Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Culture Distorter and paedophile.

Lou Pearlman not only perverted our culture and young men, he is also charged with defrauding 1000 investors (one of whom apparently committed suicide) of up to $500 Million.
Truly a caricature from central casting!
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Idol Maker: Tapping Into the Pulse of Young America
October 2, 2007 -- LOU Pearlman - the hog-fat Jew, boy-band honcho who created *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys and launched the careers of JustinTimberlake and Nick Carter - was a pervy pedophile who preyed on the youngmen he mentored, Vanity Fair reports.
"I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator. All the talent knew what Lou's game was," Steve Mooney, an aspiring singer who was Pearlman's assistant, told VF's Bryan Burrough. "Some guys joked about it. I remember[one singer] asking me, 'Have you let Lou [fellate] you yet?' "Mooney said he once asked Pearlman, who was known as "Big Poppa," what itwould take for him to get into a band.
"I'll never forget this as long as I live. He leaned back in his chair, in his white terry cloth robe and white underwear, and spread his legs," Mooney told Burrough. "And then he said,and these were his exact words, 'You're a smart boy. Figure it out.' "Mooney added that a singer groped by Pearlman told him, "Look, if a guy wants to massage me, and I'm getting a million dollars for it, you just go along with it. It's the price you got to pay."
Phoenix Stone, an early member of the Backstreet Boys, tells Vanity Fair Pearlman was "definitely inappropriate" with Nick Carter. Nick's mom, Jane Carter, wouldn't get into specifics, but said, "Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family.
I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers . . . I tried to expose him for what he was years ago."Tim Christofore, a member of Take 5, recalls that during a sleepover atPearlman's house, the music czar swan-dived onto his and another boy's bed and wrestled with them wearing only in a towel, which came off.
"We were like, 'Ooh, Lou, that's gross.' What did I know? I was 13," Christofore toldVanity Fair.
Rich Cronin, lead singer of LFO, recalled Pearlman told him of an "ancient massage technique that if I massage you and we bond in a certain way, itwill strengthen your aura."
Pearlman, 53, is in a Florida jail awaiting trial on bank fraud charges.Prosecutors say he scammed more than 1,000 investors out of $315 million.He'd been a fugitive until June when he was busted in Indonesia, living under a fake name. His lawyer did not return calls from Page Six.

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