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Yet another yank moderator supporting the Griffin line on Stormfront

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Re: Complaint Thread

Originally Posted by vanguarduk
As you say, I'm passing on Golden Quaich's view. People can draw their own conclusions in this matter. My assessment is that you are a stirrer, a self-appointed BNP mouthpiece tediously grinding out the BNP line, and that it's your mission here to silence anyone who doesn't accept the BNP stance ... on everything. And you appear to have succeeded only too well with Golden Quaich.

It had nothing to do with the BNP or any other political party, let this be understood here and now.
Many factors go in to determining a members status, we generally don't like to ban people.

(NWN : We don't like banning people ? What rubbish !).
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers for he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.
NWN : Nothing to do with the BNP ? What a load of horseshit !
This site , NWN, is opposed to secretive moderators such as we have on Stormfront. These moderators are , and have , banned real nationalists who do NOT support Griffin.
I have been banned a record SIX times from Stormfront. I have broken no SF rule. On the contrary, my details have been laid bare on SF. I have never been given the opportunity to reply.
Many such as Golden Quaich are catching up on the number of bannings!
These moderators need to be known by the movement, or at least the major nationalist players.
Who is this Spartan knob anyway ?
'Spartan' is a lying 'yanqui' arsehole !

HRP-new books in stock winter 2007

An individual without goal or purpose will end up being used to achieve the goals of other individuals at their own cost!

523,000 British-born workers 'vanish' after immigration influx

Bottleneck: Britain has seen an influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe

More than half a million British-born employees have vanished from the UK workforce since the influx of Eastern European immigrants.

Official figures reveal the number has dropped by 523,000 in just three years. At the same time, the number of migrants from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia has leapt by 343,000.
According to the Office Of National Statistics (ONS), 24.47million workers born in this country were employed in 2004 - the year those states joined the European Union. At that point, the number of workers from Eastern Europe was 74,000. By this year, the UK-born workforce numbered 23.95million, while those from Eastern Europe in employment was 417,000.

Critics say the number of Eastern European workers makes a mockery of Gordon Brown's pledge to create British jobs for British workers.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: "With more than one million economically inactive under-25s in this country, the legacy of his open-door immigration policy is clear for all to see."
James Clappison, the Tory MP who uncovered the figures, said the number of people arriving from outside the EU should be capped. He said: "At the same time as the unprecedented influx from Eastern Europe, the Government is continuing to issue record numbers of work permits to non-EU workers."

Experts admitted the fall in British-born workers was, in part, due to an ageing population but said the defining reason was Labour's relaxed immigration policies. Other ONS figures last week revealed that a growing number of Eastern Europeans are also claiming benefits. Nearly 80,000 have been approved for child-benefit payments and 45,000 are to receive tax credits.
Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said: "Over the next 12 months we're making the biggest-ever changes to the immigration system, including a points system, single border force and compulsory ID cards. We'll strike the balance between business and our wider national interests."

How big Labour backer is a jobbing builder who knows NOTHING about his £200,000 donation
A builder who lives in a former council house in Newcastle and "can't stand" Labour has been named as one of Gordon Brown's biggest donors – prompting fresh questions over the party's finances.
Ray Ruddick, who drives a battered Transit van, is officially listed as having contributed more than £104,000 to the national party's coffers since Mr Brown became Prime Minister less than five months ago.
His contributions, combined with those of a woman he is linked to, make him Labour's third biggest donor under Mr Brown, behind Lord Sainsbury who gave £2million and Anglo-Iranian businessman Mahmoud Khayami, whose latest donation in September was £320,000.
Scroll down for more ...

Jobbing builder: But Ray Ruddick is the Labour party's third main backer
Since 2003, Mr Ruddick's total contributions to Labour are listed as £196,000. But standing outside the semi he bought for just £12,000 and wearing a paint-splattered fleece top, the 55-year-old initially told The Mail on Sunday he had no recollection of ever giving to the party.
However, Mr Ruddick works closely with David Abrahams, a wealthy property developer who is a prominent figure in the North East Labour Party.
He was in the front row when Tony Blair made a speech to activists in his Sedgefield constituency in May announcing his decision to quit as Prime Minister. Last night, 53-year-old Mr Abrahams, the son of a former Lord Mayor of Newcastle, refused to say whether it was, in fact, him who funded the donations.
The Labour Party refused to discuss what checks they made before accepting Mr Ruddick's donations, saying: "We are totally satisfied that these donations are in line with the rules."
But the Tories called on Labour to give a full explanation as to how a builder with modest means and no interest in politics could come to be one of the party's leading sponsors.
Conservative frontbencher Chris Grayling said: "There is clearly something extremely unusual about all of this. Given the fact that Gordon Brown promised to bring a fresh approach to British politics, he and the Labour Party need to give a pretty clear explanation of the circumstances surrounding these donations."
The disclosures follow a Mail on Sunday investigation into the latest list of Labour donors, published on Tuesday. It shows that in the last financial quarter Mr Ruddick and a woman listed as Janet Kidd both gave £80,000 on the same day in July.
Nor is this the first time that the pair have donated, having contributed a grand total of £381,850 in the past four years, including a combined £62,000 just two days after Mr Brown became Prime Minister on June 27.

Janet Kidd: Gave an £80,000 donation to Labour in July
Mrs Kidd, who is believed to work as a secretary for Mr Abrahams, is also listed as a £5,000 donor to Harriet Harman's successful Labour deputy leadership bid this year.
When first approached by The Mail on Sunday at his home on Thursday and told that political donations had been made in his name, Mr Ruddick said: "Has there? I'm not making any comment."
When we returned yesterday he again initially declined to talk, before driving to Mr Abrahams's house. Then, after explaining he was scared of losing his job, he said: "I can honestly tell you that under no circumstances have I made any donations to the Labour Party."
He said neither he nor Mrs Kidd had heard of the donations until The Mail on Sunday started making enquiries. " There's quite a possibility that Janet and myself have been set up," he said.
Asked if he knew David Abrahams, he said: "I'm not saying either-or. I cannot go into this any more. I do not know the ins and outs of it."
Asked about the donations in his name totalling £196,000, he said: "You obviously know that with me coming from a council house, there's no way that's possible. You're barking up the wrong tree."
Neither he nor Mrs Kidd were interested in politics and neither could afford to donate vast sums, he said, adding: "I've got my mortgage to pay. I've never voted in my life. I can't stand Labour. I can't stand any politicians."
He said Mrs Kidd worked as secretary to Mr Abrahams, adding: "Her husband's not happy with her. We work together. She's under a lot of stress."
Mr Ruddick's Sixties-built three-bedroom semi stands on a busy dual carriageway in the working-class Blakelaw district of Newcastle. Land Registry records show that he bought it for £12,000 seven years ago.
Friends call him a "jobbing builder", but Companies House records list him as a director of four property companies where Mr Abrahams is the co-director.
In some cases Mr Ruddick, Mrs Kidd and Mr Abrahams are listed as sole directors of the same firm.
Mrs Kidd, 56, refused to come to the door of the £170,000 semi-detached home she shares with her husband, Michael, in Whickham, a modest suburb of Gateshead, to discuss the donations.
Mr Abrahams, who made a £5,000 political donation in his own name to Hilary Benn's failed deputy leadership bid, is no stranger to controversy.
He was selected as Labour's candidate for William Hague's seat of Richmond in North Yorkshire for the 1992 General Election.
However, the local party ousted him months before the Election following claims that he had misled members about his marital status.
Scroll down for more ...

Powerful friends: David Abrahams, circled, at Tony Blair's farewell speech in Sedgefield
According to newspaper reports at the time, Mr Abrahams attended his first selection interview with a woman and a child who were said to be his family – although he was not married. At the time he said he had been a victim of a "smear campaign".
The same year Mr Abrahams, a former Tyne and Wear councillor and son of one-time Lord Mayor of Newcastle Bennie Abrahams, faced a Crown Court trial for illegally evicting a tenant from a flat he owned. He was cleared of all charges.
Mr Abrahams is listed in Companies House as a director of six companies, all based in Newcastle. These are: Park View Property Investments, Acorn Residential Estates (North Tyne), Acorn Residential Estates (Durham), Acorn Commercial Developments (Northumbria), Foxlow and Webfast. Mr Ruddick is also either a director or secretary of five out of six of these companies. Similarly, Mrs Kidd holds an official position in most of Mr Abrahams's firms.
Mr Abrahams runs his businesses from the old family home in the upmarket suburb of Gosforth, but neighbours say they rarely see him there. He has knocked two substantial semi-detached houses into one and added extensions.
The combined property would be worth about £900,000.
The address Mr Abrahams gives at Companies House is a flat in a mansion block in fashionable St John's Wood, North London.
The Mail on Sunday yesterday put a number of questions to a lawyer who contacted us on behalf of Mr Abrahams.
We asked if Mr Abrahams had contributed to the Labour Party and we requested details of the dates and amounts.
We also asked if Mr Abrahams had provided the money for the donations made by Mr Ruddick and Mrs Kidd.
The lawyer stated that Mr Abrahams was not prepared to reply because he had not been given sufficient time to do so.
Last night – eight hours after initially saying he did not know about the donations – Mr Ruddick gave a different version of events. He said that he and Mrs Kidd had, in fact, made the most recent payments to the Labour Party.
Mr Ruddick said: "I made donations to Labour on that day which totalled £80,000. Janet also made the same size donations on the same day. These are the first payments either I or Janet have ever given to Labour."
But, strangely, he also repeated his statement: "I do not like the Labour Party or politicians."
He would not say why they had made the donations. And he said other donations made in their names in recent years had been paid for by other individuals, whom he declined to name.
A spokeswoman for the Electoral Commission watchdog said: "Under the Election Act 2000 a person giving money to a party on behalf of someone else must inform the party they are doing so.
"In turn, the party must provide that information to the Electoral Commission. This is in the interests of ensuring transparency in funding of political parties."
The Labour spokesman added: "The Labour Party upholds the highest standards. We have been receiving donations from these individuals for some time.
"These donations have been declared in full to the Electoral Commission and are from permissible donors. We are totally satisfied these donations are in line with the rules."

Griffin to speak at Oxford ?

This has to be a definite sign that 'Herr Griffin' is being backed by the 'Establishment'.
It seems that the tories are going to back this human chameleon, charlatan , crook and liar.
We still cannot see this happening, but if it does, then it sends a definite political signal that the 'ruling classes' are going to continue to support this bum.
Heaven help us !

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The Dog Whisperer
An extremely interesting tv programme concerning dogs and their psychology.
Millans viewpoint seems apposite for dogs and indeed, many other animals and human youngsters. Watch this guy on SKY 3 at 6PM every evening.

Jewish tycoon threatens another jewish/communist 1917 revolution in Russia

Exiled tycoon says he funds underground anti-Putin groups

Exiled Russia tycoon Boris Berezovsky said Friday he is funding underground groups to "prepare people to go to the streets" to overthrow President Vladimir Putin's government.

Berezovsky said Putin had violated the constitution and therefore his ouster was legitimate -- and forecast a possible uprising like Ukraine's Orange Revolution between elections in December and March.

"I don't fund parties which are openly presented on the Russian political scene because it's absolutely useless, but I (fund) people who are underground and that are trying to fight against the regime," he told reporters.

"They are doing what underground movements all around the world are doing, they prepare people to go to the streets, to fight, to use force power against a criminal government."
He said such an uprising could come after parliamentary elections on December 2 and before presidential polls three months later.

"I think it will be very dangerous months for Russia," he said.

Asked when such an underground movement could emerge onto the streets, he added: "I don't think it can work before parliament election, but it can work between parliament elections and presidential election."

The tycoon refused to rule out violence (NWN emphasis), but insisted the Kremlin would be responsible.
"It's impossible to exclude (violence) in Russia. But the responsibility for this violence is the responsibility of government, as is all the time when the people go to the streets."

"I mean force as what has happened in Ukraine, the Orange revolution, it was force because they pressed government but luckily without blood," he added.

Democratic movements staged the Orange Revolution in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine in 2004, a popular uprising that brought pro-Western President Viktor Yushchenko to power.
Berezovsky, who faces a number of charges in Russia, was a key Kremlin insider in the 1990s, but left Russia after coming into conflict with Putin and was granted political asylum in Britain in 2003.
NWN : Lenin said never underestimate the underground press ! Just as with the half jew Lenin, elections and democracy mean nothing. We think that more and more people have 'wised -up' to the zionist jews. Now in Russia, there might actually be a REAL holocaust for the jews. THEY are offering the violence first !

Where is all the money ?

"My honest opinion is, the BNP is, bankrupt and is, stalling the accounts because they would show massive expenditure that cannot be explained without receipts.

Every BNP branch is being forced to give £40 per week to HQ, the BNP has just over 100 branches/groups, £4000 a week.

When you consider the only person on a real wage is Griffin and Collett, and Colletts is paid for by his parents, you have to ask serious questions, eh? Here's a serious question, where is the money?

We should be asking the following...

How much money does Griffin claim for using his home as an office even though BNP members have paid for his home ?

How much money does Griffin claim for his wife being a secretary that does no secretarial work?

How much is Jennifer Griffin creaming as Boss of GWR and Treasurer of the YBNP ?

How is Griffin allowed to charge his travel expenses to branches and be paid in cash at the end of those meetings and then to claim them again from the regional and main accounts?
etc etc"

We hear stuff like this all the time from BNP members.

The only ones who are supporting Griffin are paid idiots like 'Part of the Problem' who's drunken posts are edited by Stormfront mods. We have just seen this happen on SFUK.

Thank God that David Duke has more 'nous' than that superidiot Don Black. Griffin/PTD, is still laying down the law on SFUK.

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Joe Pearce - a response from Ave Maria University, Florida

Joe Pearce - a response from Ave Maria University, Florida

From:"Martin Webster"

"HWF Kemp"
"Philip Gegan"

"To:H.W.F. Kemp,Editor,'Ave Maria Watch' Web Site [ ],Florida, USA.------------------------------------------------------

Friday 23rd November 2007

Dear Mr. Kemp,
I run out below a response to my Electronic Loose Cannon #21 which was sent on behalf of Ave Maria University by Nick Healey, the university's President.I regret not getting this to you sooner, but Healey's response was sent to a friend of mine, Philip Gegan, who circulated ELC#21 via one of his subsidiary e-mail addresses (a Google account) not his main address.
Because of this -- and because neither Philip nor I anticipated that a response would be sent -- Philip did not go to his Google mail box frequently, and only did so when I gave his memory a job a couple of days ago.I will attempt to send Healey a direct reply to his message, but I do not expect that this will be received by him because on the last occasion I tried to e-mail him I found the Ave Maria University internet firewall had already been programmed to 'bounce' messages from me -- even though I had never previously been in contact with any Ave Maria e-mail address!
If I find that my attempt to e-mail Healey directly is 'bounced', then I will ask Philip to send it on my behalf.I understand that Philip circulated ELC#21 (via separate e-mails issued some hours apart) to eleven of the senior administrators of Ave Maria University. I list these below.
None of Philip's e-mails to these people were 'bounced', so we may assume that the facts concerning Joe Pearce were read by them all. Philip is of the opinion that this was the factor which prompted Healey's response.

As to Healey's comments, it is significant in that at no point does he dispute or deny any part of the substantial amount of factual information I gave about Pearce.Otherwise his response was a really shoddy affair.
He attempted to suggest that my denigration of Pearce was directed mainly at his politial career in Britain before he converted to Roman Catholicism and moved to the USA. This is not merely untrue, it is the reverse of the truth so. In my fourth paragraph I stated:"While Pearce's former involvement for 10+ years on the British racial-nationalist scene and his subsequent conversion to Roman Catholicism and relocation to the USA is not new news, there are very significant aspects of his background relating to his conversion and the accelerated patronage afforded him by the Church which have not been revealed in his misleading accounts of himself.
"The key issues in my essay ALL related to Pearce's dishonest conduct during and after his conversion to the Roman Catholic Church.The way in which Pearce and his R.C. recruiters were able to get the Church in Britain to help him abandon his first wife Gina and place his children by her into a state of bastardy, was perhaps the worst of his heinous acts of deception.
Pearce obtained an "annulment" of his perfectly legal marriage to Gina by the presentation of manifestly false information concerning:(a) his "immaturity" and/or low intellectual capacity at the time of that marriage (an assertion contradicted in Pearce's own account of himself published on the Ave Maria web site);(b) his "vocation" to become a priest (which "vocation" diaappeared directly after he obtained the "annulment"); and,(c) his claimed status as a former star recruit to Northern Irish Protestant para-miliary groups (which status had long since evaporated due to his embezzlement of Loyalist groups' funds).
Pearce's farrago of false information submitted in support of his "annulment" application could not have been subjected to the slightest investigation and could only have been granted as a result of the total naivete and lack of rigour -- or 'nod-and-wink' complicity -- on the part of the Bishop concerned, whose church was and is facing a priesthood vocation crisis.
Are "annulments" granted by the R.C. Church valid even when they have been obtained by false declarations?
Do sins declared absolved by a priest in the confessional box actually become absolved in cases where the 'penitent' has not repented but has merely put on an act to con the priest?But there were other acts of dishonesty perpetrated by Pearce in his new life as a Catholic which I dealt with in ELC#21:
1. His misleading biographical notes on the back of his first book, and in publicity material sent to media book reviewers, which created a scandal prompting his flight to the USA and his recruitment to Ave Maria University.
2. His reportage of himself in 'StAR' -- a magazine which he edits -- in which by clever wording he falsely suggests that his present American wife is his first wife and that their child was their "first child", thereby consigning his real first wife Gina, and his children by her, into what George Orwell described as "the memory hole".
3. His -- and Ave Maria University's -- designation of himself as a "Professor" when he has no formal academic qualifications to support such a description. He has no Bachelors or Masters degree from any university, let alone no Doctorate. Indeed, he did not obtain the British equivalent of American High School 'graduation'.
4. Continually rehearsing deceptions about his pre-Catholic life in interviews with R.C. Church and Florida newspapers, in lectures to Catholic audiences on and away from the Ave Maria campus.
5. Setting himself up as a champion of small-scale private enterprise of the type advocated by G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc, when he fact he is reliant on the patronage of Tom Monaghan, the billionaire owner of the international Domino's Pizza franchise, the principal benefactor of Ave Maria University, a man whose claims to have received "personal visits from the Blessed Virgin Mary" are tactfully not disputed by Mr. Healey -- or Pearce!
Healey does not address himself to a single one of these issues, all of which relate to his life as a Roman Catholic and none to his life as a racial-nationalist activist.We can well understand Healey's reluctance to grapple with such isssues.
It must be very embarrassing to have that it was he who was responsible for recruiting Pearce to the staff of Ave Maria University.
Healey does not wish to admit that his judgement was faulty and that he recruited a cad, a fraud, a con-man and a humbug whose life in politics -- after a brief flash of teenage idealism -- and then in religion, has been driven by ego and the quest for financial patronage.
Yours sincerely,
Martin Webster.
From: Philip Gegan
To: Date: Wednesday, November 21, 2007 8:57 PM
Subject: Fwd: Joseph Pearce---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nick Healy To: Philip Gegan Date: Oct 22, 2007 7:13 PM

Subject: RE: Joseph Pearce
Dear Mr. Gegan,
I received your email forwarding the "Electronic Loose Cannon No. 21" on Joseph Pearce.
If your and Martin Webster's intent was to discredit Mr. Pearce so as to jeopardize his position with Ave Maria University I am afraid you have failed.
I was the one who first interviewed and then hired Mr. Pearce at Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
There was never any attempt by him to hide or gloss over his background. Indeed, on more than one occasion he has shared his conversion story with students, faculty and staff.
The few additional details furnished by Mr. Webster strengthen my conviction that only the grace of God could have wrought such a change of heart.
Mr. Webster's final effort at denigration was particularly inapt.
As a self-confessed racist and atheist, could Mr. Webster really be concerned with the soul of Mr. Pearce?
St. Thomas More suffered martyrdom rather than renounce the ancient Church. Richard Rich committed perjury for the governorship of Wales. Would Mr. Webster say to St. Augustine "Šbut for Hippo?"
Mr. Pearce has renounced the racism and nationalism which still (apparently) consumes Mr. Webster.
We will pray that Mr. Webster will similarly renounce hatred and regain his own soul, and in doing so discover the peace and joy offered by Christ.
Very truly yours,
Nicholas J. Healy, Jr.
Ave Maria University
-----Original Message-----
From: Philip Gegan []Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 6:13 AM
To: Nick Healy

Subject: Joseph Pearce
Dear Sir,
Thought you might be interested in this. Any comments, just let me know.Philip Gegan
Electronic Loose Cannon No. 21
Thursday 11th October 2007[Slightly evised edition completed 15th October 2007]Published in tandem with the Electronic Watch on Zion
EDITOR: MARTIN WEBSTERPostal address: Mail Box ICR, 44 The Common, IP22 2QP, United Kingdom.Mobile: 07932 049019Whatever became of Joe Pearce?More 'Chesterbollox' fromSaint Joseph of Barking[snip]=================================================================
AVE MARIA OFFICIALS CIRCULATED BY PHILIP GEGAN:1) Michael Dauphinais michael.dauphinais@avemaria.eduDean of Faculty / Associate Professor of Theology2) Fr. Robert McTeigue Fr.Robert.McTeigue@avemaria.eduAssociate Dean3) Nick Healy nhealy@avemaria.eduPresident 4) Douglas Bushman douglas.bushman@avemaria.eduDirector / Professor5) Tony Beata Tony.Beata@avemaria.eduController6) Jack Sites jack.sites@avemaria.eduSenior Vice President Administration 7) Fr. Eamon McManus Fr.Eamon.McManus@avemaria.eduSpiritual Director8) Carole Carpenter ccarpenter@avemaria.eduVice President for University Relations9) Bill Maguire William.Maguire@avemaria.eduDirector of Mission/Outreach 10) Catherine Dailey catherine.dailey@avemaria.eduDirector of National Founders11) Mercedes Cox mercedes.cox@avemaria.eduAdministrative Assistant to the Dean of Faculty


Reading of the prospect that India may increase their gold % of reserves somewhere around 10% and having only 3.6% now prompted me to read and find the latest numbers which are in the link below.
The WGC numbers are highly suspect, but I think that's all we got to go on.
There have been no physical independent audits to confirm their accounts.
It's no different from you telling your own banker that you have a $500K home, a 106' yacht valued at 250K, and 300K in K-Rands. But, the deal is the banker must take your word for it, and not be permitted to see any evidence of your possession. This works for you every time as you own the bank, too.

Anyway, whether India adds gold or not doesn't bring much excitement. What is unnerving, however, is that both Mexico and Canada HAVE virtually NO GOLD!
They both have mining production that could be grabbed at any time in the "national interest". China's chugging along way below its peers. Understanding that central bankers are the most secretive cabal on earth. They will readily lie, misdirect, omit, deceive, embezzle, and otherwise use any means to conceal from their citizens what the real balance sheet is. It is done to protect themselves, and really has little consideration for the people's welfare of the host country.

The complication at this juncture as I see it, Paulson is having a tough time to convince Red China to join the club and jump on the debt wagon by hocking their citizen's future wealth now.
The obstacle the international bankers are bumping into is that China is not a land of free people. Do not be mislead that Mao's "Great Democracy" meant freedom for the peasants any more than the People's Liberation Army (PLA) liberated those same souls! It's enslaving them, and there are widespread street demonstrations in China every day. Should the spotty unrest intensify and pick up steam you'll see Tiananmen Squares pop up everywhere. That's how the Chinese handle their criminal governments. Here's what "democracy" means to the Chinese.

So, how China handles that paltry .9% gold reserves will be something to behold! This compares with the US Treasury which claims that over 75% of its foreign reserves are in physical gold! Remember Ron Paul's experience on the Reagan Gold Commission? He and his Presidential commission was not even permitted to see the physical gold! And, the caveat here is that the Chinese have a heritage with a strong affection for silver, too!

No, at one time we thought maybe the Chinese would simply buy up America's economic infrastructure using Wall Street., and achieve a re-balancing of their reserves in that fashion. But, logic is ringing in my head asking why would they do that and bid against themselves on the stock market bourses? Doesn't make sense to drive up the price of something you want to buy!

It makes much more sense to buy up America, yes, but at much lower prices. China has more to think about than Chuckie Schumer braying about the yuan's value. China needs to remain competitive with India, and the other blossoming Asian economies. Schumer's finding his own demagoguery frustrating as the US economy is not the same economic powerhouse when he and his ilk first came into the Senate.

If China decides to go the gold reserves route and be 'respectable' with 10% of their $1.2Trillion reserves in gold then they'll have to go to $12B or thereabouts. The US$ price used for this report was $716 thereabouts for September 14th. Keeping with the $1.2T total reserves, the existing 600 tonnes, and the $716 gold price China's goal for additional tonnes would be 4,637. Annual worldwide production has been 2,500 tonnes and declining. China's estimated gold production for 2007 should exceed 200 tonnes. So, if that's the direction they want to go, the remaining unknown is over what time period?

What are the drivers to influence China's urgency for implementation - probably the degree of devaluation of the US dollar as that's what about 70-75% of their existing forex reserves are parked in. Although with all paper monies now losing against gold, they may be moving their paper chips closer to the edge of the table.

If any resist they can always fall back on another American creation - Gunboat Diplomacy. / value
Guess who lives in a house like this ?

This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to The President of Zimbabwe.
Robert Mugabe - a racist maniac and mass-murderer whose people are starving while he siphons millions into his own pockets and the world stands by and watches, including closest neighbour South Africa.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Doctors revolt at anti-white bias - Times Online
Times Online From The Sunday TimesNovember 18, 2007
Doctors revolt at anti-white bias Sarah-Kate Templeton, Health Editor
ONE of Britains most eminent consultants has claimed white male doctors are being denied bonuses because of politically correct reverse discrimination by the National Health Service.David Rosin, a former vice-president of the Royal College of Surgeons,says female and ethnic minority consultants are being given preferential treatment to meet artificial quotas.
Rosin, also a former president of the Association for Cancer Surgery,failed to get the top platinum award award 10 years in a row despite being backed in his application by the royal college and his NHStrust.He said: When I asked a previous president [of the Royal College ofSurgeons] why I had been unsuccessful, the answer came back immediately:˜What do you expect? You are not black, you are not female and you have all four limbs.
Rosins comments are likely to provoke a row about whether policies to promote equal opportunities in the NHS have led to positive discrimination. Figures show a dramatic increase in the number of women and ethnic minorities winning merit awards over the past five years.They can add up to £73,000 to a consultants annual salary of about £112,000.
Ministers and NHS chiefs have been encouraging more women and ethnic minorities to apply.
Supporters say that in the past the vast majorityof the extra payments went to an old boys network of sometimes mediocre white male consultants.
However, Rosin, who retired from his NHS post as a senior consultantsurgeon at St Marys NHS Trust hospital, London, in June, believes it has now tipped into positive discrimination.It is time that someone spoke up concerning the reverse discrimination with respect to merit awards, he wrote in a letter to the magazine Hospital Doctor.
In the politically correct environment in which we live, there is now definitely reverse discrimination.He was incredulous at his failure to get a platinum award, despite being editor of an international medical journal, editing 16 textbooks and publishing more than 100 peer-reviewed medical papers.
He said he was also on call for the NHS every second night for his first14 years as a consultant and helped to introduce a new form of cancer surgery clinic and many new minimal access surgical techniques.Rosin was supported by a council member of one of the royal medical colleges, who, asking to remain anonymous, said: As in any situation where people are trying to correct what is perceived as a wrong in the past, an element of bias will be introduced.
The feedback one hears from these committees is that, where there is a fine balance between two candidates, then there will be a willingness to recognise the merits of someone who has been previously disadvantaged.About half of Britains 33,000 consultants receive an award at some level, ranging from £2,850 to £73,158.
The scheme costs the NHS at least £250m a year.
Aneez Esmail, professor of general practice at Manchester University,whose research in 1998 showed how few women and ethnic minority consultants got the awards, denied that standards had been compromised.More women and ethnic minorities are successful but the actual standards are not compromised, he said. Previously, mediocre white candidates were getting awards and you really had to be quite exceptional as a woman or ethnic minority to get an award.
With more transparency and clear criteria there is greater competition and more women and ethnic minorities are successful. People like Mr Rosin maylose out.
His 1998 research, published in the British Medical Journal, showed that white consultants were given 95% of bonuses despite making up just 74%of the eligible consultant workforce. Nonwhite consultants earned just5% of bonuses despite making up 14% of the eligible consultant workforce.
A follow-up paper in 2000-2001 found that white consultants received 37% more bonuses than nonwhite consultants and men gained 25% more bonuses than women. However, this years data, released by the health department, show that the percentage of women applicants succeeding in getting bronze awards, worth about £34,000 on top of their annual salary, is now equal to that of men.
Doctors would not be expected to apply for the four top awards until they had been consultants for a decade. Women taking breaks to have children have therefore been less likely to apply.
As many British Indian consultants as white British consultants are also now being awarded the first level of bonus, worth £2,850.Professor Hamid Ghodse, medical director of the committee which decides on who gets awards, acknowledged that it had actively been trying to get more women and ethnic minority consultants to apply for bonuses “ .

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


To see this story with its related links on the Guardian Unlimited site, go to

'Marginalised working class' a focus for BBC2

White working-class life in modern Britain is to be the focus of an "unflinching and provocative" BBC2 season.

The "white season" will explore issues around immigration and the "complex mix of feelings that has led some white working-class people to feel marginalised", the channel said as it unveiled its schedules yesterday.

Highlights will include White Girl, a drama by Abi Morgan, which features the Bleak House actor Anna Maxwell Martin as the mother of 11-year-old Leah and her siblings, who are the only white children at their new school in Bradford; a documentary, All White In Barking, exploring relationships in east London; and The Poles Are Coming, about the effects on the economy if recent Polish immigrants returned home.

Roly Keating, the BBC2 controller, said: "The white season is a complex look at how life has changed for the white working-class in Britain."

The documentaries also include Last Orders, the story of the Wibsey working men's club in Bradford, Rivers Of Blood, which examines the impact of Enoch Powell's speech 40 years on, and Wonderland, a set of real-life stories.

Other highlights include the drama series House of Saddam, set in Iraq, and BBC2 will broadcast the Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood. The channel has also commissioned comedy shows, including Lab Rats and Taking the Flak, about a small African war as viewed by journalists. In Alternative Therapies Kathy Sykes explores meditation, hypnotherapy and reflexology, and Monty Don, in Around The World In 80 Gardens, visits some of the world's most celebrated gardens.
Got to pick a pocket or two...........


(spoken)]You see, Oliver...

[sung] In this life, one thing counts
In the bank, large amounts
I'm afraid these don't grow on trees, You've got to pick-a-pocket or two
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys, You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

Large amounts don't grow on trees. You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

(spoken)]Let's show Oliver how it's done, shall we, my dears?

[sung] Why should we break our backs
Stupidly paying tax?
Better get some untaxed income
Better to pick-a-pocket or two.
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.


Why should we all break our backs?

Better pick-a-pocket or two.


(spoken)]Who says crime doesn't pay?

[sung] Robin Hood, what a crook!
Gave away, what he took.
Charity's fine, subscribe to mine.
Get out and pick-a-pocket or two
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

Robin Hood was far too good
He had to pick-a-pocket or two.

Take a tip from Bill Sikes
He can whip what he likes.
I recall, he started small
He had to pick-a-pocket or two.
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two,
boys You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

We can be like old Bill Sikes
If we pick-a-pocket or two.

[FAGIN (spoken)]Stop thief!
Dear old gent passing by
Something nice takes his eye
Everything's clear, attack the rear

Get in and pick-a-pocket or two.
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

Have no fear, attack the rear
Get in and pick-a-pocket or two.

When I see someone rich,
Both my thumbs start to itch
Only to find some peace of mind
We have to pick-a-pocket or two.
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys
You've got to pick-a-pocket or two.

Just to find some peace of mind

We have to pick-a-pocket or two!

Note: A very simple explanation for the growth in incapacity benefit:
Thatcher wilfully destroyed the natural employments of the working-class and this, plus the every increasing failure to defend our economy and the mass importation of cheap labour, has created an army of people who have no realistic chance of getting a job which will allow them to live a normal life, ie, to support a family. RH
Daily Telegraph: New test to crack down on 'sick note culture'
19/11/2007 The Government today announced plans to crack down onBritain's "sick note culture", as new figures revealed taxpayers had paid out £4.4 million in benefits over the past year to people deemed too fat to work. Almost 2,000 people were deemed too fat to work
Peter Hain, the Work and Pensions Secretary, said a new disability test aimed at getting more people back to work would be introduced.Mr Hain said the emphasis of the Work Capability Assessment would be on demonstrating what claimants can achieve, rather than what they cannot. From October, claimants will be asked to prove they can sit at a desk and work with a computer keyboard and mouse. "Currently, there are many people sitting at home in the belief that they are unemployable, with no life choices or long-term prospects because they do not think their illness or medical conditions can be catered for in the workplace," Mr Hain said.
"But this is just not the case. Many people with such conditions are perfectly able to take up successful careers, if the right support is in place. "That is why I have introduced the new assessment. It will not only accurately identify a person's physical and mental ability, it will offer advice on the type of help and support a person may need so that they can find sustainable work.
Almost 2,000 obese people were awarded incapacity benefit over the past 12 months, while billions more was handed out for complaints ranging from acne to leprosy. A total of £7.4 billion in incapacity benefit was shared between 2.7million people, among them alcoholics, drug addicts and people with sleep and eating disorders.
The full list of ailments, which was obtained using a Freedom ofInformation request, may fuel suspicion that people are being pushed into claiming benefits to lower the official unemployment statistics.
Stress appeared to keep 50,000 claimants off work, while 15,600 claimed with what is described as "malaise and fatigue". Another 380 claimants were afflicted with haemorrhoids, and 50 collected around £100,000 between them due to acne.
Matthew Elliott, the chief executive of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said:"Many incapacity claimants are clearly taking advantage of the good nature of their GPs. There is a huge difference between not being able to work and not feeling like working." Mr Hain added: "We know that many people want to work - work is good for you and your long-term well-being and we don't think it's right that in the past people were effectively written off. We want to work with people to get them back into jobs and help them stay there."

Ancient treasures unearthed at farm

LOFTUS; A royal Anglo-Saxon cemetery, with some of the finest examples of gold jewellery found in Britain, has been discovered on farmland in Teesside.

The 109 burials, arranged in a rectangular pattern and dating from the middle of the 7th century, were found by Steve Sherlock, a freelance archaeologist.
The finds, at the only known Anglo-Saxon royal burial site in the North East, include gold pendants, gold discs with filigree working and a sword. Robin Daniels, of Tees Archaeology, has described the pendants as comparable with the treasure found at Sutton Hoo.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BNP motion for lay auditors for the party was NOT passed !

Good work yet again with your blog - a most important resource in the fight against Griffin and for the campaign for a new BNP.

I've cut and pasted this bit from the latest news in from the BNP website about the Conference...

"Internal motion #1: This conference resolves that at each conference the Voting Membership shall appoint a scrutiny panel who shall act as lay auditors. This motion was not passed."

What's going on ?

Any idea from sources why the dumb wit members failed to vote for a scrutiny for the auditing (did they leave their brains at home, or was Wiliams there to intimidate them, or did they all get p****d up the night before care of Griffin and the BNP funds???)

Something seriously wrong here mate. Looking forward to any info as to how and why this happened.
Yours in comradeship,

Culture Distorter and paedophile.

Lou Pearlman not only perverted our culture and young men, he is also charged with defrauding 1000 investors (one of whom apparently committed suicide) of up to $500 Million.
Truly a caricature from central casting!
See also:
Idol Maker: Tapping Into the Pulse of Young America
October 2, 2007 -- LOU Pearlman - the hog-fat Jew, boy-band honcho who created *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys and launched the careers of JustinTimberlake and Nick Carter - was a pervy pedophile who preyed on the youngmen he mentored, Vanity Fair reports.
"I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator. All the talent knew what Lou's game was," Steve Mooney, an aspiring singer who was Pearlman's assistant, told VF's Bryan Burrough. "Some guys joked about it. I remember[one singer] asking me, 'Have you let Lou [fellate] you yet?' "Mooney said he once asked Pearlman, who was known as "Big Poppa," what itwould take for him to get into a band.
"I'll never forget this as long as I live. He leaned back in his chair, in his white terry cloth robe and white underwear, and spread his legs," Mooney told Burrough. "And then he said,and these were his exact words, 'You're a smart boy. Figure it out.' "Mooney added that a singer groped by Pearlman told him, "Look, if a guy wants to massage me, and I'm getting a million dollars for it, you just go along with it. It's the price you got to pay."
Phoenix Stone, an early member of the Backstreet Boys, tells Vanity Fair Pearlman was "definitely inappropriate" with Nick Carter. Nick's mom, Jane Carter, wouldn't get into specifics, but said, "Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family.
I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers . . . I tried to expose him for what he was years ago."Tim Christofore, a member of Take 5, recalls that during a sleepover atPearlman's house, the music czar swan-dived onto his and another boy's bed and wrestled with them wearing only in a towel, which came off.
"We were like, 'Ooh, Lou, that's gross.' What did I know? I was 13," Christofore toldVanity Fair.
Rich Cronin, lead singer of LFO, recalled Pearlman told him of an "ancient massage technique that if I massage you and we bond in a certain way, itwill strengthen your aura."
Pearlman, 53, is in a Florida jail awaiting trial on bank fraud charges.Prosecutors say he scammed more than 1,000 investors out of $315 million.He'd been a fugitive until June when he was busted in Indonesia, living under a fake name. His lawyer did not return calls from Page Six.

David Duke speaks in Barcelona this Saturday

Monday, November 19, 2007

Strike action looms at JJB - threatened with Polish workers !

NWN: It didn't take long for this to happen did it ?

Christmas strike action may hit one of Wigan's biggest companies - more than 200 hourly-paid staff at JJB Sports at Martland Park have overwhelmingly rejected a new annual pay offer.
They are also fuming about an alleged threat from management that many of them could be replaced by Polish workers if they do not accept the deal. Now, staff have one final meeting arranged with new chief executive Chris Ronnie which could offer the Challenge Way-based firm a lifeline.
If that fails, the next stage will be a ballot for industrial action backing a walkout.And that could lead to a repeat of the New Year picket lines which were thrown around the complex after the failure of last year's pay negotiations.
Members of the general workers union GMB voted by more than 75% to throw out JJB's wage deal.They claim the latest and "final" 3.5% offer, which would boost the Monday to Friday pay rate to £6.21 per hour, would still leave workers at one of Wigan's most prestigious companies the worst paid warehouse staff in the borough.
Workers are also fuming that the re-branded company wants to introduce new 12-hour shifts but without traditional shift allowances, and are offering only 93p per hour extra for weekend working.Works GMB acting convener Emma Moseley said: "JJB has a high profile, but this isn't shown in the wages."Even with this 3.5% the members would still be among the worst paid in warehousing in Wigan and their angry feelings about this were clearly shown in the way they voted not to accept it."People are also very concerned about the offer of an extra 93p per hour for giving up your weekends, bringing the Saturday and Sunday rate to just over £7.00 per hour, which is just not acceptable."We have known that the new management wanted to change things for some time but we didn't think they would start to try and introduce 12-hour shifts without paying people proper shift allowances."We are not scared of change as long as things are done fairly."And we don't think they should always be wanting to do everything on the cheap at the expense of their hard-working employees.
"At the end of the day we are not expecting to be the best paid warehouse workers in Wigan but we don't want to continue to be the worst paid either."Ms Moseley said they had contacted new chief executive Chris Ronnie asking for "one last meeting" to find out if there are any furt
her proposals from JJB which could be put to the workforce to head off industrial action.
If there is nothing forthcoming, the next step, she said, would be a postal ballot for approval for a strike.She said: "The members are also angry after management told a shop steward and our full time official at a meeting that if they didn't accept the pay offer they would be replaced by Polish workers because there are now so many living in Wigan who would work for this money.
"They don't like being threatened in this way and they don't think that is the way for the company to treat them."The strike threat comes as the regime-change at JJB Sports ushers in a re-brand.Since arriving at Martland Park in the summer, Mr Ronnie has implemented a plan to "re-energise the company"which has been buffeted by tough trading and recently suffered a profits slump.The company declined to comment.

PJB: Bush’s Failure in Pakistan – And the World

by Patrick J. Buchanan

“Inaction at this moment is suicide for Pakistan, and I cannot allow the country to commit suicide.”

Thus did President Gen. Pervez Musharraf declare a state of emergency and invoke martial law.

The Supreme Court has been dismissed, the chief justice put under house arrest. A thousand lawyers and political opponents have been incarcerated. Human rights organizations have been shut down. Independent news media have been silenced.

Musharraf has effected a second coup, the first being his takeover in 1999. Doing so, he invoked Abraham Lincoln: “By general law life and limb must be protected; yet often a limb must be amputated to save a life.”

Indeed, Lincoln, too, impeded elections in Maryland, ordered Chief Justice Roger Taney arrested, shut newspapers, suspended habeas corpus, arrested thousands who sympathized with the South’s right to independence and ordered a blockade of Southern ports.
What has been the reaction of the great evangelist of Wilsonian democracy in the White House to its suspension in Pakistan?

Military aid to the regime and army will continue.

Welcome to the real world, where state interests always trump ideology. The “world democratic revolution” and the Second Bush Inaugural goal of “ending tyranny in our world” have been put on the shelf. For what is at issue is more critical than whether Musharraf is dictator or democrat.

Pakistan, a nation of 170 million with nuclear weapons, is up for grabs. And the major contenders are not democrats. On one side is Musharraf and loyal elements of the army, police and intelligence services. On the other are radicals with guns – disloyal soldiers, pro-Taliban militia, al-Qaida sympathizers and suicide bombers.

Such folks do not settle quarrels at ballot boxes.

The crisis in Pakistan brings home the reality the Bushites have ignored in their ideological crusades. For in the Pakistan crucible we see starkly who our real enemies are, whence the true dangers come and where our vital interests lie.

Musharraf is – as were Franco, Pinochet and the shah in the Cold War – a flawed friend and an enemy of our enemy. If he falls, any democratic successor, like Benazir Bhutto, would not likely long survive al-Qaida and the suicide bombers who already tried to kill her.

What is happening in Pakistan exposes, too, the limits of U.S. power and the failure of President Bush – because of the democratist ideology to which he converted after 9/11 – to see clearly the real dangers to his country. Our enemy was always al-Qaida. It was never Iraq. And it is not Iran, at whom the GOP candidates are all braying their bellicosity.

After 9/11, those who viewed the horror and asked, “Why do they hate us?” were hooted down as unpatriotic. We were told Muslim militants hate us because we are free, democratic and good, and they are evil.

Americans can no longer afford to indulge this ideological claptrap. We are hated not because of who we are, but because of what we do. Nowhere is that more true than in Pakistan.
A loyal ally in the Cold War, Pakistan served as a strategic base camp for the Mujahedeen, who used U.S. mortars and Stinger missiles to run the Red Army out of Afghanistan. Then we dumped Pakistan to court her adversary, India.

Millions of Muslims now no longer see America as the beacon of liberty, but as an arrogant superpower with a huge footprint in their world, dictating to their regimes. Instead of bringing our troops home after our Cold War and Gulf War victories, we moved permanently into Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Then we attacked a Muslim nation, Iraq, that had neither attacked us nor threatened us, to impose our system upon it.

Like the British, French and Russians before us, we are seen as imperialists, and shall be so seen and so hated until we get our troops out of their world. Finally, we are despised for our toxic culture and our uncritical support of the Israelis, who are viewed as the persecutors and robbers of the land and dignity of the Palestinian people.

Why cannot we see ourselves as others see us?

Pakistan reveals, too, the limits of military power. With an army of 500,000 “breaking” from Iraq and Afghanistan, we lack the forces to wage any more wars. And NATO is a paper army.
If Pakistan’s army cannot crush the Taliban and al-Qaida in its western provinces, and now in its cities, how can America do it, if Musharraf falls? How can the Afghan war ever be won, if the Taliban and al-Qaida enjoy a permanent privileged sanctuary from which to launch forays into Afghanistan?

With the end of the Cold War, America needed a strategist of the caliber of George Kennan. But we got George Bush, Condi and the neocons, with their messianic vision of global democracy brought about through an endless series of cakewalk wars.

Pakistan brings us back to Earth.

VALLE DE LOS CAIDOS Hundreds of right-wing supporters paid homage to Francisco Franco, the late Spanish dictator, at his tomb at the weekend, above. It was the last time they will be allowed to gather at the basilica.

A new “historic memory” law, which condemns the Franco era, will soon ban political meetings at the Valle de los Caidos, a huge monument which Franco built northwest of Madrid to remember those who fell in the Civil War from 1936 to 1939.

“It’s absurd to vilify just one side. Why aren’t we allowed to come here and pay tribute to Franco but the leftists can run riot in the cities?” said Raul, 28, dressed in the blue uniform of the fascist Falange party. Franco’s supporters gather at the spot every year on the weekend nearest to November 20, the anniversary of his death in 1975 and the execution 39 years earlier of Falange’s founder, Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera’s.

The law is one of many issues that have highlighted political divisions in Spain ahead of next year’s general election. As Franco’s supporters held a Mass, hundreds of left-wingers gathered in Madrid in protest at the murder of a teenager by a fascist last weekend. In Barcelona, a similar march turned violent. (Reuters)

Subject: Putting ourselves in the hands of foreigners - football the paradigm for what is happening

Note: We are being asked to believe an absurdity, namely, that at the very point when foreign players, managers and owners flooded into the Premiership the supply of English talent began to dried up.
The truth is that the numbers of English players in the Premiership has been radically reduced because English players are not being given the opportunity. The outstanding example of this is Liverpool, where despite winning the FA Youth Cup two years in succession, not a single player has made it into the first team squad.
Those Liverpool teams were overwhelmingly filled with English players and they beat the youth teams of Arsenal and Man U which were packed with foreign players. As for Steve Coppell's view that English players could not play the Wenger way, that begs the question of whether we want them too.
English football has always been based on robust physicality. I for one wish it to continue to be so. RH
Daily Telegraph
Jose Mourinho slams Arsene Wenger's policy
Read comments Jose Mourinho claims he gave a helping hand to English football during his time as Chelsea manager - unlike Arsene Wenger. Uefa president Michel Platini recently criticised Wenger's policy of recruiting young players from abroad although the Arsenal manager has argued it is not his job to assist the England team.
Mourinho, however, does not hold back from criticising Wenger over his use of foreign players, claiming he had to use Englishmen such as Frank Lampard and John Terry at Chelsea to protect the reputation of Russian owner Roman Abramovich. Portuguese man of war: Jose Mourinho has criticisedWenger "Unlike Arsenal, we sought success and tried to build it through a concept of the game using English players," he says. ''That was to have a positive effect, on the dressing room and on the press, in terms of the image that the club would project. "We had to get players who fitted the profile of the team but without running the risk of filling the club with foreign players because that could bring us problems in handling the players in the dressing room and the press, which is sensitive to the use of English players and doesn't easily forgive clubs which misrepresent the championship with complete intakes of foreign footballers."
Mourinho, in a book called Jose Mourinho a Born Winner, adds: "Of course the animosity of the English against Abramovich was due to the idea that was established that the Chelsea owner was going to transform the club into a depot of players who came and went without any criteria other than spending money."
Former Busby Babe John Doherty has died at the age of 72. Doherty, who was chairman of the Association of Former Manchester United Players,made only 26 appearances for the club, before retiring aged 23 with aknee injury. He was a member of the 1955/56 title-winning team.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yet another Nick Griffin BNP supporter !

Thousands of Poles moving to Britain to avoid national service
Thousands of young Poles are moving to Britain to avoid being drafted into their country's army.

All Polish men over 18 must serve nine months' national service.

But since Poland joined the EU in 2004 thousands have come to the UK to get out of it.

Now Poland has ordered a crackdown on the draft-dodgers and they face up to three years in jail if they return home.
NWN : Yes, they are white. But they should fight for their own countries, just like our lads have fought in two World Wars and other conflicts. Even in my home town, there are Polish everywhere.
Send them back !

Far right nazi lunatics support Nick Griffin ?

Far right nazi lunatics support Nick Griffin ?

No, it is not an oxymoron.

But this blog asks the question about why these so called 'nazi' numpties support Nick Griffin, and indeed offer violence against anyone who does not fit in with their views.
This site has been plagued by paid filth such as Tommy Williams of Sheffield. Williams even posted filth on red sites about fellow nationalists.
VNN has been the last refuge of these twonks . In the past, these so called militant nationalists have all been run by the state. Just check out C18. It was run by a murderer, who when charged with murder , squealed to his MI5 handlers.
Now we see some stupid woman on there trying to cause grief in the nationalist struggle.
She writes thus;

3 Hours Ago
vbmenu_register("postmenu_663382", true);

Rep point whore

Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Occupied England
Posts: 452


Or helping NWN slag off Griffin and other nationalists at each and every opportunity..
So, we now see very clearly that there is a definite plan to support Griffin and his allowing non-whites into the nationalist movement. This is from the so called nazi wing of the movement.
There is a plan to break up ALL nationalist groupings by the State.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Police to hold talks with gangs

Police are to hold talks with the leaders of south London's most (NWN:black) violent gangs in an attempt to cut gun crime.

Leaders of seven gangs will be brought in one-by-one and told gun crime has to stop or police will come down hard on them, Scotland Yard said.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said it was the first time the force had taken such an approach.

NWN: Having cozy chats with murdering scumbags ?

The cops should be sending in their biggest, hairy arsed bastards, to hammer these scum.

When I served in Ulster in the Maze prison in 1974, we made the IRA 'KNOW' , that there is only one gang that rules............and that is our mob ........the British Army !

We had IRA men crying in their beds. And these IRA men were real hard men, not these negro poseurs and ponces. Gerry Adams will confirm this, he was there..

These police should be sacked forthwith.

No wonder Arthur Conan Doyle developed the Sherlock Holmes series. He wrote it due to Police incompetence with the 'Jack the Ripper' murders. The Police have not improved any further have they ?

The Police are still run by total idiots !

Where are the accounts - Griffin confronted by BNP membership !

This weekend there is a BNP conference in Blackpool.

We understand that some BNP members will be asking the question of the missing BNP accounts.

Will this attempt be successful, or will 'Crook' Griffin live another day, till he is made a bankrupt yet again ?

Either way, Griffins days of running the BNP are numbered.

The all-American fellow was a Russian spy

He had all-American cover - born in Iowa, college in Manhattan, army buddies with whom he played baseball.

George Koval also had a secret. He was a top Soviet spy, code named Delmar, trained by Stalin's ruthless bureau of military intelligence.

Atomic spies are old stuff. But historians say Koval, who died last year in Moscow and whose name is just coming to light publicly, appears to have been one of the most important spies of the 20th century.

On Nov. 2, the Kremlin startled Western scholars by announcing that President Vladimir Putin had posthumously given the highest Russian award to a Soviet agent who in World War II penetrated the Manhattan Project to build the atom bomb.

The announcement hailed Koval as "the only Soviet intelligence officer" to infiltrate the project's secret plants, saying his work "helped speed up considerably the time it took for the Soviet Union to develop an atomic bomb of its own."

Since then, historians, scientists, federal officials and old friends of Koval's have raced to tell his story - the athlete, the guy everyone liked, the genius at technical studies. American intelligence agencies have known of his betrayal at least since the early 1950s, when investigators interviewed his fellow scientists and swore them to secrecy.

The spy's success hinged on an unusual family history of migration from Russia to Iowa and re-immigration to the Soviet Union. That gave him a strong commitment to communism, relaxed familiarity with American mores and no foreign accent.

"He was very friendly, compassionate and very smart," said Arnold Kramish, a retired physicist who studied with Koval at City College of New York and later worked with him on the bomb project. "He never did homework."

Stewart Bloom, a senior physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, who also studied with Koval, called him a regular guy.

"He played baseball and played it well," usually as shortstop, Bloom recalled. "He didn't have a Russian accent. He spoke fluent English, American English. His credentials were perfect."
Over the years, scholars and federal agents have identified a half-dozen individuals who spied on the bomb project for the Russians, especially at Los Alamos in New Mexico. All were "walk-ins" - spies by impulse and sympathetic leaning rather than training.

By contrast, Koval was a mole groomed in Russia by the feared GRU, the Soviet agency for military intelligence. Moreover, he gained wide access to America's atomic plants - a feat unknown for any other Soviet spy.

Historians say Putin may have cited Koval's accomplishments as a way to rekindle Russian pride. As shown by a New York Public Library database, the announcement has prompted detailed reports in the Russian press about Koval and his clandestine feats.

"It's very exciting to get this kind of break," said John Earl Haynes, a Library of Congress historian and an authority on atomic spying. "We know very little about GRU operations in the United States."

The story of how Koval became a spy centers on his family, who came from Russia and decided to return.

He was born in 1913 in Sioux City, Iowa, which had a large Jewish community and a half-dozen synagogues. In 1932, during the Great Depression, his family emigrated to Birobidzhan, a Siberian city that Stalin promoted as a secular Jewish homeland.

Henry Srebrnik, a Canadian historian at the University of Prince Edward Island who is studying the Kovals for a project on American Jewish Communists, said the family belonged to a popular front organization, as did most American Jews who emigrated to Birobidzhan.

The organization, he said, was ICOR, a Yiddish acronym for the Association for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union. He added that Koval's father presided over its Sioux City branch as secretary.

By 1934, Koval was in Moscow, excelling in difficult studies at the Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology. Upon graduating with honors, he was recruited and trained by the GRU and was sent back to the United States for nearly a decade of scientific espionage, from roughly 1940 to 1948.

How he communicated with his controllers is unknown, as is what specifically he gave the Russians in terms of atomic secrets. However, it is clear that Moscow mastered the atom very quickly compared with all subsequent nuclear powers.

In the United States under a false name, Koval initially gathered information about new toxins that might find use in chemical arms.

Then his GRU controllers took a gamble and had him work under his own name. Koval was drafted into the U.S. Army, and by chance found himself moving toward the bomb project, then in its infancy.
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NWN: We see yet another example of jews putting their own racial business first, their own interests first, which is fair enough.
But they are at the forefront for multiracialism for everyone else. They are hypocrites !
We have all been conned into thinking jews are British or American or whatever nationality first. WRONG !
In the past, jews supported communism.
Now they support the neo-cons in America.
Hence the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the proposed war in Iran.
Pakistan is also affected by this zionist war gaming. Pakistan is a nuclear power.
The US Atom spies were all jews/communists, for example ; the Golds and the Rosenbergs.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Crime rate dropping because they are not recorded - the marvels of demockracy.

Official: Police leave 2m crimes uninvestigated

Last Updated: 4:11am GMT 11/11/2007 Police are refusing to investigate more than two million reported crimes every year, including huge numbers of burglaries and thefts, The Sunday Telegraph can disclose.
Almost four out of 10 offences are "screened out" as unsolvable within hours of being reported to police, and the cases are closed.
No officer visits the scene of the crime and no attemptis made to catch the culprit.
As many as two-thirds of burglaries are not investigated in some areas, according to police figures. Even robberies and violent crimes can be screened out, while other cases involve fraud, theft and vandalism.
Among 12 English and Scottish forces which released figures underFreedom of Information laws, 788,000 crimes were screened out last yearfrom a total of 2,029,000 recorded offences - a rate of 39 per cent. The findings suggest that out of six million offences reported to forces in the UK last year, around 2.3 million were not investigated.
David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: "So-called screening can have the effect of making some crimes in effect risk-free for criminals. "It is critical that this technique is not driven either by Government targets or in an attempt to manipulate the crime figures."
Norman Brennan, the chairman of the Victims of Crime Trust and a serving police officer, said: "The sad reality is that police numbers have not kept pace with the huge rise in crime across the spectrum. "The public are our masters and have a right to know why we don't turn up to every call and investigate every crime."
Serious crimes such as murder, wounding or rape are always investigated, (NWN: Oh no they are not ! ) as are crimes where there is a named suspect or obvious forensic evidence.
A decision not to pursue a case may be taken by a civilian police employee, under the supervision of an officer, following a conversation with the victim over the telephone or at the front counter of a police station.

But screened-out offences are still counted in official crime figures, and victims are issued with reference numbers for insurance purposes. Police chiefs defend the system as a way to target resources on the most serious and solvable crimes. They insist that all crimes are"investigated" to some degree, even if this amounts to no more than a telephone conversation.
However, critics claim that the public will lose faith in the police if officers stop attending crime scenes and hunting for criminals.
Among forces which provided figures, the highest rate of screening out was by the Metropolitan Police, with 53 per cent of reported offences dealt with in this way.
Out of 97,000 burglaries in the capital, 64,000 were not investigated.
The overall figure was 37 per cent in Cambridgeshire, 36 per cent inHumberside and 33 per cent in Hampshire and Norfolk.
The lowest figurewas 10 per cent by Lothian and Borders police.
Explaining the policy, Helen King, the assistant chief constable ofMerseyside, where 31 per cent of crimes screened out last year, said:"Each crime reported to Merseyside Police is treated seriously and subject to an initial investigation. "Opportunities for detecting that crime are examined at this stage.These include forensic opportunities, CCTV footage and witnesses. "Where there are solvability factors, an officer or crime scene investigator will attend and carry out an investigation. "In cases where those factors are not present and it does not fall into a more serious category of crime the crime will be 'screenedout. Should further information come to light, the investigation willbe reopened."

Among forces which did not release figures, some admitted that they screen out some crimes but do not keep a count of how many. Others claimed not to operate a screening system but nevertheless admitted that they regularly close cases without sending officers to investigate.

Scotland Yard admitted in a report this month that screening "can leave some victims thinking that their crime was not taken seriously". The report to the Metropolitan Police Authority also warned that screening "could lead to missed detection opportunities when an initial assessment fails to identify significant lines of inquiry that would have become apparent had a secondary investigation taken place".

A Home Office spokesman said: "It is for individual forces to make decisions on how they use their resources."

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