Saturday, May 31, 2008


‘Instead of – if I might put it this way – the man from Whitehall always knowing best, it is the woman from the WRVS or Sure Start or Community Service Volunteers or any of the NCVO organisations, that knows better.’ Gordon Brown Moving Britain Forward: Selected Speeches 1997-2006.

‘Some may call it a nanny state, but I call it a force for good.’ Margaret Hodge, 2004.

The trial of Simon Sheppard and his co-defendant, the columnist Luke O’Farrell, is to start on 2 June 2008 at Leeds Crown Court. The trial is expected to last 8-9 weeks.
Reporting restrictions are in place, so this news update is limited to some personal observations and opinions.

Sheppard has 18 charges, his co-defendant 5. The charges are unprecedented and comprise a major assault on our democratic right to express sincerely-held opinions, on the internet and elsewhere.

This is a political prosecution with a very strong Jewish element. One only needs to contrast the state’s eagerness to press multiple charges on the “Heretical Two” with its failure to prosecute Michael Levy, the other individuals involved in ‘Cash for Honours’, Peter Hain, David Abrahams and many others, who have in some cases admitted unlawful payments to the Labour Party.

A large number of the unlawful donors to the Labour Party have been Jews.

The instigators of the Heretical prosecution were Jewish and many of the complainants appear to be Jewish. It is criticism of Jewish behaviour and, in particular, exposure of their subversion of the political process, that this prosecution attempts to suppress. The weapon of suppression is legislation that was itself passed as a result of Jewish agitation.

The government is seeking to make any criticism of Jewish claims – even in the form of humour – “incitement to racial hatred.” Sheppard is philosophical: “Nothing is ever gained without cost. We are ahead of our time, and our conclusions are not appreciated by a government already in its death throes,” says Sheppard.

All of the material was believed to be lawful at the time it was posted on the Californian server or otherwise distributed, so the government is attempting a major advance in the suppression of political dissent. The state seeks to further impose its insane dogma on intellectual dissidents. It is the culmination of a Marxist revolution in slow motion, which has been in progress for several decades.

The prosecution will be fought very hard as we seek to defend the most basic freedom of all – the freedom to express an opinion. “Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don't want to hear” (George Orwell).


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NorthWestNationalists said...

Support wanted for these guys please !

Anonymous said...

May common sense prevail and the charges be thrown out.

All the best to Luke and Simon.

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