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Subject: Brussels Journal 6-5-2008


This is a interesting analysis of Friday's elections results with lots of references to Richard Barnbrook......



Brussel Journal - Tuesday 6th May 2008 - 09:31

Britain: Going Right Again?
From the desk of A. Millar


If the Conservative Party made history with its sweeping success and wining of the election for London mayor, they were not the only party making headlines for electoral gains.

Richard Barnbrook of the BNP won a seat on the London Assembly, after years of aiming for such a high profile. The party needed 5% of the London votes to secure one of the twenty-five Assembly seats, and managed to achieve just over that at 5.3% of the votes. This was, however, a modest win by the scale of some predictions. Tim Hames in The Times announced a few weeks before the election, ³Prepare for a shock BNP victory,² and seemed to imply that two or three seats were quite possible for the party.

BNP leadership would undoubtedly point out that they now have a hundred seats country-wide, and would suggest, no doubt, that if their win in London was less than expected it was due to adverse publicity. Both The Times and the BBC lessened their criticism of the party in the weeks leading up to the election, though some others probably increased it.

The Daily Mail not only compared Barnbrook¹s style of dress with Hitler¹s ­ on the rather flimsy basis that both at one point or another have worn brown ­ but let much of his past slip a few days prior to the day of voting.

The most surprising of the paper¹s revelations was, perhaps, that Barnbrook is currently getting a divorce from a woman he married a decade or so ago, and that the one-time art student had directed an artistic movie (some have called it ³gay porn²), described by the newspaper as, ³naked young men [Š] flagellating each other and simulating gay sex acts while homo-erotic poetry is intoned.²

Attacks on the BNP are nothing new, of course, and party head Nick Griffin has clearly developed a talent for nullifying tricky questions on the party¹s stance on race and immigration, and for portraying it as the most moderate party imaginable (though, one with principles, you understand). Being interviewed on television, Griffin is affable. Barnbrook, in contrast, would benefit from a few lessons in public speaking.

He seems to have been caught off guard by a swath of audience exiting as he was about to deliver his acceptance speech. ³Like rats leaving sinking ships,² he barked, launching into a fiery, yet monotone tirade that could only have pleased a hardcore of BNP voters ­ except for a lengthy aside about girlfriend Simone Clarke, which probably pleased only her.

As they had with Livingstone, Paddick, and Johnson, the ³gutter press² had gossiped about him, the only difference being, he asserted, that everything they had written about him was ³lies.² Really?

Next, Barnbrook bewailed ³positive discrimination,² multiculturalism, and political correctness which, he stated, has meant the minority getting the majority of the benefit; and he promised to scrutinize the mayor¹s budget, ³second by second,² to expose any such bias. ³[Š] It is not for people to enter this land dictating what will and will not happen to the people who created and built it over generations,² he asserted forcefully.

His words were more conciliatory at times, though, with his tone remaining aggressive, they sounded strange, if not outright frightening. He promised to treat people on an equal footing, stating, for example:

"....all Londoners, every single one that was, if you need aid from a voice I¹ll speak for you, representing you clearly across this capital city, without prejudice, without concern of colour or identity, my hands will be open[ed] up as wide as that of the indigenous population and the first generation that came here, to every single Londoner as long as you play part within the identity of this great city."

In this, Barnbrook appears to be a realist. He, like all of the other elected representatives on the London Assembly, will be required to represent everyone living in London, not just the 5.3% who voted for the BNP.

But, can the party transform itself into one for whom principles trump ethnicity and race? Would a party that currently has voluntary repatriation as one of its policies, consider ³British² to include the foreign born, law abiding British citizen?

Barnbrook, at one point, spoke of ³Londoners [Š] regardless of creed, color, or identity,² but, since then, he has stated that he will try to ban the wearing of the burka in public. His other stated aims are making St. George¹s Day a national holiday, and flying the Union Jack (British) flag over City Hall.

A more sensible approach would probably be to concentrate on the mundane stuff of politics, such as public transport, the cleanliness of London streets, etc., or, perhaps, planting some of the fruit trees the BNP promised. The British people, after all, have had a government that has imposed a radical ideology on them for the last decade, and they are unlikely to embrace a party that is so ideological, even if it¹s ideology is an opposing one.

Moreover, while Barnbrook¹s words betray someone who is able to think as a moderate, his style of delivery suggests someone who is anything but, and his speech must surely have confirmed the worst suspicions of those who were previously unsure of, or antagonistic to, the BNP.

The election results have thrown up a lot of interesting possibilities ­ and perhaps especially so for a country headed into recession.

The BNP may have reached a point where it either moderates further, or remains a party on the margins. Certainly, it will be more visible and accountable.


Dave Howard said...

Nick, Nick, please moderate the BNP even further .

I am too thick to understand politics and policies so I will leave all that boring stuff up to you.

(Its hard typing with this face mask on as it keeps slipping down.)

Biscuit said...

Nick's 'electoral success' is already floundering. According to Lancaster Unity Oddy and the Harleys have resigned. Three down already.

Anonymous said...

Now let's get something straight.

The BNP can do nothing about what is happening to Britain without power. To gain power it must do what is necessary - get rid of policies.

Christ for decades it's been attack after attack on Britain's only hope because of policies. So get rid of the baggage. You'll be surprised at the effect.

The Brussels Journal will then speak well of the BNP and well of The Leader when he goes there to draw his salary.

NorthWestNationalists said...

That last post has to be a spoof ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Today, 04:53 AM #121
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Re: Sharon Ebanks and bogus email


Originally Posted by maximilian
Very well it is obvious I will not be given a reason.

I'm afraid that doesn't wash; we all know it is not what you are, but who you are on these forums, it's the best kept secret in forumland.

A lesson learnt, and I hope other members learn from this too.



Now you're being silly, max. There is no favouritism here, certainly not on my part.
Ian Christie is having a laugh. No favouritism here!

Purging the Cyclops said...

time for the BNP to stop drug pushers being victimised.

Only then will Tommy Williams be free to pursue his CUNTS website to hound any decent members out of the BNP!

yorkshire tripehound said...

I hear that Nick Gri$$ins Sheffield CUNTs Williams and Howard like the waccy baccy.

Argue wth them about Griffins policy changes. The pair of them are thick as pig shit.

Make them defend the undefensible, Griffins policy and actions !

Dave Howard even defended the raid by Griffins goon squad against Sadie Graham, today on Stormfront.

All these pair of shitbags can do is attack,threaten, and stir the shite.

Thats all Gri££in asks/pays them to do.

Anonymous said...

Is that pic of the donkey a metaphor for the poor downtrodden BNP activists being led by that crook Nick Griffin NWN ?

yorkshire tripehound said...

Here is the post by Dave Howard/Yorkshire Loyalist on SFUK.

He is defending the indefensible !

make him pay !

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Re: BNP leadership challenge


Originally Posted by Andy Ritchie
Does any other party leader send a team of heavies round to raid the houses of party officials?

I dont think it helps anyone to refer to people who have as " heavies " it has a very news Of The World or Searchlight ring to it for the record those you are vilifying were given an awkward job but one as events show needed doing , they conducted themselve well despite being provoked at one address and made the right choice of not forcing an entry to to recover party property . If on the other hand Nick had farmed the job out to many of the ' collection agencys ' I know who do employ " heavys " these people would have realy had something to moan about , BNP security did a good job stop repeating left wing lies about them .

Andy Richie

Does any other party leader protect his personal favourites even when their antics have revolted most of the party's senior ranks?

The mock indignation by members of EIE is quite pathetic if the event they now claim ( a non event ) bothered them that much why wait over twelve months why didn't they speak out straight away ? .

If their plot had not been uncovered and quashed in time we would have nobody in the GLA we wouldn't be moving forward united , they wanted to hamstring the BNP and failed but wont give up until they run out of dupes to use .

A friend of John Peacock said...

Dave Howard has never been anything in the nationalist movement.

He has been around for years and done fuck all.

He is one of the reasons Sheffield has been a disaster for nationalism.

If it hadn't been for the internet no-one would have ever heard of him anyway.

He drinks too much and spends too much time on the web spouting shite !

He threatens on the web and couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that a Brussels newspaper should spot that the state has gone soft on the BNP.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...