Saturday, November 10, 2007

Franco y Jose Antonio remembrance - Madrid

NWN: From our Madrid friends;

Well, the events of the 20-N are in the weekend of 17/18 of November.

On Saturday at 17:00 there will be the religious ceremony for Franco and Jose Antonio primo de Rivera in the Fallen Valley, Valle de los Caídos.

And on Sunday morning at 12.00 the act in Plaza de Oriente organized by the comission of veterans in our civil war.

But there are more events that weekend: The falangists organized a march with torches all the night long form the centre of Madrid until the Valle de los Caídos, it begins on Saturday night and ends Sunday morning with a specific religious ceremony for the soul of Jose Antonio in the Valle de los Caidos. It´s very emotive this event.

And without relationship, the movement Alianza Nacional organized on Saturday 17th a rally against inmigration in a conflictive zone of Madrid.

I give you the link of the march´s announicng video and the banner of the demo against inmigration.>>


NorthWestNationalists said...

All fellow nationalists go to the area around the Puerto Del Sol area of Madrid. Then attend the bars around the Museo del jamon, and around the carrerra de San Jeronimo.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish government have been trying during the last year or two to curtail these traditions.

Would have liked to go this year again myself - just in case it ends up being the last time in the Valley.

But I'll be on the other side of Europe on the weekend of 17th-18th.

Hope the Spanish comrades can continue defying pressure from the authorities and keep their traditions alive.

Anonymous said...

Any comrades travelling to Spain for next weekend's events should be extra careful.

An 'anti-fascist' skinhead was stabbed to death yesterday at the Legazpi metro station, after he and other reds had attacked a group of nationalists.

The reds will be looking for revenge, and will take advantage of any obviously nationalist foreigner who gets too much ale inside him to defend himself.

NorthWestNationalists said...

The reds are having a demo at Puerto del Sol this coming Saturday at 16.30 Spanish/European time.

Take great care all nationalists around this area and the underground network at Sol.

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