Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Smash Griffin and Barnes, NOW

Dear Fellow Nationalist Activist

Following a senior high level conference between senior high level BNP officials earlier today to discuss among other issues the security of our new MP Richard Barnbrook in the wake of serious threats to his person by far leftist cowards as he travels to and from the London Assembly I have been instructed to inform you of a bogus and illegal leadership challenge and the disciplinary measures we are now putting in place to squash this diversionary and divisive activity in the bud. This is a deceitful and cynical attempt to divert the party’s attention away from the historical victory last week in London and to derail the activist’s attention away from the all important European Elections next June.

This is a sham nothing and more than a forged challenge devised by the liars, thieves and splitters who tried to wreck the party in December 2007 before their unsuccessful coup was successfully thwarted by quick action from the Party’s own security, legal and intelligence departments. The challenger claims is to be Councilor Colin Autty from Kirkless in Yorkshire, a decent man who is known to many of you but he is being used as a puupet by the gang of malcontents who stole party emails, stole party property, stole thousand of pounds of party monies, spread malicious rumours about the Chairman, myself and other senior party officers on bogus Blogs and through a series of bogus bulletins which they prepared using stolen membership lists which they then passed on to our enemies in MI5, The Special Branch, The Labour Party and the Searchlight organisation. They then tried unsuccessfully to set up a rival political party. It is a cylical attempt by our enemies to try and derail the Party and to stop activities to get BNP members electd to the European Parliament.

The Party is on the edge of a historical victory in Europe next year. Nothing must stand in the way of getting the democractically elected Chairman and others elected to the European Parliament in Europe next year.

Aiding and abeting these people is an offence under the Party Constitution 10th edition.

Anyone who has already signed or is thinking of signing or intending to sign the nomination forms for Colin Autty will be suspended from Party membership pending an internal dispclinary tribunal where members will be tried for conspiracy and treason as per the Constitutition Section 6. (3) Section 7 – failure to use the correct channels to express concerns, 8 - spreading false and malicious rumours about Party officials and members, and behaviour likely to bring the Party into disrepute. Those found guilty of conspiracy and treason will be expelled from the Party and proscibred for life.

The laugable attempt to portray themselves as trying to 'save the party' is directly contradicted by the fact that they have spent since Christmas undermining the party, attacking the party, spreading lies about the Chairman, myself and other party activists, inciting dissent in the party and actively encouraging party activists not to stand in elections or assist party candidates in the elections.

This is not a game we are playing, this is a war and in times of war unquestionable obedience and loyalty to the commander in the field must come first, The 'First Law Of Nationalism' is - If you work with the enemy, then you are the enemy.

Yours for the greater good

Lee John Barnes (LLB Hons)

Director of BNP Legal Department


Anonymous said...

Thats it for me, the BNP has lost the fucking plot. Sorry for swearing.

Anonymous said...

Word for word, the language and phraseology is straight out of Stalinist show trials of the 1930's and 1950's.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Bet the stalinists didn't spell that badly though !

Richard Chadfield said...

Is this satire or is it for real?
It certainly has all the hall marks of a L.B insane rant but ---.
True or not Mr G surrounds himselve with what many would regard as questionable people.
'A leader should be judged by the people he surrounds himself with'
My advice to all BNP members is VOTE COLIN AUTY in the coming leadership challenge. If Mr Griffin terminates the challenge (on some artificial contrived excuse) resign from the BNP because you then know the BNP is not a nationalist organisation --but under N.G has become a Judus Goat.
Richard Chadfield. ( thirty years a nationalist activist)

Anonymous said...

IF the above document is correct then it needs to be acted up on immediately

So a LEADERSHIP CHALLANGE IS NOT ALLOWED in this Democratic Party that is known as the BNP.
Perhaps griffin has not read his own constitution lately as he and barns rewrote it at least eight times? Perhaps they are high on pot at the moment and can not see through the smoke.

In other words it's dictatorship but it calls itself DEMOCRATIC? VERY STRANGE from the very party that stands for FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY.

Any one who dares to challenge the leadership of the party in an election as it is there very right to do under the constitution of the PARTY will be suspended pending a tribunal [kangaroo court] yes they will be guilty of acting in a democratic manner to intact changes from the top so a tribunal is superfelus in reality. Or is it expelled first and then the tribunal well what ever...This needs to be exposed all over every internet channel/ blog /forum and every member that he the challenger has at his fingertips and ability to inform…….so get to it lads……

All though it may be a very clever plot /spoof document to get the challenger and his team to act in some way illegally as they will say it was all cooked up by malcontents and trouble makers well what ever it must be acted on in some way so do your utmost to obtain proof of its authenticity a griffin is a devious man.

Ps the person who received this e mail /document I hope .needs to stand up and be counted as to give it some legitimacy if not I would be very suspicious of it contents so caution is the watch word.

keith axon. BNP founder member

Anonymous said...

I have also recieved this email, so he must be working off the BNP forum list, or membership list.

If the collective BNP security are looking in, can you do me a favour?

Next time you walk into a crowd of reds with Griffin, just walk off and let the cunt defend himself.



Incredulity rules said...

In some ways I hope it is a hoax.

If not then Barnes has finally reached the tipping point where he descends completely into a fantasy world. Leaving aside that he thinks that Barnbrook is an MP there is the worrying use of the phrase - for th e greater good. He really should cut back on his sci-fi addiction- The Greater Good' is the watchword of the Tau Empire in the Warhammer 40k universe.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Auty. How dare they tell me what I can and can't do.

Anonymous said...

Keep donating to the rebels, and boot Griffin out via the courts.

Richard Chadfield said...

Richard Chadfield said...
Is this satire or is it for real?
It certainly has all the hall marks of a L.B insane rant but ---.
True or not Mr G surrounds himselve with what many would regard as questionable people.
'A leader should be judged by the people he surrounds himself with'
My advice to all BNP members is VOTE COLIN AUTY in the coming leadership challenge. If Mr Griffin terminates the challenge (on some artificial contrived excuse) resign from the BNP because you then know the BNP is not a nationalist organisation --but under N.G has become a Judus Goat.
Richard Chadfield. ( thirty years a nationalist activist)
I have just checked my emails and this piece of nonsence is there. It's true. If you doubt it post your email adress and I will forward you the L.B email. Conclusion: the BNP leadership have had a collective nervious breakdown --OR THEY ARE STATE AGENTS ON A WRECKING MISSION.
Remady. VOTE COLIN AUTY. If griffin wont allow the democratic election for a new Chairman down tools, stop working,stop donating, stop standing in elections, but above all ,the most important thing, spread the word, write, email, telephone, talk. Make sure everyone knows what N.G is planning to do as this email informs us. Tyrants fear free communication so talk talk talk and never stop talking.
Richard Chadfield (thirty years a nationalist activist)

yorkie said...

Genuine nationalists should walk away from this weird cult and its wacky leader. Gri££in, Barnes and the rest have the time, money and deviousness to make life within the BNP very unpleasant for their critics. If you contest his actions through the courts, you will cost your supporters tens of thousands of pounds and yourselves years of unhappiness and stress.

The BNP was just a vehicle; the National Front can again become a home for all decent racial nationalists. Do not think that the BNP is somehow too valuable to abandon. In Greenwich & Lewisham, Tess Culnane (NF) received 8,509 votes; for the same area the BNP list candidates got 9,764. After having had a higher profile for 15, and 10 years of Gri££in's 'inspired', liberal leadership, the BNP 'name' was worth an extra thousand votes in a part of London ravaged by multi-racialism. Even an address in the mayoral booklet, and the genuine prospect of electing an MLA, made little difference. There is no 'BNP vote', only a nationalist vote which normally goes to the BNP.

Nick Griffin will be very difficult to remove and a Griffin-led BNP will never achieve success, which is just as well since a nation led by this man would come to resemble North Korea.

Leave the BNP behind and build the alternative.

tonydj said...

The sad thing..or is it the vital thing.....is that even I can not say for sure whether it is satire or not, such is the ludicrous state of affairs at present!

Final Conflict said...

The BNP has become a parody of North Korea or post-Trotsky Stalinism. Is everyone else now an "enemy of the party" and helping MI5, Searchlight, etc. etc.?

Is it REALLY a sackable offence to sign the nomination papers of any BNP member eligible to stand for the leadership?

Aye Carumba!!!

Add onto this that they are now officially the "most Zionist" party in Britain and officially multi-ethnic in outlook if not [yet] in membership... this is a real crock of #### [fill in the gaps].

Anonymous said...

This is so obviously a spoof, that it is worrying that some of your bloggers think it may be by Lee Barnes himself! He is not a bad chap,although a bit over the top. He doesnt write nonsense to this extent, although his spelling mistakes/keyboarding vagaries can get a lot wilder than in this text, which is on the whole too well-spelt for Lee.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Spoof or not, it does demonstrate the real situation in the BNP.

One only has to look at the fiasco/fraud that was the last Leadership challenge.

Chris Jackson wasn't allowed to canvass the members and was denied usage of the membership list.

Then his agent Mike Easter was expelled for quite a while.

There is a lot of truth and Griffin design, in the 'spoof' mail.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that the email was sent by Lee Barnes. I have the emails that he sent me years ago. Lee Barnes owns the account from which the email was sent. bnplegal@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I can confirm the email comes from the same block of IP addresses that Lee Barnes uses. Not 100% proof but pretty damning.

Collett's Camera Phone said...

PTD on Stormfront on now appears to be issuing threats to non-party members. If it is indeed Griffin he has seriously lost the plot and one wonders if his corrupt regime is going to survive till the General Election.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chadfield - I wonder if you could be kind enough to forward me the email with its full headers please


I will soon be able to tell if it's from the Mad One and will hopefully shut the SF muppets up into the bargain.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

This constitution has no basis in law as any solicitor will tell you it has no legality and any tribunal decision can be challenged through a court of law as a judge would look at any expulsions for the reasons given i.e. treason as laughable and the case would be thrown out of court ,any how any person of any party /club cannot be tried for treason that is only for an elected government to do against any person in a time of war or peace who had acted in a treasonable manner i.e. betraying military or economic secrets to a foreign power and putting the life’s of British citizens in danger with liable loss of life and can not be dun by a political party so this piece of goblygook is as worthless as a prostitutes draws when they are down …..Just ask a solicitor and the party has some members who are solicitors and ask yourself why the constitution has not been drawn up by a solicitor? Yes this is a good question that needs an answer.

Its all dun to frighten you all folks so do not be frightened by this trash masquerading as legal and enforceable….just as enforceable is griffin the chairman refusing to allow a leadership challenge on the basis the challenger is acting treasonably.
I think I am making sense? Am I not
But just look at his constitution and digest it and you will se how silly this document is .remember the BNP is not a government in power yet, that could put any one on trial for treason. Is the country in a state of war? No but griffin is at war with the membership. We have the equivalent of another Joseph Stalin and his cheka/kgb acting as judge and jury and executioner with lee barns or is it derby because he was at my kangaroo court /tribunal in 2001 and I was found not guilt of the charge levied against me but guilty of
Implying and my sentence was 12 months suspension but I could still hold my membership but all this is a another story for a another time and place but my case does have some relevance

Anonymous said...

@ collett's camera phone

Do you have the link please?

Anonymous said...

If the message is genuine, then it's actually a good sign. When such hopeless hysteria reigns, the end cannot be far away.

Anonymous said...

It is now confirmed.
The message IS genuine and it comes from Lee Barnes.

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...