Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bigger the better for Salim family

ROCHDALE’S own super-sized family is set to star in a Channel 4 documentary tonight (Thurs).

Mohammed and Noreen Salim and their 11 children spent four months being followed by cameras for a one-off show about big families called 13 Kids and Wanting More.

The documentary begins the month before the family’s youngest daughter arrived in January this year.

According to Mohammed, producers were keen to focus on the religious reasons behind his enormous brood.

Mohammed was filmed explaining that his large family came about because he doesn’t want, in his words, to ‘Interfere with God’s doing’ by using contraception.

The programme also shows a health visitor warning the couple about the strain being put on Noreen’s body by her numerous pregnancies.

The Salims weren’t the largest family on the show however.

One of the other featured families was about to welcome its 12th member and another couple already had 13 children.

And despite the show’s title, the Salims have yet to beat the record, though if Mohammed gets his way, a baker’s dozen sized brood won’t be far off.

Mohammed said: "I’ve not seen the finished documentary yet, but I think it’s going to be quite positive.

"They mainly wanted to find out what it’s like for us every day coping with lots of children.

"They told us having babies is putting a lot of strain on Noreen, but she’s fine, still just as great as the day I married her."

The show airs on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight.

Mohammed’s days in front of the camera aren’t over just yet.

He is currently filming for a Channel Five show called Seven Deadly Sins.

He will appear on the show which focuses on the sin ‘Sloth’ after revealing earlier this year that the family survive on state benefits.

NWN: Salim has stood for Parliament in Rochdale several times, and is the only candidate who shakes the BNP candidates hand at the count. Salim stands for the Zinda baad party.

He is also a fervent anti-zionist.

Salim fully understands the consequences of such a large family, and not only the sheer amount of state benefits alone. No-one has wages in Rochdale equivalent to the state benefits for this number of kids.

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NorthWestNationalists said...

Watched the programme and Salims house is a stinking dirty and untidy hole.

I think he will have even more problems now than he currently does in Rochdale.

A good example of the way that these immigrants are abusing 'our' Welfare State. It won't be around for much longer with the whole world dipping in !

Anonymous said...

frankly the man should be ashamed for his actions, he is obviously an intelligent person but he just has "it" all so wrong.
Another thing why would the colour of his skin affect anybodies dealings with him, its more likely the fact that the man is deranged.
I felt embarrased to watch him.

Anonymous said...

Must be like throwing a woodbine up an entry

Aberdeen Patriot said...

He is a muslim what do we expect, he should be deported with his leeching family.

No Immigrants should get benefits in Britain, unless it's genuine sick pay after years of work.

Its just another way of expanding the muslim population, while at the same time draining money out of the pot.

Anonymous said...

I understand the anger being vented towards the salim family, I my self was in shock after watching the shoe. But Aberdeen patriot what the hell has being a muslim got to do with this you fucking prick. Go and piss of the amount of disgusting white Christian families I have seen is enourmous. Plus your from Scotland a shithole of a country you fucking arsehole

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous'. Off not of. You're not your.
Salim is playing the numbers game and knows it. Only a few generations and we shall have a muslim majority. We are doi g to ourselves what we did to Fiji by 1987.

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