Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jewish tycoon threatens another jewish/communist 1917 revolution in Russia

Exiled tycoon says he funds underground anti-Putin groups

Exiled Russia tycoon Boris Berezovsky said Friday he is funding underground groups to "prepare people to go to the streets" to overthrow President Vladimir Putin's government.

Berezovsky said Putin had violated the constitution and therefore his ouster was legitimate -- and forecast a possible uprising like Ukraine's Orange Revolution between elections in December and March.

"I don't fund parties which are openly presented on the Russian political scene because it's absolutely useless, but I (fund) people who are underground and that are trying to fight against the regime," he told reporters.

"They are doing what underground movements all around the world are doing, they prepare people to go to the streets, to fight, to use force power against a criminal government."
He said such an uprising could come after parliamentary elections on December 2 and before presidential polls three months later.

"I think it will be very dangerous months for Russia," he said.

Asked when such an underground movement could emerge onto the streets, he added: "I don't think it can work before parliament election, but it can work between parliament elections and presidential election."

The tycoon refused to rule out violence (NWN emphasis), but insisted the Kremlin would be responsible.
"It's impossible to exclude (violence) in Russia. But the responsibility for this violence is the responsibility of government, as is all the time when the people go to the streets."

"I mean force as what has happened in Ukraine, the Orange revolution, it was force because they pressed government but luckily without blood," he added.

Democratic movements staged the Orange Revolution in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine in 2004, a popular uprising that brought pro-Western President Viktor Yushchenko to power.
Berezovsky, who faces a number of charges in Russia, was a key Kremlin insider in the 1990s, but left Russia after coming into conflict with Putin and was granted political asylum in Britain in 2003.
NWN : Lenin said never underestimate the underground press ! Just as with the half jew Lenin, elections and democracy mean nothing. We think that more and more people have 'wised -up' to the zionist jews. Now in Russia, there might actually be a REAL holocaust for the jews. THEY are offering the violence first !


tonydj said...

Berezovsky lives in France and the uk:-

It will be interesting to see whether UK anti-terrorism laws are applied to HIM!

Anonymous said...
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NorthWestNationalists said...

Quite right Tony DJ.

Your post is bang on !

Lee Barnes said...

It was very wrong of you to report this story.

It is absolutely incorrect to claim that wealthy Jews cause mischief around the world.

Anyone who says otherwise will damage the BNP's image among certain donors and may harm Nick Griffin's chances of gaining a seat on the EEC gravy train.

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