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Disgraced expelled Solidarity member Pat Harrington,who later hijacked Solidarity with his accomplice NickGriffin to avoid being disciplined for gross misconduct and misappropriation of funds, has since gathered around him a coterie of self-seeking morons,muppets and Griffinite sycophants to install themselves as an 'Executive' by holding unconstitutional and unlawful elections for the Solidarity leadership. This are totally illegal and unethical and are merely being set up to create the illusion of Harrington and his cronies and dupes being somehow 'resepectable' and 'legitimate'...

From the hijacked Solidarity Trade Union

- "05/11/2007 - Executive Elections Nominations for the office of President and GeneralSecretary have been received form only two candidates. Accordingly, Adam Walker and Patrick Harrington have been elected unopposed as President and General Secretary respectively. All members of Solidarity were given the opportunity to stand.There are six candidates for the remaining five Executive positions. These are Garry Aronsson, SimoneClarke, David Durant, David Kerr, Lindsey Nieuwhoff and Mark Walker.

An election is being held in line with Statute Law and our Constitution. Ballot papers and the Election addresses will be posted to members shortly. A copy of the Candidates Election address isalso available here.Ballot papers must be returned to the independent scrutineer by midnight on November 19th, 2007. We recommend that members obtain a Certificate of Posting from the Post Office (free of charge). The ballots will be opened and counted in the presence of any candidate or his or her agent and the result declared on the morning of November 20th, 2007.If you have recently moved address or are a member in good standing who has not received a ballot paper by14 November, 2007 please email us immediately at

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will seek to ensure that the problem is rectified.Mr F Hogarth (BA, FCA) of Silver and Co, 25 Park Road,Cannock, Staffs, WS11 1JN has been appointed as bothIndependent Scrutineer and Independent Person.

He will oversee the sending of the ballot papers, counting of returned ballots and declare the result as part of his duties"

RESPONSE: The official Solidarity Executive has delivered this response to Harrington's original sham call for an illegal 'EGM' held to make him somehow a spurious and'legitimate leader' of Solidarity after beingdisciplined for his corruption and dishonesty. The bogus 'elections' now being held later in November byHarrington are wholly unconstitutional and have no regard to the Union's Rule Book as they have never been called for or discussed by the Union'sExecutive.

Elections for Solidarity and an enlarged Executive are due to be held in February 2008.

We urge all members of Solidarity and any other individual to write to Harrington's chosen scrutineer and advise them to withdraw from participating inHarrington's bogus 'elections' to install himself, an expelled member, and his gang of dupes.

By acting on behalf of Harrington and his unlawful and unconstitutional actions they are unwittingly participating in an unlawful and unethical act and may therefore be liable to any consequences resulting from it.

Please write to Mr F Hogarth (BA, FCA) of Silver andCo, 25 Park Road, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 1JN to express your concerns.

You may also want to contact the Certification Office responsible for Trade Unions to register your concerns over the bogus elections and the conduct of PatHarrington:

Please contact the Certification Office for Trade Unions and Employers' Associations Brandon House, 180 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LW Tel: 020 7210 3734 Fax: 020 7210 3612 E-mail:

From the official Solidarity Trade Union -

"The Executive Committee has agreed in the name ofopenness to publish a complaint made to the union by a number of its members. Should other members wish to back this complaint they can email the union administration - -and the representative of this complaint will beinformed.


Dear Sir,

I am acting on behalf of fellow members in a joint complaint, in which I have been asked to represent this complaint through our Union in the hope thecomplaint can be resolved in activating section 7(a)in our Union rules on such matters. The complaint appertains to breaches in rules 13 (l)and (m) in which a Extraordinary General meeting was held unilaterally by a expelled officer of this Union at the time this meeting was called.

Also he was a suspended officer, and hijacked the Unions website to promote this illegal act, through his agencies in the BNP and Third Way factions in the Union.

Our complaint is specific on the following.

1. There is no reference in the rules to Extraordinaryin the terms of reference for any meeting described insuch a manner.

2. That a Special meeting can only be authorizedthrough an Executive, not a expelled unilateral act ofa expelled Union officer in this matter. 13 ( l )

3. That a Special Meeting can only be called by athird majority of members, in which the reasons forsuch a meeting is presented for the General Secretaryto process. 13 (m). As the Acting General Secretary at that time I did not receive such a request from a third majority of members, and as such the expelled General Secretary in this matter certainly had no authority or legitimacy in calling a meeting of any kind in this matter.

I trust you and the Executive will note that in responding to this complaint that two specific rules for expediency have certainly been breached in the concerns of our members on these matters.

These being13 (l) and (m) in the breaches in question in relation to the illegal EMG called by Mr Harrington with other disaffected members of this Union who he solicited in a rebellion against the Constitutional rules on such matters.

I request your response as soon as possible on behalf of all members concerned, in the hope you can resolve the issues of the complaints raised.

Yours sincerely William Mclinden

Representative of joint complaint of Union members

" All those who consider themselves to hold the values of truth, decency, honesty and intregity are requested to read the relevant section of the Solidarity Executive Investigations Report on disgraced expelled member Patrick Harrington published ... "

f. Illegal Hijacking of Union; On the 16th June 2007 Mr McLinden informed theVice-President that due to Mr Harrington’s current suspension from the Union, it was misleading to continue to advertise Mr Harrington in the position ofGeneral Secretary / Treasury.

The Vice-President then removed this section from the website. On the 18th June 2007 Mr McLinden received a phone-call from the Vice-President informing me that the website had been changed and that the Vice-President had been in contact with the web host provider (A company known as ‘Noisy Dinosaur’ and run by a South African exile Lambertus Neiuwhof, or ‘Bep’) informing him of the following :

“After introducing myself as Tim Hawke Vice-President of Solidarity. Informed him that I was unable to Log-on to the Solidarity control panel (internalworkings) of the email.

He informed me that he had been told to remove my access by Pat (Patrick Harrington).

After asking him to repeat this, I informed him thatMr Harrington has been suspended from the union pending an investigation and has no legal authority to access the account, or to restrict EC members from access.

Bep informed me that he wasn’t aware of the politics within the union and had dealt with Pat from the beginning. Therefore that I was to contact Pat for further details on this.

” It turns out that Mr Harrington had failed to keep up payments for the website and, in addition to this,when Mr Harrington paid for the service (from Union funds), it clearly stated on the invoice that MrHarrington – rather than the Solidarity Union – was the sole customer of this transaction.

It has since transpired that Mr Harrington has effectively hijacked the Union with the pro active support and assistance of Mr Griffin, persuading the website provider (Bep) to host and design a parallel Solidarity web site which is both illegal and fraudulent, forcing the BNP web editor to hand over the registered Solidarity domain name to Bep/MrHarrington;

frozen the Union’s accounts;

set up a new and illegal PO Box ;

set up an illegal Paypal account and a personal email address to deal with Union memberships and enquiries, as well as to issue black propaganda on a variety of left and right-wing websites, forums and blogs;

issuing unconstitutional Bulletins and working closely with the BNP leadership to issue defamatory, false and illegal web articles against the official Executive of Solidarity and promoting both Mr Harrington as the new leader of Solidarity and the new usurped and illegal Union.


In additional in a statement made on website (Mr Harrington’s redesigned duplicated Solidarity website that the website provider designed for him) a request is made to call for a fictitious EGM.

20/06/2007 - * Call for an EGM *

Some BNP members have asked why advertising had been suspended for the Solidarity Trade Union. The answer is that an unconstitutional attempt has been made to remove General Secretary Pat Harrington from his position, and to replace him with an unknown individual from Liverpool whose involvement in the BNP has extended to just a few weeks - during which time the local organiser and activists concluded from his behaviour that he could well be a Marxist agent provocateur.

Both the BNP and Third Way leadership agree that there are a number of pointers which strongly suggest that Solidarity has been the subjectof a far-left sabotage bid, involving several individuals working as a team.

If so, as one would expect under such circumstances, it is no surprisethat one or two other essentially decent people havebeen duped by them and their allegations against other members of the union.

We note with concern that TimHawke continues to refuse to sign first year accounts so that these can be submitted to the Certification Officer in time. This is despite the fact that the accounts were prepared by an accountant and have been independently and professionally audited by aBarrister and Kenny Smith (head of BNP admin).

We feel it is no coincidence that this attempt to subvert the union's constitution and to set real nationalists against each other has been launched on the eve of a planned major push for new members.

Equally, we are so convinced of the huge potential for Solidarity that both the BNP and Third Way are united in agreeing to continue to push Solidarity forward as quickly as possible.

We agree that the most important step forward for Solidarity organisationally is to expand its Executive from three to seven members, with one of the new members from Third Way and three from the BNP.

We also agree that Mr Harrington is the best person to build and lead the Union forward as part of this wider team (including loyal and competent BNPmembers). We call on Clive Potter and Tim Hawke to co-operate in making the necessary changes. We in particular call on all members of Solidarity to demand that an Emergency General Meeting be held on Saturday,July 14, 2007 where the Executive can be enlarged from three to seven and the recent disruption can be resolved.

We also urge all BNP and Third Way members who are in jobs and professions which are or should be unionised to join the union straight away. If, as we suspect, there has been a takeover bid, then it both shows how much the far-left fear the idea of a nationalist trade union, and shows how important it is that as many people as possible join at once in order to secure Solidarity in safe hands.

We note that the membership details of all new members will totally secure, you can join via Paypal Solidarity members should email: stating that they want an EGM or write to the General Secretary (PatHarrington) at Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh,EH1 1DD.

This statement has been widely published by the BNP and far-Left groups It claims that the BNP and Third Way leadership agree that the most important step forward for Solidarity organisationally is to expand its Executive from three to seven members, with one of the new members fromThird Way and three from the BNP.

We are concerned as to how free independent elections can take place when the Executive expansion has to include three Third Way member and four BNP members.

This statement seems to exclude non-political or non-Third Way / BNP political members from being inthe EC.

Since this Report was published Mr Harrington has held his unconstitutional ‘EGM’. The Constitution ofSolidarity states (section 13 (l)) that only the Executive can call for a Special Conference. Since MrHarrington was suspended and the remaining Executive did not call for one, it is evident that the ‘EGM’ was unconstitutional.

Only 15 people attended the ‘EGM’ and it is unclear asto how many of those members present were actually members before the call for an ‘EGM’ and how many joined after.

It is evident that of those ‘elected’ onto the ‘Executive’ from the ‘EGM’ that some were not members at the time of the event and were certainly not members for the required period of 3 months before taking office.

Furthermore, it was the suspended Mr Harrington who actually called for an EGM, not the members.

Many did not receive any notification from him, and those that did received a slip that was not numbered or bore any identification mark that would indicate a secret or secure ballot.

There was nothing to prove as to who had sent it. It was a recipe for manipulation and forgery.

The ‘EGM’ was attended by the Chairman of the BNP, MrNick Griffin, which finally nailed the lie that theUnion was independent.

Mr Griffon’s presence at the meeting would have served to add some semblance of political authority and legitimacy to those BNP members present.

Both the hijacked Solidarity and the BNP made official pronouncements before the sham ‘EGM’ clearly stating that the Executive would be increased to seven, with four from the BNP and three from Third Way.

A BNP statement written by Harrington said that it agreed that “Mr Harrington was the best person to build and lead the Union forward as part of a wider team(including loyal and competent BNP members).This clearly shows that the ‘elections’ were a farce and fixed in advance as there were no independents catered for and the placemen had already been selected.

The Executive rightly dismisses such a statement and its publication violates the Constitution in the following areas…

Constitutional Reference:
2. Objectives andConstitution(g) To promote freedom within and without the TradesUnion movement, protecting and promoting freedom ofbelief, thought and speech, irrespective of political or religious affiliation or creed.

Constitutional Reference: 8. Member’s Conduct (a) Members may be suspended for a period, or expelled, on the grounds of their misconduct which has brought the Union into disrepute, fraudulently received or misapplied the funds of the Union, received bribes or employers gifts, or committed a breach of these rules.

Constitutional Reference: 13. Executive Committee(f) The Executive Committee’s duties shall be to manage and supervise the affairs of Solidarity; to carry out and enforce observance of it

Rules; to be responsible for the proper administration of the funds; to suspend, dismiss or remove from office members obtaining benefits by false pretences or engaging in or promoting political activity which is detrimental to the interests of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles or its political representatives,or for other actions which, in the opinion of theExecutive Committee, are detrimental to Solidarity’s interests."

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