Friday, November 23, 2007

Guess who lives in a house like this ?

This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to The President of Zimbabwe.
Robert Mugabe - a racist maniac and mass-murderer whose people are starving while he siphons millions into his own pockets and the world stands by and watches, including closest neighbour South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Mugabe is a Zionists dream. Greedy, ruthless and totally corrupt. They supply him with money, weapons and support something that 60yrs ago was refered to as holocaust, only this time it is merely White farmers, those being the variety who deserve "payback" according to the mindless bastards that call themselves Anti Fascists in this country. Even Barclays bank is issuing remortgages and loans on properties from the mass land grab that don't even belong to the murdering bastards requesting the loans. And, how ironic that White Africans are not allowed to seek asylum here, yet, the blacks are.

Sometimes the world makes me sick.



Anonymous said...

and the press choose to ignore all this information and the british govenment still funds mugabe with taxpayers money,its called global aid and this aid will rise over the next 3 years to £9 billion pounds in aid to all the black dictaterships of the mutch mugabe gets is a nother question perhaps someone can enlighten me .keith axon.

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