Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fed up with immigration feed back to 'The News of the World'.

A recent article writen for a national newspaper by a Paki reporter has started quite a fuss. I bet he wished he had never writen it. Here is a link to the comments page for you to look at and perhaps post your own on. Worth reading, not much sympathy to immigrants!


yorkie said...

"Sid 88 Williamson"?

NorthWestNationalists said...

Pete Williamson is a thorough piece of wog shit.

Most of the venom from him, is due to the fact that he was not welcome in Burnley anymore, due to his being too pissed up and causing trouble.

Me, the fool, decided to allow him the hospitality of my home.

The very first day, we went to ASDA and he bought so much booze.

I bought a bottle of white cider.

On his own account, he had a bottle of wine for his breakfast amongst other bottles.

I always tried to give him my best hospitality. He was a guest at my own home.

Booze, wine and barbecues !

Yes, he availed himself of all those things.

Now he has broadcast, on the web,personal info against me.

Williamson has no pedigree for nationalism.

Who is he ?

He lives in Brighton ! Guffaw !

His Dad is married to a wog.

His son hangs about with niggers in Brighton.

His wife is a wog according to some sources (he attacked my wife). But none has said my wife is a wog.

Williamson always supports Griffin. Griffin paid him, when he took over VNN forum.

SID is a wrong 'un !

Anonymous said...

So Williamson attacked Jez ?

He physically attacked Simon Sheppard.

He pulled a knife out on a fellow nationalist in Oldham at Blancs house.

He tried to fight with Masty at Mark Cotterills home, the night he was JTs security but was too pissed when JT was arrested.

Williamson was spewing up with booze at a BPP meeting where Lady Renouf was speaking and Sid was the Chairman.

'Sid' also pissed on Woodies couch after availing himself of the booze and food of John Wood.

Sid was also the VNN UK moderator , who spoke with Nick Griffin in Brighton. Then he became a Griffin supporter , and got sacked from the VNN mod job.

Why would anyone treat this knob with anything other than contempt ?

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