Friday, November 16, 2007

Ex -BNP bodyguard was MI5 ?

Dear xxxxxx,

Thanks for your e-mail. There may well be something in this Adie Wood story.

But you know how people will react: "There's nothing like the vindictive rage of a woman scorned". Because of the domestic background, this woman is not the best kind of witness to such facts, even if they be true.N.B.:: There is no mention of HOW she discovered her ex-husband is/was an S.B. 'snout', and no mention of why she didn't learn of the matter whilst she was married to him, but only after he dumped her for another woman.

I am sure that the BNP, like every previous "right wing" group, is heavily infiltrated by full-time MI5 agents provocateurs and by Special Branch 'snouts', some of whom are on a monthly retainer.

I hear much talk about Simon Darby, the BNP's I.T. maestro.

All I can ascertain from all this gossip is that he lives very nearby to somebody who was once on the "right wing" scene and who openly admitted in a newspaper story to being MI5.

I also hear say Darby claims not to receive any payment from the BNP (for what must be nearly a full-time job) but manages to live a quite comfortable lifestyle.

Yet others say that he has some property interests somewhere (I think somewhere abroad).

Until these rumours get pinned down with hard facts, they are not very useful.

With every good wish,


From: xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx

To: Martin Webster

Subject: Special Branch BNP Ex Griffin body guard, then guard to Sadie Graham has been discovered to be Special Branch by his ex? wife who has outed him.

Adie Wood was expelled from the BNP last year after stalking, Sadie Graham but there is a twist...Adie Wood, worked for SB a few years back infiltrating the hunt saboteurs/ALF etc., and Sadie Graham joined the BNP from the hunt sabs. Is she SB too?

NWN: Can anyone 'shed any light' on this e-mail and it's details ?


tonydj said...

Interesting story, BUT....

Do a google search on "Adie Wood", "BNP" "Hunt sabs" etc.

This posting is the only one thrown up. Now, such a "big" story as this would have already featured on the red sites IF IT WERE TRUE. I think there would have been some comment when he changed sides to BNP.

Coming on the eve of the BNP's conference makes me suspicious

Anonymous said...

Until the source of this email can be identified and its contents verified, it is worse than useless.

Such material simply spreads rumour.

Anyone could have sent it...MI5, UAF, even Old Nick himself...for what purpose none of us can know.

So what is the point in publishing it?

To join the rumour mill that already plagues the nationalist movement and makes it easier for our enemies to sow discord and chaos?

NWN...publishing this tripe without checking it out first is inexcusable.

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

Maybe something to do with this thread on stormfront UK section ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe something to do with this thread on stormfront UK section ?

6:19 PM

different story

Thats about a well known local lad resigning from BNP security...

I wonder why ??

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would anyone stalk Sadie Graham? She's a pig in knickers! Nationalism seems to draw extremely ugly women like moths to a flame.

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