Thursday, May 31, 2007

Get ready for this !

Over the next few days we will be uploading this document which shows the absolutely corrupt way, in which the North West of England BNP Region was 'trashed' by the BNP leader Nick Griffin. Griffin was/is, more interested in himself, than the rapid gains that were made in Burnley and elsewhere in the Lancashire region.

This report will show in microcosm, the woeful and indeed hateful, means adopted by the Head Office of the BNP, under leader Nick Griffin.

Get your printers ready, then absorb this timely reminder of just what is ruining the nationalist movement, this malaise. Once again the finger points to Griffin as being the one to blame !

Coming very soon .........................

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The BNP leadership in January 2001.

Where have they all gone and why ?

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Monday, May 28, 2007

BNP leadership election 1999 -

The above literature was put out by the current BNP leader Nick Griffin, the BNP leader needs to be re-read to show what sort of liar he, the man is .

The penultimate paragraph needs to be read and read again. He (Griffin) has promised that there will be "not one single expulsion" !

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Simon Darby the BNP's new rottweiler ?

We don't think so.

Darby is suspect as he was a long time friend of MI5 agent Andy Carmichael. Darby came through the ranks of that obscure grouplet the Nat Dems.

The Nat Dems was started by MI5 agent Ian Anderson who liked male company.

We personally know Barby, sorry Darby.

The guy is secretive, and no mistake, amongst fellow nationalists.

Also, it is very interesting that Darby is second in command of the BNP, being as a jock is listed as being Deputy Chairman.

Darby was a real dictator in closing BNP websites which was an expulsion rule by Griffin, a few years back. Now we see that websites are OK by the BNP.

Talk about no consistency !

Still it got rid of that Oldham idiot and arsehole Mick Treacy.

Apparently he is just a parcels delivery boy now !

Treacy had a major campaign to run me out of nationalism due to his sucking up to crook Griffin.Writing a book he said, where I was central and a traitor, he said.

Treacy is gone and so are idiots like Gavin, the bod who started NWN as a website.

In those days we needed people who could write computer script. Gavin said he was infiltrating the BNP under Griffin and take it back for us !

Hello Gavin, please report back.

You have been working undercover now for a few years.
Have you turned idiots like Rochdale BNP Organiser Kev Bryan back to nationalism ?

Good riddance to idiots !


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Date the ban will be lifted: Never

NWN : Sometimes we despair. More anon. And being as VNN can't even get 50 to attend a 'national demonstration', am I bovvered ?
Seems the disgraced ex VNN moderator fat Pete Williamson banning still holds water with these w*nkers.
Knoxville, Tennessee USA: white demonstration - Saturday, 26th.May, 2007
'Cut and paste' the above link then insert in your web-browser for US TV news coverage

Lewisham August 1977 - National Front stewards lead the march.
The National Front set off, Achilles Street, Lewisham, South London.
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

An example of the very serious lack of nationalist education within the BNP

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Re: What is the Nationalists standpoint on Ghurkhas
Originally Posted by Jack Black
It wasn't stupidity of the many that got us to where we are, PSOB, it was the malign intention of the few. THEY have been at war with us and planning for where we are now ever since WWII ended.This does, I think, sum up pretty precisely why some feel the need to be so thick-skinned now. As regards the Gurkha gent who wants medical treatment, is anyone saying he shouldn't be allowed to have it? Perhaps I missed something. He would be going home afterwards, wouldn't he?Jack

Going Home afterwards, wouldn't he ?
Well, put it this way !
If he fought for me and my family, then he can have the spare bedroom at mine anytime!

NWN : We happen to know railwayman of Leigh. Unbelievable stuff !

Animal cruelty :

"Usually the customers take the blood home with them afterwards."
NWN: There are many things that upset we at NWN, but this stuff by what the liberals call 'our equals' makes our blood boil. It is only white people who have any care or consideration for animals.

'Noah's Ark' of 5,000 rare animals found floating off the coast of China·
Cargo of abandoned vessel destined for restaurants·
Illegal trade drives species closer to extinction Jonathan Watts in Beijing
Saturday May 26, 2007
Endangered, hunted, smuggled and now abandoned, 5,000 of the world's rarest animals have been found drifting in a deserted boat near the coast of China.
The pangolins, Asian giant turtles and lizards were crushed inside crates on a rickety wooden vessel that had lost engine power off Qingzhou island in the southern province of Guangdong. Most were alive, though the cargo also contained 21 bear paws wrapped in newspaper.

According to conservation groups, the haul was discovered on one of the world's most lucrative and destructive smuggling routes: from the threatened jungles of south-east Asia to the restaurant tables of southern China.

The animals were found when local fishermen noticed a strange smell emanating from the vessel, which did not have any registration plates, on Tuesday, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

When coastguard officials boarded the 25-metre craft, it was reportedly deserted and stripped of identification papers. They found more than 200 crates full of animals, many so dehydrated in the tropical sun that they were close to death.

The animals - which weighed 13 tonnes - were taken to port, doused with water and sent to an animal welfare centre. "We have received some animals," said an office worker at the Guangdong Wild Animal Protection Centre. "We are waiting to hear from the authorities what we should do with them."

According to the local media, the cargo included 31 pangolins, 44 leatherback turtles, 2,720 monitor lizards, 1,130 Brazilian turtles as well as the bear paws. Photographs showed other animals, including an Asian giant turtle.

All of these south-east Asian species are critically endangered, banned from international trade and yet openly sold in restaurants and markets in China's southern province of Guangdong, which is famous for its exotic cuisine.

The accidental discovery highlights the negative impact that the growing power of Chinese consumption is having on global conservation efforts.

According to wildlife groups, China is the main market for illegally traded exotic species, which are eaten or used in traditional medicine. Pangolins are in great demand because their meat is consider a delicacy and their scales are thought to help mothers breastfeed their babies.

As a result of demand, the pangolin populations of China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia have been wiped out. With traders moving further and further south, the animal is declining even in its last habitats in Java, Sumatra and the Malaysian peninsula. It is a similar story for many species of turtle, tortoise, frog and snake.

Despite China's international commitments to get to grips with this illicit activity, the trade is booming. Border controls are lax, and smugglers know that fines are usually far lower than the potential rewards. As a result, raids and seizures of banned products occur regularly. One recent raid on a restaurant in Guanghzou turned up 118 pangolins, 60kg of snakes and 400kg of toads.

Traffic - an organisation that monitors and tries to prevent the smuggling of endangered species - welcomed the fact that China's authorities had reacted swiftly to rescue the animals but said much more needs to be done to prevent similar cases.

"Unfortunately, this is all too common. This trade is a far bigger threat to these species than habitat destruction," said Chris Shepherd, senior program officer with Traffic Southeast Asia. "The vigilance on the border has to be improved, cooperation with source countries needs to be strengthened, there should be better monitoring of dealers, and the people violating the laws must be penalised severely."

Despite the ban on pangolins, many restaurants offer their meat. The Chaoxing restaurant in Shenzhen said yesterday that pangolin was available but was only suitable for large dining parties.

"The animal is very big - about 10kg," said a waitress contacted by telephone. "We serve it in hotpot. That is the tastiest way."
According to recent reports in the Chinese media, the price of 1kg of pangolin served in Guangdong or Yunnan is between 600 and 800 yuan per kilogram (between £43 and £50).

A Guangdong chef interviewed last year in the Beijing Science and Technology Daily described how to cook a pangolin.

"We keep them alive in cages until the customer makes an order. Then we hammer them unconscious, cut their throats and drain the blood. It is a slow death. We then boil them to remove the scales. We cut the meat into small pieces and use it to make a number of dishes, including braised meat and soup.
Usually the customers take the blood home with them afterwards."

Friday, May 25, 2007

Black IRA member in Ulsters Maze prison 1974

I have seen a couple of comments on Stormfront UK about this very issue. The person who posts under the 'UlsterNF' label, may have got his info from me. His opponent, 'Byzantium Endures' an apologist for the trotskyist Provisional IRA, denied that statement.

(Unfortunately, I am barred from Stormfront (six times) I also seem to be 'perma banned' from VNN too ! What are these yanks frightened of ? So I cannot post on either forum to put the facts right.)

Yes, all this is on SFUK.

I can state categorically that a 'black power' communist activist from the USA was in one of the cages in HMP Maze in early 1974. We on Towers 2 guard detachment, actually stood still on the catwalk when we saw him, I think he was in compound 8. Gerry Adams was in compound 6, which was the next cage under internment .

We checked 'him' out and found that he had served in Vietnam with the US army.

But then again maybe he was CIA, as yank secret service were active in Ulster throughout the troubles.

Margaret Hodge MP, the zionist BNP member ?
Of course this, will be the second time that Hodge has given the BNP major publicity.
Why is she doing this ?
We also hear that BNP Official Richard Barnbrook gave her a bunch of flowers ! A 'bunch of fives' more like.
Those 'in the know' will appreciate and recognise that Hodge is a close friend of leading zionist, and fellow 'east end' jewess Babs Amiel , wife of Lord Conrad Black.
Amiel just also happens to have cozy chats with BNP leader Nick Griffin.
So 'hey presto' !
The zionists give Herr Griffin a tiny crumb of free publicity and an awful lot of moolah . Now Nick is really impressed with dosh, so out go our core policies.

Missing girl's body 'put into kebab'

Last Updated: 8:48pm BST 24/05/2007

A schoolgirl was murdered by a fast food shop owner who joked that she had been "chopped up" and put into kebabs, a court was told yesterday.

Charlene Downes: Missing without a trace

The prosecution alleged at Preston Crown Court that Charlene Downes, 14, was killed by Iyad Albattikhi, 29, owner of a food shop in Blackpool, who had sex with her.

Charlene was one of a number of young girls who visited an alleyway in the town to have sex with older men who worked in the fast food shops, Tim Holroyde QC, prosecuting, told the jury.

Charlene, from Blackpool, was "well and happy", the court heard, but had a "chaotic" home life. Expelled from school, she spent her time hanging around shops on the Blackpool Promenade. She was last seen on the evening of Saturday Nov 1 2003. After kissing her mother goodbye she left alone - and vanished, Mr Holroyde said.

A missing persons inquiry began but police later launched a murder investigation after receiving information that Charlene had been "killed and chopped up", the court heard.
For more of this appalling story click;

NorthWestNationalists have been fatwa'd !

Check out this link and have fun folks............NWN.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kevin Hughes released !

This blog welcomes the release from jail of Kevin. We wish him and his family the very best !

One of the hoariest and most time-honored of such sacramental beasts is the concept of When The Balloon Goes Up.

It runs something like this: the White man is completely lazy, apathetic, cowardly, dazed and confused, and useless. (I have to admit, it's hard to argue with that one.) He will continue to be so, as long as he has his job, his paycheck, his beer in the refrigerator, his television, and the Quickie Mart down the street run by Apu where he can stock up on salty snacks for his long weekends watching monkoids bounce a ball. He will never, ever get up off his ass until such time as the supply of all these things is suddenly cut off by some big huge catastrophe, an economic collapse with a massive depression, race riots in the streets, fuel shortages, beer shortages, aliens descending from outer space, or whatever your favorite scenario might be.

This huge catastrophe will create a Mad Max Road Warrior type scenario, and all of a sudden we'll be riding around on motorcycles with green Mohawk haircuts and driving out the muds with crossbows, yadda yadda yadda. (I've never quite understood how a race of people who have spent their entire lives on the couch watching bakketbawl and swilling the worst excuse for beer in the world will suddenly transform into Road Warriors, but we'll let that pass.) Rite-wingers generally refer to this as "When The Balloon Goes Up."

The corollary to this is that since nothing can possibly be done while ZOG remains all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful (which it isn't), there is no point whatsoever in our actually doing anything until such time as The Balloon Goes Up. Or even trying. The people and the times, tsk tsk tsk, just aren't ready for us. If only the people and the times were ready, oh my, such deeds of manly heroism we would do then! But The Balloon hasn't Gone Up, and therefore we can do nothing except "educate" and "wake people up."

Educate, My Ass

If an inquiring mind is ever able to cut through mountains of waffle and get any kind of answer on this subject, "education" usually boils down to nothing more than hiding behind an e-mail address while playing with the computer in one's basement rec room, with a bowl and nachos and a cold brewski beside the mouse.

"Education" in practice means circulating the same old material, mostly dating from the 1950s and 1960s or even from before the war, that we've been circulating for the past fifty years about Jews running the Federal Reserve, the Benjamin Franklin quotation, and an endless supply of atrocity stories about black crime.

And of course, there is that lovely, risk-free internet. This is why the Movement of yesteryear consisted largely of a bunch of sad old men who sat around mailing one another news clippings telling one another how bad things are. (Some of them are still around.) Today, it consists mostly of a bunch of sad old men who sit around tapping on keyboards and forwarding news articles all over the internet by e-mail, telling one another how bad things are. But what can we do? The White man is useless until The Balloon Goes Up. Right?

Now let me dare to ask the blasphemous question. Is The Balloon ever going to Go Up? I mean, really? We've been waiting for almost forty years now for this big disaster to occur that will finally shake the Federal monkey off our backs long enough so we can take all those guns out of the closet and clean this mess up. Has anything of the kind ever even come close to occurring?

No. The riots of the 1960s and the 1990s were purely localized events and consisted almost entirely of monkoids trashing their own neighborhoods. There was never any serious danger to the system, and all of these events were brought under control by the authorities in a matter of days. The fuel shortages of the 1970s were annoying, and nothing more. Jug-Ears' incompetence in foreign policy produced gas prices as high as $3.00 per gallon only last summer. White Americans grumbled. And paid. And re-elected the misbegotten moron in November.

That Balloon Ain't Going Up. Well, Probably Not.

Will there ever in fact be some kind of nationwide catastrophe which will crack the iron bands that crush us and remove the Federal government's heavy hand from us all at once, so all of a sudden we find that can do the necessary? (This of course, presumes that we have the necessary physical courage and will to do the necessary under any circumstances at all, which is dubious, but I won't get into that.

Since by common consent we don't discuss the character issue within the Movement, there would be no point.) Will there in fact ever be a depression so severe, a riot so widespread, an event so cataclysmic, that it will in fact affect the supply of basic goods and services in most areas of the United States, to any serious or lasting extent? Will the electric power ever really go off and stay off, silencing the air conditioners and televisions? Well—it can happen. It certainly happened to the people of Iraq. But will it happen here? Ever?

Or will our future just be one long, endless decline, a gradual deterioration of the quality of life, year after year, as more and more of North America turns into Brazil? I'll be honest. I don't know.

One thing I have learned in the Movement is that making predictions is a dangerous business. But I do believe that if in fact the Balloon were anywhere near Going Up, there would be certain definite indicators, and they would be visible and discussed outside the babblings of rite-wing conspiracy theorists on the internet. I will say this: there doesn't appear to be any sign that anything of the kind is happening. This is a huge country and it still possesses virtually unlimited wealth. As god-awful as things are, America's ability to absorb economic, political, social, and biological punishment and abuse is still a long, long way from reaching the breaking point.

And you know something? I think all of us know in our heart that the Balloon ain't Going Up any time soon. And hoo boy, are we glad!

That Balloon Lets Us Off The Hook

You remember Leaderless Resistance, the brilliant strategy laid out by Louis Beam? And you remember how and why it failed, because in actual practice it turned out to be all leaderless and no resistance?

Beam's plan was predicated on the idea that these leaderless resistance cells would actually do something. It never happened. The internet came along and everybody retreated into the cool dark of their basement rec rooms and the warm glow of their computer screens.

Do you remember Lone Wolf, the strategy William Pierce tried to inspire with Hunter? What we ended up with instead of Hunters were violent kooks like Ben Smith and Buford Furrow, who were of course cheered on hysterically by people like Tom Metzger and Alex Curtis in order to sell their Skinhead music tapes and videos. As if the White race could be saved by lunatics who hear voices in their head.

Now, am I alone in suspecting that a lot of this talk about When The Balloon Goes Up is just basically an excuse for the White man to continue to do nothing? Maybe I'm off base, but as Northwest Migration begins to slowly (way too slowly) catch on, I'm starting to hear a lot of this "but we must wait for the Balloon to Go Up." And it's sounding increasingly worried. Here we now have a perfectly legal, perfectly logical, and personally beneficial act that anyone can carry out, and which will advance the cause of the 14 Words and give White people a wonderful place to live. Bluffs are being called, and the Movement is getting jumpy. There is one thing that Movement Man most definitely does not like, and that is having his bluff called.

The Revolutionary Tripod

Where is this leading? Oh, it's leading somewhere. It's leading to an even more subversive idea, one that will have Movement Man befouling his Fruit of the Looms.

Okay, let's recap once again. We need to take another look at that Revolutionary Tripod, the three conditions which are essential for actual political and social change to take place in any society. I know, I know, I have gone over this about five hundred times before, but guys, this is really important. This is really something that we all need to internalize. For there to be revolutionary change the following three situations must obtain:

1. The Withdrawal of the Consent of the Governed. A majority, or at least a significant and effective minority, of the people of a nation or colony must consciously desire an end to the existing political and social order, and its replacement by a new one. It certainly helps if they want your revolutionary movement specifically to replace the existing order, although as Lenin and the Bolsheviks proved, it's not absolutely necessary.

2. A Fighting Revolutionary Party. A political, propaganda, and military vehicle must exist which will express the withdrawal of consent in concrete terms, and which is prepared to replace the existing order, and which is ready and willing to take direct action to do so.

3. The Loss of the Credible Monopoly of Armed Force. All political power is based on the use of deadly force by the ruler or the state, the infliction or threat of bodily harm or death on others, without punishment of those who exercise force in the state's name. This is what makes the policeman's club or gun different from the club or gun in the hand of the criminal. The policeman may do harm without being punished for it, except within certain narrow parameters when he harms an influential or societally protected person through error or stupidity , and sometimes he is never punished at all. This is called a credible monopoly of armed force.

In order for any revolutionary movement to succeed, it must first break that credible monopoly of armed force, by demonstrating to the public an ability to do harm to its enemies and not be punished.

The people must be made to understand that change is in fact possible, because the state is no longer certain to be able to punish those who oppose it. Eventually the revolutionary movement transfers the monopoly of armed force to itself, thereby becoming the established state. This is how revolutions occur.

Now let's back up a bit, to the withdrawal of the consent of the governed and the creation of a viable revolutionary party. How, exactly, is this to be achieved?

Well, first, there has to be one or more legitimate grievances. Those we have in plenty, although they vary from age to age. Our ancestors in 1775 revolted over a paltry tax on tea. Our closer forefathers in 1861 revolted over a massive insult to the South and the Southern way of life on the part of the rest of the United States, as expressed in the election of the demagogue Abraham Lincoln to the presidency. Today we let our own children be routinely murdered, sodomized, deracinated, corrupted in their minds and bodies, and frog-marched into drug addiction, and we sit there staring at the television.

But let's assume that somehow we can in fact overcome the character problem and a significant minority of us do have sense enough to migrate to the Northwest and eventually form a Party of the kind Brad Davis refers to, the kind which we are clearly unable to form now—but let's just suppose. Right. We have our Party. What to we do now? How would we go about bringing on a revolution if, as it appears, that pesky Balloon isn't Going Up?

The Propaganda of the Deed

I know this is going to scare many of you shitless. We need to start cultivating the habit of in-depth thinking, insofar as we're still capable of it, and thought must be free. Thought must have all the data in order to draw conclusions. Thought cannot be Orwellian and deliberately train itself to avoid certain topics, or else the mind ceases to hit on all cylinders. Maybe if you can be brought to understand the possibilities which would become available to us, if and when we ever deal with the character issue, then we might be able to persuade ourselves to deal with it.

The Reds and anarchists for the past two hundred years, ever since the days of one Gracchus Baboeuf, (don't ask), have theorized about and sometimes practiced something called the Propaganda of the Deed. In its crudest form it consists of high-profile acts of violence or destruction meant to state a position, a claim, or a cause in such a manner that it cannot be ignored. Let me repeat those crucial, key words: cannot be ignored.

Democracy is top-notch at ignoring messages which it does not wish to hear, and quietly, genteelly suppressing people and points of view that it finds inconvenient. It does this with varying degrees of cruelty, up to and including death and torture, but mostly democracy utilizes its control of the public media of information, communication and expression to ignore any serious dissent or alternative to its policies or behavior. Democracy establishes a maze for the rats to run through which they call a political process, and claims that the rats therefore have nothing to complain about. But democracy is a maze that leads nowhere, designed only to perpetuate the existing order of a wealthy ruling élite and to prevent change of any kind. Democracy crushes the rats when they try to escape from the maze. But what if the rat were to bite?

True, Propaganda of the Deed is very dangerous, and it requires men and women who are willing to give up their own lives in the service of others. We are so far from this condition that I honestly am not worried about being accused of "inciting" anyone to anything with this article. In all the nearly one hundred years of our existence, our Movement has produced exactly one Bob Mathews and one Tim McVeigh, maybe. (We still don't know what McVeigh's true agenda was.)

So what is all this babble in aid of? The Reds believe that the Propaganda of the Deed, under certain conditions and with a little bit of luck, is of itself capable of jump-starting a revolutionary process. Taking it further, a revolutionary movement, intelligently led and possessing not only propaganda skills but the ability to deploy Propaganda of the Deed, can sometimes create the necessary conditions for revolution itself. In other words, the Balloon does not have to Go Up before the revolutionary struggle can begin.

Historical results? Well, to be sure, they've been mixed. It works quite often in Third World coups, (the assassination of Omar Trujillo comes to mind) but we won't count those as genuine revolutions. In 1881 the assassination of Czar Alexander the Second definitely didn't succeed in bringing about revolution in Russia; Lenin had to wait until 1917. The assassination of the King of Iraq worked, eventually. The storming of the Bastille is a maybe. The murder of the Duchesse de Praslin in 1848 brought down the last King of France. The Kirov murder in 1934 enabled Stalin to launch his major purges, although there's a good chance Stalin himself had Kirov whacked. The Pazzi conspiracy of 1478 in Florence failed miserably. (Now you get some idea of what I do with my time, not having the financial wherewithal to go gambling on riverboat casinos.)

People, we've got to discuss the character issue. Not now. I know we're not ready. But it's going to have to be soon. Our race is running out of time, and hard decisions must soon be made.
by Harold Covington

Griffin tried to have Richard Edmonds expelled from BNP
Before Griffin and Lecomber hounded John Tyndall out of the BNP for the second time, how many know that they originally targetted well liked London activist Richard Edmonds for expulsion ?
This attempt was so amateurish it failed. If you study the pic you will see that swastikas have been superimposed on certain other people in that letter on the images.
This shows as another example of just how corrupt the BNP leadership was, right from the start of Griffins leadership (sic)
This incident came just before John Tyndall and his wife were beaten up by a crowd of reds down East London.Those pictures of a badly beaten JT also seemed to have the bomber Copeland in the background.
There are powerful suggestions that it was indeed Tony Lecomber himself who tipped the reds off and who subsequently beat up Mr & Mrs Tyndall.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Subject: Loose Change Final Cut - New teaser

Watch the New Loose Change: Final Cut teaser here -
Coming soon to a theater near you!
The “founding father” of the 9/11 Truth Movement, Prof. David Ray Griffin, is an executive producer, script editor and consultant for Final Cut... Given he is the author of “Debunking 911 Debunking”, you can bet Griffin’s going to ensure this movie will be factually watertight and bullet-proof, and immune to the debunking attempts that will inevitably follow...Also, Alex Jones has publicly announced his role as an executive producer for Loose Change: Final Cut as Dylan Avery, Corey Rowe and Jason Bermas gear up for their much anticipated appearance on The View with Rosie O'Donnell next week.
Alex will also reveal on his show today that he has been helping with financing the production and release of the film.
Actor Charlie Sheen is also involved and will narrate the documentary.
The Loose Change crews will feature on ABC's “The View” on Thursday May 24th, it was announced yesterday. William Rodruiguez, the “Last Man Out of the Towers”, will also appear on the show.

The following is the winning entry from an annual contest calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term.

This year's term: Political Correctness.

"Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."

2007 International Holocaust Revisionist Conference
Memorial Day Weekend: May 26-27, 2007
William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall
Hillsboro, West Virginia
The conference will feature some of the world's most prominent voices on Holocaust revisionism and related matters.
Featured speakers include:

Arthur Butz, author of Hoax of the 20th Century
Ingrid Rimland-Zundel, wife of imprisoned activist Ernst Zundel and author of Lebensraum

Joseph McGinnis, well-known attorney who has defended countless Americans who have been falsely branded as "war criminals" by the Justice Department's OSI (Office for Special Investigation)

Lady Michele Renouf, well known British-based champion of the right to hear revisionist debate; DVD documentary-maker of Jailing Opinions about British historian David Irving and British-French Professor Robert Faurisson; member of the Teheran Conference Committee.

Mark Franklin, world's leading producer of Holocaust revisionist documentaries and an authority on Zionism

Paul Fromm, former Canadian schoolteacher and renowned speaker of Free Speech issues

Erich Gliebe, National Alliance Chairman and voice of the American Dissident Voices radio program
...and others, to be announced.

Disastrous Harvest:

Le Pen's Worst Score in 26 Years
The moral of the story is that you cannot defeat the ruling establishment by voting in a political system that they own.

The destruction of France and many other white countries will continue until enough people realize this.

The other moral is not to water down your values, for then you are just like the other puppet parties, minus the advertizing revenues.DF

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~23 April, 2007

Disastrous Harvest: Le Pen's Worse Score in 26 Years

by Michael O'MearaTonight in Washington, Brussels, and Tel Aviv champagne glasses are being raised to toast the System's triumph.For the first round of the French presidential election went exactlyas programmed. The two System candidates - the socialist SégolèneRoyal and the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy (one favored by the U.S.Democratic Party, the other by U.S. neocons) - will now go on to the second round of June 6, when it is to be decided which of the two will take possession of the Elysée. The System prefers Sarko, but Ségo will also serve their interests - which is how the democratic process works in liberal-Jewish oligarchies.But the real news for nationalists is that their hero - Jean Marie LePen of the National Front - went down to a humiliating defeat, his worse showing since 1981 and a pathetic end to a rather extraordinary political career.
The System, of course, does not tolerate real opposition. Its media and financial powers are all arrayed against whoever resists its wholesale liquidation of the white race, as are the vast array of left-wing, anti-racist, and Zionist organizations responsible for policing the opposition. Even the innocuous Vlamm Bloc, which purged its language, bowed to the established gods, and raised an occasional glass to the Chosen, were outlawed (November 2004) for refusing to sell out the cultural, historic, and genetic interests of Dutch-speaking Belgium.
The present NF leadership has learned nothing from this.Guided by Le Pen's daughter, Marine, and by the modernizers she's installed in the party's political bureau, the NF decided to play by the rules and appease the System's subversions, surreptitiously defending whatever it could of the nation's heritage. In this spirit,it reached out to multiracial France with promises of assimilation;backed off its former Catholic opposition to homosexual marriage and abortion; abandoned in the name of Jacobinism the Breton, Alsatian,Corsican and other regionalists, representing the micro-nationsundergirding "la Grande Nation;" pretended that Islam and the Muslim hordes transforming the country weren't really a problem; alienated and demonized those numerous nationalists who refused to go along with the modernization; portrayed itself as a friend of the Jews; and, not least, substituted a "jus soli" (residency) concept of nationality for a "jus sanguinis" (blood) one.
All this was done, it turns out, for nothing.
Instead of making the National Front more marketable, these"modernizations" made it only more like the System's other fabrications - minus their vast advertising revenues. They also obviously alienated the party's historic core constituency.
As I write, an hour after the balloting, the final scores are still not in. But it's already obvious that Le Pen did not win more than 11 or 12 percent of the vote, coming in fourth among the four leading candidates. Five years ago he had almost 18 percent (19 percent if youcount what Mégret brought to the party).
And in the last five years increasingly large swaths of the French population have been alienated from the System and were obviously looking for an alternative.That Le Pen did so poorly had, to be sure, something to do with the way the System managed to recuperate his key themes.
But above all it reflects on Le Pen himself and the miscalculation of the modernizers,who sacrificed the NF's most defining, and mobilizing principles on the altar of expediency and compromise.
As Le Pen's nationalist critics say: "You reap what you sow."

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why are all the Worlds politicians so in love with the zionists ?

The below link has been sent by a European correspondent.....

You have to see these authentic photographs.

Monday, May 21, 2007

National Front Activities
––––––––––––––––––––Terry Blackham, National Activities Organiser
The National Front will hold a counter protest outside Downing Street on Friday 15th June 2007 at 1400hrs; this will be a counter demonstration against Muslim extremists.
The National Front has been at the forefront of street protests against the enemies of this once great nation since its formation, we intend to show these people that there is still a great deal of opposition to their presence.
There have been a number of people who have tried to turn up on our events but have not made it for various reasons, i.e. could not find form up point, transport let them down, thought they would get attacked by opposition, thought they would get arrested.
Contacting us as soon as possible, either by e mailing or leaving your details on 0121-246-6838 can avoid all of the above concerns.
We will contact you and put you in touch with activists in your area so you can travel together, we also have prior meeting points away from the actual demonstration area we can direct you to.
So contact us ASAP and join us in our call to have all Immigrants, including all these potential Muslim terrorists, removed from the UK, lets show all these Immigrants that there are still people in the UK who have not been tamed by the PC brigade. Stop Immigration, Start Repatriation.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chris Jackson leadership campaign is on amber

Due to the rules and regulations regarding a leadership election campaign , certain rules must be adhered to.

Firstly, there have to be the 100 signatures hurdle. There does not appear to be any problem in this area as this part is due to be finalised.

The form then has to be accepted and ratified.

Therefore, the campaign proper will not even start till approximately early June.

As a very funny aside, we hear that Oldham BNP Organiser ,Martin Brierley, says he will NOT sign Chris Jacksons nomination form as he says Jackson will spoil his annual booze up at the Red -White -Blue festival ! He thinks Chris Jackson would scrap the RWB if elected leader, which is nonsense.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


by Robert Edwards of European Action.

Chris Jackson and the Rewritten BNP Constitution
It has come to my attention that the rewritten constitution regarding challenges to the chairman of the BNP state the Internet, printed, electronic or recorded material cannot be used by CJ, and that if he does so he will be expelled.
These demands are completely ultravires in relation to the laws of an unincorporated association.
A politic party like the BNP is an unincorporated association.
A chairman cannot throw his weight about in this way, it is completely contrary to all principles of British natural justice and fairness. A great deal of precedence applies to unincorporated association.
If somebody challenges the chairman of the BNP they are fully entitled to disseminate propaganda, put up stuff on the Internet and generally engage in campaigning. Nick Griffin has no right, at all to restrict CJ’s freedoms under the law.
Should Nick Griffin wish to deny CJ his rights in anyway CJ should avail himself of the services of Mr. Davies who is an expert in unincorporated association.
If the chairman refuses democratic campaigning he could be impeached if CJ so wishes.
The current BNP chairman should hold a meeting where all members are invited to hear both he and the challenger speak. It should then be uploaded unedited to BNPtv.

Source: FC 2876. NPD Vs G8. Jewish Ritual Murder. Zionist Dies. Money for 'Expulsions'. etc.

BNP leadership thread disappears off STORMFRONT !

We will give Don Black a few hours to sort this internal BNP issue out on Stormfronts pages.

We already know that Black is a supporter of 'tory type' and zionist lover Jared Taylor.

We already know that Stormfront is biased.

We already know that the Stormfront UK moderators are a joke, and know as much about British nationalism as Benjamin Netanyahu.

This site predicted that John Joy Tree/Andy Robertson, the payer of his moderators position, would be unable to resist sticking his dirty fingers in and closing this thread.

We await their response.

We are sure that crook Nick Griffin has been involved in this escapade. He will be laughing, using that false laugh we all know and hate.

BNP challenger and real British nationalist CHRIS JACKSON will not be amused. Apparently, he is being 'messed around' by BT with his phone lines and internet connections. Conspiracy theorists will be having a field day !

Thursday, May 17, 2007

NWN: Just spotted this one. This is a quote from CHARLIE DANIELS a well known Country & Western star , he had a number 1 hit in the UK with 'Devil came down to Georgia' some years back. It is about the race murders in Knoxville, USA......

Bet You Haven't Heard

I live about 150 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee and you would think that any kind of sensational crime would be like local news in our part of the country. But such is not always the case.

You've probably never heard the names Channon Christian or Christopher Newsome.

They were two young students at the University of Tennessee who were carjacked, raped, tortured and murdered.If you don't have a strong stomach you probably shouldn¹t finish this column, as the murders were so brutal they're apt to make you sick.

Newsome, the young man was raped and beaten, they then castrated him and shot him several times. Then they dumped his body by some train tracks and set it on fire while his girlfriend was forced to watch.

Channon was gang raped over a period of days then her breasts were cut off while she was still alive, then they sprayed cleaning fluid in her mouth in an attempt to erase the traces of DNA, then her body was put into a garbage receptacle.

It seems to me that with the headlines and airwaves screaming about such inconsequential things as who is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby and the bogus case against the Duke lacrosse players they could find space to report a brutal crime worthy of Saddam Hussein and his two demented sons.But have you seen anything on the networks, The New York Times, The Nashville Tennessean? I haven't.

I wonder if it could be that the five perpetrators who have all been arrested were black.

If this had been white on black crime Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their ilk would have descended on Knoxville like a swarm of angry bees.

I guess the lack of TV cameras discouraged them.

A free press is one of our most precious rights and a selective press one of our most dangerous realities. To suppress or ignore one of the most hideous murders of the decade is asinine and reeks of political correctness and agenda driven formats.

Is reporting the latest lewd episode of Paris Hilton's privileged life or playing Alex Baldwin¹s raging diatribe for the thousandth time really more important than letting the public know about a cruel and demented crime likethis?

Race should not enter the picture where crime is concerned and every decent human being should passionately condemn such a horrible thing as this no matter what color the victim or the perpetrators are.

Shame on the American media for letting such a violent crime as this slip through the cracks.

I wonder what else they're not reporting.

Pray for our troops.

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels
May 7, 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Knoxville , Tennessee, USA !

New World Order elites: Bilderberg Group to Meet in Istanbul
Open letter to Turkish Prime Minister

by Timuçin Leflef

May 11, 2007
Communique sent to the Turkish Prime Minister re Bilderberg 2007 8th May 2007

Dear Prime Minister,

I am a Turkish filmmaker living in Ireland. It has come to my attention that the Bilderberg Group are holding their next meeting in Istanbul this year, between May 31 and June 3rd.(1) I have known about this group since 1993 and have been following their activities over the past 14 years. According to many sources, since its inception in 1954 by former Nazi S.S. Officer Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands, the Bilderberg Group have been covertly continuing the Nazi policy of creating a New World Order (a global totalitarian dictatorship). (2)
Likely to attend this year's meeting are Paul Wolfowitz, Dr. Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld:
o As U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz was one of the major architects of the Iraqi War (3) and is still a member of PNAC (Project for a New American Century). PNAC is a neo-conservative think-tank which called for a "catalyzing event" for their policies "like a New Pearl Harbour" exactly a year before 9/11.(4) Mr. Wolfowitz is currently being questioned on charges of corruption and has been asked to resign as head of the World Bank.

o As member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, Dr. Henry Kissinger is also likely to attend. According to many sources, Dr. Kissinger is a mass murderer who implemented and defended the decision to run 600 illegal bombing missions in Cambodia ("Operation Menu"), causing the deaths of over 500,000 Cambodians between 1969 and 1973. Under the U.S. constitution, this secret bombing campaign was illegal without U.S. Congressional approval. (5)
Two months after striking a peace accord with North Vietnam in October 1972, he authorised 129 B-52 bombers to bomb North Vietnam for 11 days in a "demonstration bombing" as a public relations exercise to appease South Vietnam (called "The Christmas Bombing").

Former U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia David Newsom, and a Senior CIA Officer both confirm that on December 5th 1975, Dr. Kissinger, along with President Ford, held a meeting in Indonesia with President Suharto. Transcripts of this meeting prove that he gave the greenlight to the subsequent Indonesian Invasion of East Timor. This lead to the massacre of over 100,000 Timoreans and violated the U.S. law on arms trade. (6)

Recently, a French judge subpoened Dr. Kissinger about U.S. involvement with mass-killings in Chile, Operation Condor and General Augusto Pinochet. He still hasn't attended the hearing and has been evading the subpoena ever since.(7)
o Bilderberg member Donald Rumsfeld is also another PNAC member and was the main architect of the Iraqi War. As he is a regular Bilderberg attendee, there is a possibility that he may attend this year's meeting in Istanbul.(8)
My main concerns and therefore my questions to you are:

(a) Why are war-mongers the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld being allowed to hold a secret meeting in Turkey this year, without the Turkish people's knowledge or approval?

(b) Why are the Turkish newspapers not discussing this event which will be taking place in Istanbul?

(c) It is obvious that a secret meeting of elite minds and warmongers like these is likely to result in the manufacture of another war for profit. I would therefore like to know whether they will be holding this meeting to plan the next stages of an upcoming war with Iran? Will they be using Turkey as a chess-piece in this next war? Also, as Dr. Kissinger wrote the book "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" and admits that he is not averse to using nuclear weapons in a war situation, will they be involving us in a nuclear one?

One journalist who has been invited to this year's meeting is Mr. Cengiz Çandar. However, in my opinion, he will be providing a complete whitewash on this year's event. Being a former lecturer at the Istanbul Bilgi (American) University (9), and a good friend of Paul Wolfowitz during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, it is obvious in my opinion that Mr. Çandar has been invited to attend the conferences due to his loyalty to Bilderberg, and will most definitely be writing pro-Bilderberg articles. (10) Therefore, it is my belief not to trust him to make an accurate appraisal of this year's meeting and I ask that independent Turkish journalists attend this year, so that the Turkish people know exactly what is taking place in their own country.

I am completely appalled by the total lack of discussion in Turkish newspapers about the upcoming Bilderberg meeting, by the huge level of secrecy and denial surrounding it, the total lack of transparency of these meetings, and by the high level of ignorance Turkish people are showing about the Bilderberg Group.
A secret meeting is being held by the world's most influential warmongers, right under our noses! This is an outrage.

As a Turkish citizen, I am deeply offended that my own government would allow this secret meeting to take place on Turkish soil without our knowledge or approval. I therefore ask you that there be complete journalistic transparency at the upcoming Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul this year.
If the Bilderberg Group have nothing to hide, then we must be allowed a full transcript of their meeting. Therefore, the Independent Turkish Press must attend the meeting this year. If this is not possible, I ask that you, as a servant of the Turkish people, not allow the upcoming Bilderberg meeting to take place in Turkey.

As a public servant, I expect your reply within 10 working days of receiving this Open Letter.

Yours sincerely,

Timuçin Leflef

A very concerned Turkish Citizen
(1) Washington'da 'delik iktidar', 03.04.2007 / Cengiz Çandar / Yorum
(2) "Behold a Pale Horse", William Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, Sedona, AZ, (c) 1992
- Bilderberg History:
- Bernhard History:
(3) "The puppet who cleared the way for Iraq's destruction", Paul Wolfowitz must bear a large part of the responsibility that is usually laid at the door of his superior alone. Andrew Cockburn - Thursday April 26, 2007 - The Guardian,,2065440,00.html
(4) Wikipedia, "Project for a New American Century"
(5) "The Trials of Henry Kissinger", Eugene Jarecki, 80 mins., documentary, BBC, 2002. Please watch on Google Video:
- "The Trial of Henry Kissinger", Christopher Hitchens, Verso (May 2001), 160 pages
(6) The National Security Archive, East Timor Revisited"FORD, KISSINGER AND THE INDONESIAN INVASION, 1975-76 " Ford and Kissinger Gave Green Light to Indonesia's Invasion of East Timor, 1975: New Documents Detail Conversations with Suharto National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 62 Edited by William Burr and Michael L. Evans December 6, 2001
(7) The Latest Kissinger Outrage. Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation? By Christopher Hitchens Posted Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2002, at 6:36 PM ET, Wikipedia, Henry Kissinger:
(8) Wikipedia, Bilderberg:
(9) Bilgi Universite American Universitesi'dir:
Bilderberg.Org, "Bilgi Universitesi Bilderberg ile bagali!"
(10) Washington'da 'delik iktidar', 03.04.2007 / Cengiz Çandar / Yorum

Global Research Articles by Timuçin Leflef

This site supports irate British people protesting against these insulting foreigners within our 'sceptered Isle'. If they are oppressed so much, let them go back from whence they came, and be oppressed by a muslim state.

Please support any who are organising opposition, especially from the London and Home Counties area.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

France's new leader Sarkozy - wonder which way he will proceed ?

Errm, that is of course a rhetorical question. Fancy Le Pen trying to 'out zionist' a real zionist like Sarzozy . No doubt he/Sarkozy, will now favour the US neo-cons (For Nick Griffin, insert Le Pen, in the above sentence.)

Nationalists Mobilizing Against G-8 Summit

Germany's Neo-Nazis are using anti-capitalist rhetoric and are mobilizing to protest against the upcoming G-8 meeting in June. Police fear that there could be clashes between the extreme-right NPD and radical far-left groups also gathering to protest against the summit.

The far-right NPD is planning to mobilize against the G-8 summit in June.The men inspecting Marienplatz in Schwerin last Tuesday were pleased. "Ideal," was the verdict from Jens Pühse, the national organizer for the far-right National Democratic Party (more...)(NPD). "In the end it's all about visuals -- and this is wonderful."

Peter Marx, the NPD's general secretary and party leader in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania's state parliament, felt vindicated. "I did say that it would be suitable," he crowed. The right-wing functionaries' main concern was that the square shouldn't be too big. That way, even a small group would be able to make a powerful impression when shown on TV.

On June 2, they want Marienplatz to look so full that the whole world will be able to see that the NPD is more than just a back-room extremist party. The faction is hoping to mobilize 1,500 supporters from across the state using the motto "Not for sale! Stop globalization!" against the G-8 summit in Heiligendamm. Intelligence officers in Schwerin are predicting that the rally could attract up to 2,000 demonstrators.

On May 1 the NPD managed to mobilize 700 people from across Mecklenburg-West Pomerania to attend its rally in Neubrandenburg -- in contrast, the DGB trade union umbrella group was only able to muster 500 people for its May Day demonstration in Rostock.

The fact that the Neo-Nazis are now campaigning against the "subordination of politics to economic interests" is something of a novelty and brings a whole new set of challenges for the police. The authorities are going to have to try to protect those attending the G-8 summit from the radical demonstrators -- and they will also have to protect the radicals in the right and left-wing camps from each other.

Intelligence officers fear that by using obvious anti-capitalist rhetoric the NPD could succeed in scoring points (more...) in the disadvantaged regions of the former East Germany.

In one of their anti-G-8 flyers, the extreme right-wingers fulminate in classic leftist mode against "competition with low-wage countries, which leaves infrastructure deserts and mass unemployment in its wake." And the criticism of the "involvement in global military intervention and virtual enforced rearmament," could strike a chord with many former East Germans. Only the frequent use of words like "nation" and "homeland" distinguishes the flyer from many of the left-wing anti-G-8 tracts.

NPD strategist Marx says that this kind of left-wing posturing can only be successful if party members manage to refrain from engaging in violence during the anti-G-8 protests. However, it is unlikely that his call to "demonstrate peacefully and not allow yourselves to be silenced" will be obeyed.
The DGB and anti-fascist groups have announced that they are holding a counter-demonstration on June 2 in Schwerin, and thousands of demonstrators are expected in Rostock on the same day for the main anti-G-8 protest. The authorities' worst case scenario is that groups of protestors will commute between Schwerin and Rostock. Although there is no indication yet that this is planned, one police officer was far from optimistic: "In the militant scene these kinds of decisions are made late and spontaneously. Then all you need is one spark and all hell will break loose."

Monday, May 14, 2007

BNP Dirty tricks department in full flow
We are hearing of an outbreak of 'dirty tricks' occuring in the build -up to this years BNP leadership campaign. Guess who is behind at least one of those campaigns ? Well , in the picture he is NOT the black guy !
More info as we get it.

Reform Group Statement

Please reply to:
PO Box 83
Tel: 0799 058 7575

6th May 07Draft.
"A proper Party structure and Constitution."

This challenge to NG’s leadership is made as a start to the process in which the Party gets a recognisable normal Constitution for a corporate body under English law. As a talking point, the current leader has, and the founder leader had, enormous talent in some directions and, it seems, none in others.

This has meant the Party has not been developed in a balanced manner.Currently, the Party is effectively run as a dictatorship. There are no ‘checks and balances’.

NG appoints all Party officials and consequently, many are ‘yes’ men. Opinions, other than those of NG, lead to dismissal from Party positions and even dismissal from the Party. Over the years NG has held widely varying political views. This means, in our opinion, that his political judgement is very poor.

He has made some serious errors in his appointment of personnel, most particularly the appointment of the unstable character, Tony Lecomber, as his chief regulating officer. Further it should be noted that NG has had a poor history concerning money. No prudent organisation would allow someone with his history to be responsible for Party funds.

In our view, the Party must have a proper structure. It must have a number of the key officials directly elected by the members, in particular, the offices of Vice Chairman and Party Treasurer must be directly elected.

The Party Chairman would be bound to discuss and agree with the majority of the other elected officials, matters of policy and discipline.The Party must adopt a set of basic principles; for example, the Party is a party of the whole United Kingdom. It is not just a party of England, or any other part of the United Kingdom.

Again, only the original peoples of the United Kingdom would be eligible for membership of the BNP and eventually citizenship of the UK. (An exception would be for people currently living in the UK of closely related European stock.) No Asians, Africans and so on, including half-castes could be members, or expect to live permanently in the UK.

It would be understood that all foreigners would be sent back to their homelands, however gently.

The Party would make an effort to unite genuine nationalists into one party. NG is unable to do this. He is an ex-chairman of the National Front and is now persona non-grata in that direction. Similarly, he is unacceptable to the Freedom Party and the BPP. He is also the ex-leader of the International Third Position.
For ideas concerning organisation and principles, please see . The articles on this website are not meant to be a definitive.

They are meant as a starting point for discussion.

I pledge myself to see the reform of the Party on the above lines.

Chris Jackson :Challenger.
Richard Edmonds : Proposer BNP founder member.
Mike Easter : SeconderBNP founder member.

"We hold our land in trust from our forefathers for our children and our children’s children".

Sunday, May 13, 2007

BNP forerunner the NF

Well they are the wrong way round, but you can enlarge some of the events that day Saturday, August 13th, 1977.

No 109. September 1977 - SPEARHEAD

Click on them to enlarge.

Elvis died the day before apparently.

National Front - No.109, SPEARHEAD September 1977

We will upload in full this magazine due to its closeness to the Lewisham riots of that year, and its significance. If anyone needs a specific issue or article of SPEARHEAD, we will try to scan and post this .

If you look at the picture you will notice the black guy has a very large knife. Then, as now, the mass media lie to us. This picture appeared in the DAILY MAIL amongst other newspapers, but they cropped the huge knife off the pic.

'WHY ?

National Front/BNP - 30 years ago - SPEARHEAD - indicates the votes for nationalism in London

1977 was an halcyon year for British nationalism. Have we learned the lessons from that year ? Certainly, the current BNP leadership have not got a clue, even though BNP leader Griffin was around at that time.

Spearhead No: 107

Friday, May 11, 2007

BNP Councillor resigns after SEVEN days ?

They say a week is a long time in politics, but this is ridiculous.

This site asked where had the new BNP election candidates come from to fight approximately 850 seats last week. This shows that, as we suspected, there are quite a few who are not imbued with a nationalist ideology.They had not been in the party long enough.

Ex-BNP Councillor MARK LEAT seems to have 'done a bunk' from the BNP, in his Stoke on Trent ward.

He is listed as being un- aligned on the Stoke Council website.

Click image to enlarge........en espanol !
The other holocaust; the genocide of the Germans.

"It will be interesting to see the smug 'liberalism' of the middle classes evaporate as they get hit in the pocket." RH

Outsourcing - the middle classes begin to get afraid

Daily Telegraph

The future's bright . . . but not for lawyers and accountants

By Edmund Conway

'You're on my list, you journalists," says Alan Blinder, eyeballing me. Oh dear. Barely 10 minutes with the economic sage and he's already warning me that I might be out of a job.

The list in question is sitting ominously on the table between us like a silent exclamation mark. On it are ranged hundreds of occupations which he thinks could be obsolete in developed countries over the next generation - and, before you get too smug about a journalist getting his just deserts, be warned, you're highly likely to feature on the list, too.

Prof Blinder's message, in short, is that the fears we are currently feeling about offshoring are only the tip of the iceberg. From the best accountants and lawyers to the smartest derivatives traders to teachers and lecturers, many of today's most prestigious jobs could, thanks to globalisation and improved communications technology, just as easily be done more cheaply in places such as India and China.

The result, he predicts, is that between 30 million and 40 million US jobs could go within the next generation. Bear in mind that this is around a quarter of the US workforce, and that on that basis the comparable number over here could be as much as eight million (all major Anglo-Saxon economies will be affected).

It is more than a little perturbing. "They are scary numbers," says Prof Blinder. "It's substantially higher than most other estimates."

We are sitting in his rather pokey study at Princeton, where he teaches economics and conducts research. He has had to avoid a barrage of criticism in the US press following the publication of the 40 million figure. Many leading economists reacted almost as if they had been betrayed - Prof Blinder is, after all, an American economic institution, a former deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve once touted as a potential successor to Alan Greenspan.

He has now been roundly lambasted and decried as a protectionist and an opponent of free trade. Laughing wistfully, he says: "I should have a T-shirt which says 'I love free trade'. Of course I feared this [research] might be used by the protectionists. I would not like to be thought of as an opponent of free trade. It's easy to say what you don't do about it: protectionism. It's not going to work. How do you protect yourself against foreign electrons? You can keep out tomatoes from Mexico but you can't do that."

But what is even more worrying than the stark figure of 40 million is the message this sends to parents and families. Despite what we have always assumed, having a higher-skilled, higher-paid job is not enough to protect you from being offshored. It is a notion that throws on its head many of the present assumptions about the place of the UK in the next few decades. Gordon Brown drones on interminably about equipping future generations with the right skill sets but Prof Blinder says: "It's not enough - that's the whole point.

I believe that on education the correct answer for the past 25 years was, 'give them more education'. That was good advice. For the next 25 years I'm not so sure.

"We have to think more subtly about the types of education and it's not so obvious that there's a great future in America for computer programmers, accountants and for some types of lawyers - just to take three highly-educated people. "Lawyers involved in family disputes, and criminal lawyers - they've got to stay around. But lawyers that write contracts, and lots of accountants, maybe that kind of education is not such a fabulous idea.

Educating people to go into what I call the personal services is a good idea - some of which don't require all that much education - so electricians, carpenters, plumbers, roofers - skilled trades. "This is a very new thought for the highly-educated, white-collar class to think that they may have to compete with low-wage foreign workers. Manufacturers have been doing that for generations.

But accountants, lawyers, intellectuals? "The story's not about high and low skill, it's about high and low touch," he concludes, a trace of his native Brooklyn in his accent. "You gotta do it face to face."

Prof Blinder's mission is to reshape the way developed economies are preparing themselves for the future, and he is in a hurry. "We've got about a generation until this happens," he says. "That's why there's a kind of urgency because, if you put a five-year-old into school now, they will come out with a college degree 17 years from now. Those starting their careers today could find themselves obsolete well before the end of their career - some of them, it depends what type.

To say, 'raise your sons and daughters to be lawyers', is not subtle enough advice. The question is, 'what kind of lawyer?'."

Already many of those who oppose free trade and globalisation have latched on to Prof Blinder's research, screeching that it suggests the present course of the world economy will leave many millions worse off. The professor begs to differ, claiming that most of the lost jobs will be replaced as people retrain.

"The idea of jobs going offshore is, in the long run, a good thing. Both the countries doing the offshoring, say the US or England, and the countries to whom the offshoring goes, say India, will benefit. I don't doubt that, and that's why my T-shirt should say, 'I support free trade'. But, if there are all these jobs going, that creates a lot of turmoil.

Some occupations are safe, of course. Investment bankers, who have to take out their clients and sweet-talk them are more likely to survive than derivatives traders, who could as easily be elsewhere. Clearly, for example, most of the health profession will still have to remain in situ. Economists are looking very vulnerable, Prof Blinder says. And as for journalists - "You're on the margins, like college professors."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pair jailed over Bush memo leak

NWN : Shades of Tyler Kent here ?

David Keogh and Leo O'Connor denied the charges

Two political staff have been jailed for leaking a secret memo about talks between George Bush and Tony Blair.
Civil servant David Keogh, 50, from Northampton, was found guilty of two offences under the Official Secrets Act and jailed for six months.
The memo recorded Oval Office talks between Mr Bush and Mr Blair about Iraq in 2004, the court was told.

MP's researcher Leo O'Connor was jailed for three months after being found guilty of one Official Secrets offence.
The judge ordered Keogh to pay £5,000 of the £35,000 prosecution costs.

For more .....

Ex-prisoners and dissidents share in €333m EU peace cash bonanza 1 Fruits of peace: From left, Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty, its...