Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where are the accounts - Griffin confronted by BNP membership !

This weekend there is a BNP conference in Blackpool.

We understand that some BNP members will be asking the question of the missing BNP accounts.

Will this attempt be successful, or will 'Crook' Griffin live another day, till he is made a bankrupt yet again ?

Either way, Griffins days of running the BNP are numbered.


Anonymous said...

Will they be ALLOWED to ask questions?

What do you think Griffins response will be if they are ALLOWED?

Either way, the mugs will still put money in the bucket and forget all about their supposed comrades that Griffin expelled or have resigned this past year.

Untill someone starts mailing the facts to the BNP members, Griffin, will remain firmly in place.

Anonymous said...

"Any questions to be asked of Mr Griffin about money?

Did I HEAR you correctly?

Any more of that behaviour and YOU'LL be expelled, or forced to resign when I publicly smear you and send in my attack dogs, do y'hear?

We are a local party for local people (that means me and my family).

You're all mugs who do all the donkey work for me and my deputies like Mr Collett and John Walker, and I can expect you all to do the f***ing work and shut the f*** up, OK? I know I can trust my members to pull out all the stops for me and my party and to ensure that I and my good looking wife (OI! Stop laughing you at the back) are kept in the luxury that we have been accustomed to.

I also know that my members are docile and to be frank, a bunch of f***-brained deadwits who won't question my orders as they all equate me with the BNP and since I am their leader there'll be no questions asked.

You see, a mixture of black propaganda, disinformation, a personality cult around me and, of course, fear of being exiled or expelled, all pay dividends.

Now can you please excuse me as I need to debate some pathetic and puerile motions first to give the semblance of democracy ( I told you at the back to shut up once before!), and we need to sit this one out until there's no time for the motion on the Treasury.

Ha! The insipid morons always fall for it every time. Anyway, even if the members force a debate I can always spin it out and ignore it, or put in one of my muppets, or if necessary identity those who criticising MY leadership and have them sorted out.

I love being leader of MY party. I thank all MY members for providing me with a lifestyle that I and Jackie have always expected and deserved (Yes, I got pretty p****d off stacking shelves at the local supermarket in Welshpool - that may be good enough for the average BNP member but NOT for me).

I thank my dupes Mark Collett and John Walker for providing me with their support so that I can run my party as a one-man dictatorship, and I thank Patrick Harrington, my long-time mate from the NF days, in backing my corruption, er...I mean, my leadership.

I hope that my members will serve me until I can afford to retire or get on that Euro gravy train as all politicians aspire to.

Now f*** off and do what I tell you. I've got serious meoney to make now...


Nick Griffin

Anonymous said...

The whole thing will be carefully stage managed.

If it follows the usual pattern, anyone who attempts to ask the wrong sort of questions will be denounced as a 'red infiltrator'.

Anonymous said...

kno,you will all be called reds and be earmarked for expulsion at a tribunal at later date. ...keith axon

Anonymous said...

I like Nick Griffin.

Yes, he rips off the BNP members of their money. But we live OK and now have a new jacuzzi.

Mrs Griffin

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie for reminding me of our new jacuzzi.

We've also a new bedroom added to the house for guests (THAT'S guests who have money or influence, not your ordinary BNP member thank you).

It's called the "Solidarity Suite". Named after the pseudo-natioanlist trade union that I took over with my old pal Patrick Harrington.

By the way, I charge £65 a night for it if you're interested, and Jackie does a good fry up for breakfast. All cheques to "The Nick Griffin Pension Fund", mean "Trafalgar Club".

Thank you,

Nick Griffin

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