Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BNP motion for lay auditors for the party was NOT passed !

Good work yet again with your blog - a most important resource in the fight against Griffin and for the campaign for a new BNP.

I've cut and pasted this bit from the latest news in from the BNP website about the Conference...

"Internal motion #1: This conference resolves that at each conference the Voting Membership shall appoint a scrutiny panel who shall act as lay auditors. This motion was not passed."

What's going on ?

Any idea from sources why the dumb wit members failed to vote for a scrutiny for the auditing (did they leave their brains at home, or was Wiliams there to intimidate them, or did they all get p****d up the night before care of Griffin and the BNP funds???)

Something seriously wrong here mate. Looking forward to any info as to how and why this happened.
Yours in comradeship,


Anonymous said...

Anything in the press about this latest round of Griffins undemocratic bullshit? NO? I wonder why.............

I don't give a damn how much money someone coughs up per week to the arsehole Griffin, IT IS EVERY members right, rich or poor, to demand an independent audit of the accounts. It requires no vote and can be taken into their own hands. Griffin needs to understand that the BNP Ltd is not his personal company to do with as he wishes. Any BNP members reading this should start gathering some balls.



Anonymous said...

It's stirred up the same old hornets nest on the BNP forum!
More people are asking the same questions, and are being shot down by the same tired, old faces again and again.
No explanation given, just lots of reasons why the individual concerned is wrong to ask!
Their silence speaks volumes!

Anonymous said...

This motion was debated and voted on.It was proposed by Nick Griffin and seconded by party treasurer John Walker. Perhaps it had something to do with a copy of the accounts being given to every delegate at the start of the conference. This was seen as a vote of confidence in the Treasury department due to all the shit stirring that has recently been going on.

So ALL YOU WANKERS at NWN can finally shut the fuck up and let us get on with winning our country back!


Anonymous said...

"Winning our country back" ?

Ha Ha.

Who for? Nick Griffin Inc. and Rabbi Schiller?

Get ready to die for Israel, your call-up papers are in the post.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair about this. NG deserves a lot of credit for proposing this motion in the first place. You people are always ready to vilify him.

It should have been passed by a massive majority but it was rejected. As an ordinary member this worries me. It demonstrates what happens when idiots are given too much power. Perhaps the rules for becoming a voting member should be tightened. Perhaps they should have to pass an IQ test before they are given voting rights.

It's unbelievable. They voted against inspecting their own accounts.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was all a ploy!
Proposed by Griffin as a way of making him look 'squeaky clean'.
There was no way it would have been voted in, as the VM's had probably been 'instructed' not to allow it beforehand!
He was safe in the knowledge that it wasn't going through!
Old Nick's not daft, not by a long shot, but he's still a grasping arsehole!
See comments made by Dave Hannam on the BNP forum in reply to several members who questioned this.
Has someone farted?
It's bullshit I can smell!


Farmer Giles.

Anonymous said...

eegpht'Anonymous said "Perhaps it had something to do with a copy of the accounts being given to every delegate at the start of the conference."

Yeah, or something to do with the Tooth Fairy coming to tap her magic wand on their heads to make them all love and believe in their grand fuhrer.

This must be Green Sparrow yet again prattling on with his ignorant servile behaviour towards Nick Griffin. I mean, I can't believe that there is more than one braindead wanker like Green Sparrow who toes the party line constantly without question ( what did Green Sparrow do before Griffin? Was he a Communist spokesman for Pravda in the 70s?).

The Voting Members have shown their true colours (yellow) and their mentality (bordering on dumbfuck insanity). So Griffin waves a piece of paper with them saying that the accounts are fine. and everyone nods their heads and votes NO to have a lay auditor.

If that is the quality of the "elite" of the BNP then there is no hope for this country. No questions asked. Why don't they all join the Labour Party if they're so believing and accepting?

Either that or Griffin managed to manipulate the whole charade and promised the VM's everything ( as usual) and delivers nothing.

Wakey waking Voting Members! It's Smell the Coffee Time!

Yours most disappointingly.

Disgruntled BNP

PS Will someone post up on gere the Hannam comments from the BNP forum. As it is closed and tightly moderated some of us are unable to see it.

Anonymous said...

no sooner sasid than done!
Dave Hannam's post below.
Farmer Giles.

Hi All,

I was asked to come on here just to clarify a few points.

All accounts have been submitted. The difference is that the Regional Accounts are up online on the Electoral Commissions website, whereas the Central Accounts are not.

The reason for this is quite simply out of our hands i am afraid to say. We submitted our central accounts to the auditor sometime ago, however, until the auditor has finished inspecting the accounts to his satisfaction, then he will not submit them. There are a huge number of accountancy standards we have to meet, and our auditor does not rush those standards for anyone.

I understand peoples concerns, however bashing the Treasury Department over something of which we now have no control, i.e an independent companies work schedule is not fair, especially as Treasury is now working on the present years accounts to get them in exceptionally early next year. We have provided the central accounts breakdown at the conference to every attendee.

Just to clarify, the Treasury Department backed the Lay Auditors Motion, as we believed it was right and wholly correct that members appoint a team to inspect our accounts. Sadly it was defeated.

The Treasury Department is always jumping through more and more legal stringent loop holes. People probably wouldn't believe the strict legislation that Treasury has to abide by, and our accountancy legal requirements have escalated beyond what we could have imagined.

A very important point to consider is also the fact that we didn't have to have our regional accounts audited. But, we chose to, simply because the decision was made that at this stage of the BNP's development, members deserve audited accounts. This created a back-log of work, but it was justified in that members deserve audited accounts. We have the respect of the Electoral Commission for this too, as we are the only party in the UK who submit our accounts for audit when not required.

All members will also be receiving a statement of accounts in the members bulletin, be that the next bulletin or the one after.

Yours sincerely,

David Hannam

Anonymous said...

And comments by "national treasurer"??
regards again
Farmer Giles

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National Treasurer
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Originally Posted by Lancashire Patriot
I'm sorry, but this is just false.

The regional accounting unit accounts have been submitted, but the central accounting unit accounts are 4 months out of date. I phoned the Electoral Commission today to confirm this and they told me that if the accounts are not submitted by 31 December, penalty of several thousand pounds will be imposed.

Frankly, this is at odds with the impression given at the conference and it is very annoying. There is no point whatsoever in misleading the Membership as it will all become very public soon anyway, so we should be told the truth.

The central accounts are still with the auditor (and have been for some time). This is beyond the control of the treasury department. They will be with the commission by the end of December.

And no, we are not facing fines of thousands of pounds that is a lie. Parties are fined £500 for each 3 months after the deadline, so it may be be £1,000 but no more. It really annoys me that people who do not have a clue what they are talking about, come on here spreading discontent like this.

You all have my contact details, if you as a paid up member have so much time on your hands outside of activism, please talk to me first, rather than posting like this.

I see other parties with horrendous financial problems (LABOUR 14 MILLION IN THE RED), UKIP being made to hand back thousands in impermissible donations. Others being late with audits (UKIP LAST YEAR). But never the kind of stirring amongst their people as we get with ours.

Those parties never got their bank accounts closed without explanation or suffer the level of scrutiny and injustices we do.

Thanks very much for ringing the enemy to complain about our accounts being late Lancashire patriot, next time try ringing me instead!


John Walker.

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