Monday, May 07, 2007

Even more about Nick Griffins mate Wayne/George Ashcroft ......

'In 2000, it appears that Wayne Ashcroft, as he then was, turned up at Warwick University’s library and deposited an archive consisting of 0.412 cubic metres of documentation relating his role as National Front organiser, covering a period from 1995-1999, plus an extensive range of far-right publications and literature dating back as far as 1939.
This archive includes a considerable number of private internal documents including internal correspondence, membership records, agendas and minutes of meetings and even two years worth of financial records - information that may well have been highly damaging to the NF at the time, not to mention that the mere act of placing this documentation in the public domain could easily have exposed Ashcroft to the risk of revenge attacks from the remaining members of the party.'


Anonymous said...

Yet another example of Griffins dealing with nationalist traitors.

He dealt with that fat idiot in Bradford and was photographed with him and 'Fred'Gwynnne, the guy who did the BBC programme.

Griffin was in with Roberto Fiore.

Griffin is in with Rabbis Schiller.

Griffin is in with Andy Robertson /John Joy Tree.

Griffin was also shagging that yank redhead who later joined the reds, that is why his wife went on US trips after this news came out.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Just like to say that Nick Griffin himself had a look at this thread according to the details.This was very soon after it went up.

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