Saturday, May 19, 2007

BNP leadership thread disappears off STORMFRONT !

We will give Don Black a few hours to sort this internal BNP issue out on Stormfronts pages.

We already know that Black is a supporter of 'tory type' and zionist lover Jared Taylor.

We already know that Stormfront is biased.

We already know that the Stormfront UK moderators are a joke, and know as much about British nationalism as Benjamin Netanyahu.

This site predicted that John Joy Tree/Andy Robertson, the payer of his moderators position, would be unable to resist sticking his dirty fingers in and closing this thread.

We await their response.

We are sure that crook Nick Griffin has been involved in this escapade. He will be laughing, using that false laugh we all know and hate.

BNP challenger and real British nationalist CHRIS JACKSON will not be amused. Apparently, he is being 'messed around' by BT with his phone lines and internet connections. Conspiracy theorists will be having a field day !


Paul Johnson said...

Itz a known fact Andy gives Black nearly 4,000 in US Dollars to moderate that skankhole of a board a year.

What is Don going to do kick off the main supplier of his income - me thinks not !

Pete R said...

One problem was that the Griffinites had dug themselves into an impossible hole on that thread.

First they tried to smear Chris Jackson via an attack on Steve Smith and Simon Bennett - a line which ran into trouble when it was conclusively shown that Messrs Smith & Bennett had a far better record when running Burnley BNP than the (just sacked) Griffinite organiser Dave Shapcott.

Then they tried another bizarre smear by attacking me, but broke Stormfront's own rules in doing so!

Noticeably they couldn't come up with a coherent and honest attack on Chris Jackson himself!!!

Their only direct criticism of CJ was that he hadn't yet put out a professional campaign website and campaign materials. Once this latest constitutional farce was exposed they were left looking even more hypocritical than usual.

So it's not surprising the thread got pulled! If they can't have a grossly distorted debate dominated by smears they'd prefer no debate at all.

I'll be travelling for a couple of weeks after tomorrow - so expect all sorts of conspiracy theories to explain my mysterious absence from the web!!!!

Anonymous said...

the stalinist grip and spin-tactics of the Kosher Tories on Stormfront UK is a bloody joke!

Anonymous said...

According to one moderator the thread was taken down, "cleaned up" and put back again. If it was I can't see it..

NorthWestNationalists said...

The thread has now returned, but minus a few days posts !

We will continue to keep watch on SF UK.

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