Friday, May 30, 2008

An Important Observation

European Parliament to ban Eurosceptic groups

Plans to eliminate Eurosceptics as an organised opposition within the European Parliament are expected to be agreed by a majority of MEPs this summer.
The European Union assembly’s political establishment is pushing through changes that will silence dissidents by changing the rules allowing Euro-MPs to form political groupings.
Richard Corbett, a British Labour MEP, is leading the charge to cut the number of party political tendencies in the Parliament next year, a move that would dissolve UKIP’s pan-European Eurosceptic “Independence and Democracy” grouping.
Under the rule change, the largest and msot pro-EU groups would tighten their grip on the Parliament’s political agenda and keep control of lavish funding.

Can someone please explain to us at 'NWN' why Griffin is placing the Euro's above the General Election? Could it be personal financial gain? Well, let us be honest, there is no longer anything else to be gained in Europe, is there?


NorthWestNationalists said...

Griffin is only in politics for the money. He has no honour nor ideaology.

He is just one upper class berk who thinks he is above the plebs.

Anonymous said...

"Griffin is only in politics for the money. He has no honour nor ideaology."

We know that, but its convincing the rest of them before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

He has know core priniples but ONE and that,is to make money for himself and his henchmen can take only the crumbs from his table.
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