "comparing between Bush and Olmert, Bush appears the one who achieves the Zionist aspirations."

During his Knesset speech, Bush said that “Israel will be celebrating its 120th anniversary as one of the World’s greatest democracies, a secure flourishing homeland of the Jewish people," Israeli daily Haaretz reported. He also said that Israel can always count on the United States to support it and "stand with you."

Unsurprisingly, Bush's speech totally ignored the Palestinian existence, the occupation and the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation.

You can read the whole speech here:

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