Saturday, November 10, 2007

What really happened at No. 10 on the night Coventry burned?

DAVID IRVING is speaking at a dinner function in Coventry (UK) on Wednesday evening November 14, 2007.
That is the anniversary of the famous German air raid on the city, which was used to justify so much else.
But what actually happened that night?
"Did Winston Churchill know in advance and keep the secret from the citizens of Coventry?"
says Mr Irving.
"Having Churchill's desk diary and the diaries of his personal secretaries, I know exactly what did happen and it is an extraordinary story.
Come along and find out: the £20 charge includes a full dinner (for more than one person the charge is only £15 each inclusive."


NorthWestNationalists said...

I wouldn't have minded going to this function. Bit too far away though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff !

truthfinder said...

There's no big secret here.

Can't remember the precise details - but they are in the public domain.

No conspiracy - just a cock-up!

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