Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thousands of Poles moving to Britain to avoid national service
Thousands of young Poles are moving to Britain to avoid being drafted into their country's army.

All Polish men over 18 must serve nine months' national service.

But since Poland joined the EU in 2004 thousands have come to the UK to get out of it.

Now Poland has ordered a crackdown on the draft-dodgers and they face up to three years in jail if they return home.
NWN : Yes, they are white. But they should fight for their own countries, just like our lads have fought in two World Wars and other conflicts. Even in my home town, there are Polish everywhere.
Send them back !


Anonymous said...

When it becomes a Eurostate with a Euroarmy, their call up papers will catch up with them wherever they are.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have problems with white eastern Europeans coming in. As racial Nationalists we worry about falling white birth rates and high non white birth rates. Surely they should be seen as a welcome edition to bolter up the white gene pool. Within one generation they will look and sound the same as us. AND THEY ALL HATE BLACKS AND ASIANS.

Just a thought.

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