Wednesday, May 23, 2007

2007 International Holocaust Revisionist Conference
Memorial Day Weekend: May 26-27, 2007
William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall
Hillsboro, West Virginia
The conference will feature some of the world's most prominent voices on Holocaust revisionism and related matters.
Featured speakers include:

Arthur Butz, author of Hoax of the 20th Century
Ingrid Rimland-Zundel, wife of imprisoned activist Ernst Zundel and author of Lebensraum

Joseph McGinnis, well-known attorney who has defended countless Americans who have been falsely branded as "war criminals" by the Justice Department's OSI (Office for Special Investigation)

Lady Michele Renouf, well known British-based champion of the right to hear revisionist debate; DVD documentary-maker of Jailing Opinions about British historian David Irving and British-French Professor Robert Faurisson; member of the Teheran Conference Committee.

Mark Franklin, world's leading producer of Holocaust revisionist documentaries and an authority on Zionism

Paul Fromm, former Canadian schoolteacher and renowned speaker of Free Speech issues

Erich Gliebe, National Alliance Chairman and voice of the American Dissident Voices radio program
...and others, to be announced.

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Pete R said...

Just heading back up north tonight after attending this event in Hillsboro, followed by a trip to Paris, then back to London.

Erich organised an excellent conference, and we will be posting a report next week on

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