Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Police Officer almost murdered - another non British criminal !

BRAVE cop Catherine Corbett was fighting for life last night after being mown down by a man she was trying to arrest.
Detective Constable Corbett, 39, was critically ill after undergoing emergency surgery for head injuries.
She was part of a West Midlands police team hunting a suspect who had fled an open prison and was wanted for fraud.

Fleeing ... CCTV shows man running, and, right, woman
As officers approached a car near Heathrow airport, the driver suddenly slammed it into reverse – smashing into DC Corbett and dragging her under the wheels.
DC Corbett was rushed to hospital with serious head injuries. Her condition was said to be “critical” and sources said she was being kept alive on a ventilator in the neurological unit at Charing Cross Hospital in West London.
At one point yesterday her chances of survival were put at less than 50-50.
A source said: “She is not expected to make it through. We expect this to become a murder inquiry.” Hopes rose hours later when a police spokeswoman said: “She is now out of surgery and everything went well, but her condition is still critical.”

In today's Sun
A MAN has been charged over the hit and run of a policewoman as she tried to arrest him.

Detective Constable Catherine Corbett was fighting for her life in hospital last night after being left with head injuries when she was struck.

Rashpal Singh, 41, has been charged with GBH after the alleged incident, which happened in a hotel carpark near London’s Heathrow airport on Friday morning.

Singh is also charged with two counts of ABH after two male police officers were also injured.

A 32-year-old woman was released on bail.

West Midlands DC Corbett, 39, of Solihull, was with three other officers investigating a fraud case when she was hit by the blue Peugeot 207.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said Singh would appear before Hendon JPs today.

He added that DC Corbett remained “in a critical condition” at Charing Cross Hospital.

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