Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Jonathan Bowden Saga

The Jonathan Bowden Saga

(NWN: Threats and harassment made by Tommy Williams above, are in the below post.
Why don't the Police arrest Dave Howard and this 'creature' Williams for threats/harassment ?
Both support BNP leader Nick Griffin.
Also, why does 'Gatekeeper' and moderator of SFUK allow these two druggie perverts to continously post their threats and filth?

For all the internet warriors, all the so called educated and all those who alledgedly dedicate their lives to the advancement of nationalism and all those who are the total opposite. For all the thousands of pounds spent on both sides attacking each other. For all the free concerts and the not so free concerts. For all the TV programmes the radio shows the newspaper articles. For all the publicity both positive and negative. For all the sniping by the weak. For all the words and the music we wonder is it all worth it because we use the word "nonce" and the whole world turns upside down.

To be honest its been funny as fuck seeing all the no-marks giving their theories on what is going on and the what! Why! Where! and Who discussions that brightened up their otherwise dull and boring lives on events of the last 48 hours.

When the rabble died down we gave them something else to gossip about. "they've taken down the post" shock gasp horror, yes we did and all the theories cranked up again and it just gets funnier. Its like using a lyrical cattle prod when the herd are not going where we want them and just like cattle they oblige us.

The next hilarity was seeing Sharon Ebanks try her best to attack one of our members and needless to say it was doomed to failure. Through one or two of her window licker friends she tried desperately to make statements and accusations that she couldn't back up. She was challenged to back up even one of her claims but she failed. A phone call was made to her, she claimed it was five phonecalls when infact it was two and she even claimed she was recording the conversation so her bluff was called and guess what. She shut the fuck up and waddled back into the mist with the other silverbacks. The truth is she was hysterical and gibbering about her son (don't ask, we have no idea either). She was obviously drunk again because after the call one couldn't help but snigger.

So what was next? Well we decided to contact NNP member Dave Cheetham who a few months back made quite a few threats again while drunk. Infact there is yet another recorded conversation with Sharon Ebanks where she actually apologises on his behalf because he can't hold his drink and judging by what she says he is an habitual drinker rather than a social drinker and tends to let his mouth run away.

Three calls were made. The first was cut short when his partner informs us "he's on the other phone". We called back about ten minutes later and this time Dave himself answered and he was reminded of threats made. Dave suddenly became mute and put the phone down. The third call was answered by his partner while David wimpered in the background and just like in the old days when his mum would fight his battles for him his partner asked not to be called again and we obliged but left a message to tell Dave in a nutshell not to be so silly in future and not to make threats he couldn't and wouldn't back up, especially to people who would gladly come over to see him to take onboard his issues. According to the half Jamaican Sharon Ebanks when he was originally told someone was going to "tear him a new arsehole" this was actually a threat of rape and apparently he, his partner the dog the goldfish and maybe even next doors gerbil were threatend with rape?

Personally we've always found gerbils to be easy going and rape is always out of the question especially when you give them a wink and show them a roll of cellotape.

Ofcourse once again we only have the word of a drunk and a negress whos mental state is less than stable but again it makes for a good read.

So back to the Bowden thing.....

Another interesting issue that came out of this was the amount of people who seemed to have googled Bowden and apparently there was a paedophile with the same name which to be honest was just pure coincidence because the COVERT TEAM nor the person who originally wrote the article had done a search. However, the person who originally wrote the article did headline it "Does Jonathon Bowden look like a paedophile? Because between him and Pete Rushton we wondered if they have a 'special' club this was actually changed to the word 'nonce' which has multiple meanings, one of which is because Pete Rushton has an effeminate side and as far as we are concerned he is a poof.

Amazingly NOBODY once defended Pete Rushton who was also tarred with the same brush as Bowden. Out of all the posts and theories not one person defended Pete Rushton against the accusations. Infact we've put quite a few posts up about Pete Rushton and theres not been any response so you can all draw your own conclusions and by defending Rushton now will be too late. The post also states he "looks like a nonce" and "The Gary Glitteresque sideburns, and old fashioned tweedy suits don't really roll in his favour. But is he a nonce?". The only suggestion that he was infact a kiddy fiddler came from the Gary Glitter comment that was suggesting his sideburns and the rest was brought on by Bowden himself and the idiots who all decided to make it an issue. Only Bowden called himself a paedo and only those losers who need the internet because their social skills are almost no existent made it a 'Paedophile' issue, so YOU'VE ONLY GOT YOURSELF TO BLAME BOWDEN.

We are sure the numpties and the weaklings who need issues like this will continue their own version of events which is to be expected or cling to the hope that they can make this drag on, which is fine by us because we can keep this going forever if need be.

The post was removed for several reasons. The main one because even within our own ranks there are those who despite seeing the real article and not the assumptions and theories of no-marks suggested that if Bowden was such a wimp to spit his dummy over this it just goes to show that the likes of Oswald Mosley and John Tyndall were well and truely over. Men who could captivate a crowd with their speeches then go and stand their ground against overwhelming odds in the streets with comrades by their sides and ready to die if need be for race and nation.

Bowden gets called a name and to be quite frank and ironically after being questioned about his sexuality behaves like a 'DRAMA QUEEN'. How fucking pathetic is that and gives our original post more substance. So we removed the post simply because it gave everyone another reason to ask questions and get all excited like there was some massive conspiracy going on. Thick twats.

We've seen posts blethering about how the COVERT TEAM should be disciplined the niggling question is "by who?". We support all genuine nationalist organisations and we have comrades in all genuine nationalist organisations but there are the blinkered who just always need someone to blame and its funny when some fuckwit starts going on about disciplinary action from the BNP? Why? We ain't anything to do with the BNP but it seems if you've been in the BNP and left under a cloud, you are too stupid to be part of the BNP or you are male and you have a button mushroom for a penis you can just assume everyone is a member of the BNP. We are still waiting to see the pictures of Covert Team or associates being body guards for the BNP in Leeds last year, but it was Sharon 'great ape Rusty Lee' Ebanks who made this statement so guess what the pics won't appear and having a picture of one of our lads taken with Nick Griffin hardly constitutes being a bodyguard. The same person also has a picture of himself shaking hands with METALLICA'S James Hetfield, do you think he could claim his wages from way back in '87 from the ...and justice for all tour? Stupid fucking negro.

And on a final note and this is for Griffin himself. Don't go getting your batman pants in a twist over this. Last week you emailed the BPP's Eddy Morrison knowing full well you would stir up a hornets nest and we thought that kind of thing for you in particular was left well behind years back. You went out of your way to provoke Morrison then go getting all upset because we picked on Bowden and look at the shit it caused but no one seems to have noticed we didn't go straight back to attacking the BPP, funny how those kind of details get overlooked.

Like we keep saying, we support all genuine nationalists and we'll continue to condemn and expose the traitors and the filth and if anyone has a problem with that make sure you book an appointment with our friendly staff at Covert Mansion. And just for the record BOWDEN YOU'RE A FUCKING WIMP.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Tommy Williams, Sheffield, Griffin lover and hard bastard.

What 'Shove the dove/Tommy Williams' on SFUK wrote.

(NWN: shitbag and gobshite more like.)


Anonymous said...

What is the info on Williams family then ?

Anonymous said...

The internet has made these two wankers seem self important.

Reinhard Heydrich said...

People should just boycott their cunts site. These people are the lowest form of petty criminal ex-drug dealing juvenille scum and should just be ignored.

They have got a reputation amongst all decent Nationalists in the BPP, BNP, BM, NF and EFP as living up to their name 'cunts', but then again cunts have a use they have not. They are a source of immature ammusement at most and should not be taken seriously. Nobody likes them and the only people who claim to be their friends are weaklings impressed by their so called 'hard man' image.

Loser scum, send them to the camps and make them do a hard days work without alcohol!!

Purging the Cyclops said...

They accuse an innocent man of being a paedo and then they BLAME HIM for demanding an apology - and when he didn't get it - walking???

What a bunch of useless low lives they are!

Just the sort Gri££in enjoys keeping on the payroll.

miss g said...

Can you show us a link where JB gets called a paedo please because I can't find one. I found one where its asked if he dresses like a nonce but can't see anything where he gets called a paedo.

griffin out said...

i see PTD has got another good nationalist permanently banned from Stormfront. nice one Ian!

Final Conflict said...

Always White made some great posts in the past. What a shameful state of affairs!

Anonymous said...

Howard, Williams and Williamson can issue murder threats without any fear of action by the police. Anyone who can't work out what that means must be really thick.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Williams is an insane scumbag who should be locked up in rampton. He hates people with disabilities because he's disabled himself.

Anonymous said...

The man is an inane imbecile with a criminal record for dealing smack. His 'forum' is an absolute load of nonsensical drivel and very, very aptly representative of what the people who use it are-a bunch of cunts. He thinks he is some tough-nut, he is a proven coward and wimp with no balls at all. This is a bloke who openly admits to loving Nick Gri££in-what a fucking prick.

Anonymous said...

dont forget that williams and howard are the main 2 who attend all activist meetings and decide policy for the local Sheffield BNP branch.They are not even members of the BNP yet get to call ths shots.??

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...