Sunday, May 27, 2007

Simon Darby the BNP's new rottweiler ?

We don't think so.

Darby is suspect as he was a long time friend of MI5 agent Andy Carmichael. Darby came through the ranks of that obscure grouplet the Nat Dems.

The Nat Dems was started by MI5 agent Ian Anderson who liked male company.

We personally know Barby, sorry Darby.

The guy is secretive, and no mistake, amongst fellow nationalists.

Also, it is very interesting that Darby is second in command of the BNP, being as a jock is listed as being Deputy Chairman.

Darby was a real dictator in closing BNP websites which was an expulsion rule by Griffin, a few years back. Now we see that websites are OK by the BNP.

Talk about no consistency !

Still it got rid of that Oldham idiot and arsehole Mick Treacy.

Apparently he is just a parcels delivery boy now !

Treacy had a major campaign to run me out of nationalism due to his sucking up to crook Griffin.Writing a book he said, where I was central and a traitor, he said.

Treacy is gone and so are idiots like Gavin, the bod who started NWN as a website.

In those days we needed people who could write computer script. Gavin said he was infiltrating the BNP under Griffin and take it back for us !

Hello Gavin, please report back.

You have been working undercover now for a few years.
Have you turned idiots like Rochdale BNP Organiser Kev Bryan back to nationalism ?

Good riddance to idiots !



Burnley Dynamo said...

'Thick' Mick, is he still around? he didnt stand at the last elections. He used to post some cracking stuff on the various forums. I remember once he even accused Steven Smith former Burnley BNP organiser of being state on StormFront. I think it was based on his hatred for Smith because Burnley got councillors elected and Treacy never managed it despite having Griffin backing him and enjoying loads of media attention in 2001/2002. Such a team player was Treacy and always happy to see his fellow North West comrades advancing white nationalism.

pendle dynamo said...

And never self-promoting! I always saw him stuffing, yes stuffing, collections with wads of cash!

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...