Sunday, November 04, 2007

Letter from Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel to a Canadian Supporter

Ernst Zundel
JVA Mannheim Herzogenrieder Str.
111 68169 Mannheim GERMANY

Dear X:
We live in a netherworld where there are few fundamental principles adhered to any longer All is now subject to political correctness and situational ethics. There is an aura of normality projected publicity but, oh, my God, the mental state of most of these people. The more ˜educated” they are the more they are like mental slaves or pre-programmed robots or zombies under a witch doctor’s voodoo spell.

We Auslandsdeutsche were the lucky ones. We escaped that experimental farm the Allies erected as part of their human zoo and experiment over here!

Yesterday was the deadline for our final submission to the “Bundesverfassimpgeriecht’ about the goofish farce they called these proceedings here! Torquemada - was a paragon of virtue - in comparison believe me! But all this is now behind me!

Yesterday, I was called to the Prison Censor’s office. He showed me two huge boxes, easily about 3 feet long, 20 inches high and about 24 inches deep. One of these boxes had arrived from the court, brimming full with letters that had not been processed in 2-1/2 years. And every day brings new letters of complaints to the court, the judge, the justice ministry, politicians and the media. Everybody is outraged for many letters were written by me in June, July 2005 and were only mailed 26 September 2007 at the Mannheim Post Office. Several have come back because some have died after they wrote me, an Easter card in 2006. Ingrid got 5 letters, which I had mailed in January 2007. She got them 29th September 2007.

Several dozens of her letters were not given to this day. My son’s letters, if I was given them at all, took four months. A boyhood friend in my village two hours away by car had his letter to me take 11 months. My sister’s letter in the same village - four months; one to Vancouver and one FROM Vancouver took over 2 years. I could go on and on. Total postal correspondence anarchy.
So, I had offered to help the censor dig through these boxes to make it easier for him. But get this!!! He has been ordered to not give me a single letter, but instead to seal the boxes and keep them with my belongings until I get released.

Talk about inflicting insult on injury. It left me speechless. So, now, I leave to once again the expensive lawyers to charge the director of the prison and I suppose the judge as well - for I am sure that there is not a law on the books that would cover such behavior and conduct by officials. What is important is the mindset. All these people are graduates of German Law Schools. What kinds of law and what kinds of attitudes are being taught to these people! I wonder! My suggestion to you is if you are planning to come to Germany, to STAY THE HELL AWAY from Germany and Europe for that matter! Let me put it in plain English, as forcefully as I can put to you. It would be suicidal and highly irresponsible of you to come to Mannheim or wherever they will WAREHOUSE me for the duration of their vendetta term!

Don’t you read the papers! __________ was picked up by a European search warrant/or arrest warrant. Irving too! Even John Ball was kicked out of England - shipped to Holland and by a hair, escaped on a last-minute flight from there to Boston back to Canada. And you want to subject yourself to this!!!!!

You cannot talk about the stuff that interests you and me and has been the focus of our life. There comes a time that 80 million Germans will have to get off their collective ˜asses”, and I see no such attempt. On the contrary, they seem to need the lollipop of their guilt. If the world ever rejects all that ****, the Germans especially their so-called educated classes, will fight tooth and nail, not to be deprived of their GUILT! They need it like others need air to breathe. Had I known the mental state of these people and appreciated the depth of their ˜zombification”, I would have long ago stopped to smell the roses, rather than sacrificing and struggling for these non-deserving mental slaves.

They don’t need historians, they need instead a campaign of deprogramming on a national scale, by an Army of __________. Since we cannot supply that, I suggest you and others stay where you are relatively safe, look after your family and do what you do best. You would be foolish to risk anything else!

The mail is now flowing again for the time being. That will happen after the lawsuits but I don’t know? But now the prison censors make spot checks and the staff are nice and humane, but they don’t make the laws or the rules. They have to merely enforce them! I can, however, tell you that there is far more humanity in these German prison guards, male or female, than what I experienced at the hands of the Americans and Canadians in my time in their prisons. Sometimes, I thought I was an actor in some cheap Ilse, She-Wolf of the SS production. Nope. This is no place for you or your family.

I appreciate that you want to visit me! You are one of he most decent guys with courage and idealism. When I see how little others have undertaken, I mean, meaningfully and effective, you stand out like a beacon of light. Keep in touch with Ingrid, encourage and help her! She is going through a tough time for she never thought that they would behave like this towards me. Say hello to the others, explain the mail-mess to them.

All the best,

[After years of persecution in Canada, holocaust skeptic, publisher of “Did Six Million Really Die?” and graphic artist, Ernst Zundel moved to the U.S. in 2000 to join his wife Ingrid Rimland.
They opened an art gallery just outside if Pigeon Forge, East Tennessee in the Smokey Mountain.
In February, 2003, he was unceremoniously kidnapped by INS agents and local sheriff deputies and deported to Canada, his home of last legal residence. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has since ruled that his right to habeas corpus was violated.

In Canada, knuckling under to intense pressure from Jewish lobby groups, the Canadian government declared the life-long pacifist a “terrorist” and, therefore, a threat to national security. In a series of largely secret hearings, where neither Mr. Zundel nor his defence team were present, a hand-picked judge Pierre Blais, the former boss of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), the agency providing most of the secret evidence, determined that the accusations against the German-born artist were “reasonable,” not even necessarily true.
This “security certificatre” process of secret hearings has subsequently been ruled unconstitutional.

In March of 2005, after 25 months in solitary confinement in Canadian prisons, Ernst Zundel was deported to Germany. There, after a two year, on again, off again trial, Mr. Zundel was sentenced to the maximum, 5 years, for violating Germany’s political thought control legislation outlawing “defaming the memory of the dead”; that is, questioning the Hollywood soap opera version of WW II — Paul Fromm]

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Anonymous said...

Zundel is a Hero of the Ages.

His name will be remembered long after Blair, Brown etc have long been forgotten.

This world doesn't deserve such a courageous man to try and educate it. Ernst is too good ...

Let's face it. It's been 25 years since the "false news" trial. To any thinking person its clear, after reviewing the evidence that the "Holocaust" was substantially a hoax for the benefit of Israel and a stick to beat any other racial group's nationalist inclinations.

What has been shocking (the same goes for 911) is the absolute cowardice of the world's so called "academics". The NWO is a reality - have no doubt about that !

Undercover at the world's most secretive society: Mail reporter infiltrates shadowy Bilderberg summit where the West's power broke...